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  1. Yeah it was pretty impressive. The walk away made it better.
  2. Kimbo death might play a role in how Viacom react to Bellator. Maybe they will try to get UFC back. And don't forget the new owners................
  3. I am actually serious, at first I didn't have any sympathy towards Ariel but now I feel bad for the guy. I am actually worried about his well being.
  4. Ariel lost his cool, basically a push over. But I hope Lorenzo let him back in before Ariel does something to himself.
  5. Ariel thing will last a few days maybe will disappear by tomorrow once the media stop calling him. UFC will continue business as usual. This is the Conor situation all over again but on a smaller scale. Now back to Brock vs. Hunt, this should be a fun one.
  6. Ufc also has a history of pulling credentials, didn't see Ariel defend those other reporters. Ariel last tweet make me think he knew he f up a little. Probably bagging Dana now.
  7. Not important news to me. Ariel always had controversy. As for the Ufc, they don't give a f as you can see with the Conor McGregor situation. They do what they like.
  8. Very lucky Cavs vs raptor didn't go seven games. This show should be the most watched sports show of the night. And the card looks exciting and most people off the next day. Perfect storm
  9. Hey Brad, how about paying TNA some money.
  10. This caught my eye about one of the Wanda Group properties on their main website I wonder if the other bidders have a sports background?
  11. So, what you are saying is that UFC and Bellator can only afford to run in New York?
  12. He barely beat an old Anderson Silva. After the fight, Bisping look like he was the one that loss.
  13. China winning right now. Might be great news for the fighters because the current regime enforcing the uniform rules not Reebok. Unless I am wrong but I don't think that's in the reebok contract with the UFC. This is actually an old rumor pick up by ESPN. I am sure Ferttitas always entertain offers throughout the years. Why not
  14. Joanna always been like this even during fights.
  15. I think Conor actually did Ufc a favor. Now they have a main event for 202 or 203. It's probably for the best Ufc 200 to be headline by a title fight. Ufc 200 top three fights are for titles and can be real good.
  16. Meltzer said Conor and Lorenzo had a big blowup way before the Conor tweet. Dana is literally not involved in the decision. Meltzer claimed the $400 million is wayyyyy off and more like $100 million. Now I know why Ufc is not sweating. Especially if somehow they can get Jones vs DC.
  17. Ufc might actually benefit from Conor off 200. 200 will do big numbers regardless, maybe not record breaking numbers but I can see 800k-1 million. Add Conor return to any Ufc ppv between 201-204 and you guaranteed another million buys. And then Ufc 205 aka MSG will be another million plus maybe two million if they do Rousey vs Holms.
  18. Funny how fans bitch about Conor vs. Diaz 2 and now they want it. Now I get why Vince Mcmahon ignores the internet.
  19. Find it interesting UFC retweeted Conor. I don't know now, feels like this is a big work to me.
  20. I noticed they didn't stripped him of the title................ This is a great build up to a ppv lol.
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