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  1. The first Jak & Daxter is so underrated. It's a nice slice of Mario 64/Banjo-Kazooie platforming. I've finally beaten Jak II recently and I concur. It's just awful. I actually had to take a break from games after beating it, that's how bad it was for me. After you've beaten Jak II, Jak 3 will seem so much easier.
  2. Humble Bundle is doing a Humble Origin Bundle. Just pay a $1 to get Dead Space, Burnout Paradise & Mirror's Edge (plus some other games) for PC. But the problem is that $1 is going to EA.
  3. I saw a friend of mine play DuckTales Remastered on Twitch.tv and he was laughing with glee the whole time. It's like the reviewers at Gamespot & IGN are jaded douchebags who never have fun with video games.
  4. If anyone other than Jason Statham is Rocket Racoon, I'll go see Guardians of the Galaxy. There's at least two or three other English actors they could get.
  5. It's a very good story, but my god does it try to do a big payoff to the point of anticlimax at the end. It's Hugo Strange! NOPE DEAD!It's Ra's Al Ghul! NOW HE'S DEAD!Joker kidnapped Talia! SHE'S DEAD!JOKER'S DEAD!By the time the death orgy was done, I just couldn't care about the supposed emotional payoff. And Clayface is a wild anticlamactic endboss as well.It's still a fun story, but it's got too many problems to rank with the all-time greats. This was partially the reason why I actually wished they delayed Arkham City a bit more. The gameplay was absolutely perfect and mesmerizing, but as Shigeru Miyamoto once said, "A good game can be delayed, but a bad game is bad forever." The story was just bad IMO and I felt like by the time the climax was reached, it was basically "Shit! We gotta ship this game!"
  6. Finally beaten Dead Rising and got the 'best' ending. Unlocked Overtime Mode and I really don't care to go through Overtime mode to get Infinity Mode. Capcom can suck a dick with this game. After finding the small chainsaws and three books that extend the life of the chainsaw, the game became ridiculously easy.
  7. Which also makes sense and again would leave open the possibility that Matt Smith could come back as the Doctor. Matt Smith and his portrayal is probably one of the most popular Doctors in quite awhile (save for the Fourth Doctor). If/when Steven Moffat leaves or the shows get better, the Eleventh Doctor could stick around awhile longer and the fangirls would be happy (since sadly, fangirls are the reason the show is more popular). I don't think Moffat would be dumb enough to change the most popular doctor and lose quite a bit of their audience. Basically have the Capaldi Doctor and Clara/Susan running around in the Doctor's time stream and re-live the Doctor's first adventures for however many seasons they want.
  8. I thought about this while at work today:
  9. I decided to try to play Dead Rising again. Remind me why people like this? The gameplay is borderline shit.
  10. Although the original creator is working on it, the game is being published by the people who did AMY.
  11. I didn't really listen to The Blood when I played the game, but I don't get why there's not a synth heavy '80s inspired/'80s synth rock & pop station. That screams Matt Miller to me.
  12. Catherine tate was borderline unwatchable, but aside from that I;d davies everyday and twice on sunday. . . Davies had his bullshit in almost every episode. Even his good episodes like Utopia are full of just meaningless buzz-crap like YANA and the burnt out post apocalyptic zombies. His worst stuff like the Hungry Hungry Master or the Game Show episode or the farting aliens or everyone becoming the Master are about thirty times worse than anything Moffat did in his run and when he tried to play with big ideas and concepts you got the sort of heavy handed nonsensical crap that was the end of Waters of Mars. You can have Davies twice on Sunday if it means I don't have to have him once on Sunday. I actually liked the episode where everyone became the Master and I actually liked the Waters of Mars episode. To me, Davies' run had what happened make sense even if you weren't a long-time Dr Who fan....but most of Moffat's episodes (except for most of series 7) did not come close and just didn't make sense whatsoever. It's like he changed the continuity of the show as the seasons were going along and nothing fit well together. The Doctor you meet at the beginning of Tennant's run is different than the Doctor at the end. With Matt Smith's Doctor, I don't really feel he has changed except for this past season. But I will admit that there are some bad episodes during Davies' time running the show (anything with Catherine Tate was insufferable until the end).
  13. Assassin's Creed II is absolutely addictive. I love the Villa sim management portion (it scratches the SimCity/Populous itch for me) but absolutely hate the races and some of the assassination contracts.
  14. Here's what we might get with the new Doctor:
  15. Yeah, "The Wedding of River Song" was really what messed up the show for me....the Doctor the whole time was thought to not know what would happen and it was inevitable....yet he knew and he went around it with
  16. Yeah, they haven't exactly said how long they are planning for Capaldi to be the Doctor. I'm hoping it's longer than a season and/or a Christmas special....part of me wanted Clara to be the Doctor because that fits with Moffat's swerve-y Vince Russo-esque "I don't really know what the crap I'm doing" style of storytelling. Capaldi's a big enough star as an actor where he doesn't need to do Dr Who, but he's been wanting to play the Doctor for awhile. I just hope that he lights a fire under Steven Moffat to make the show better. The last two seasons have been awful regardless of its Dr Who or not.
  17. I agree -- I think an older guy as the Doctor is a great idea. But if any of the episodes are like the episodes during Matt Smith's run, we'll be in for a rough haul. I finished watching the entirety of the 11th Doctor's run and I couldn't find an episode I liked that much. It was confusion for the sake of confusion. Well, I did liked "A Good Man Goes To War" and most of the episodes during Series 5 and some of Series 7. Series 6 was just bad. Whereas with Eccelston/Tennant's run, the bad episodes were few and far between. They need to have Peter Capaldi swear as the Doctor.
  18. It's an OK to sometimes great game -- but the camera in the game is pretty much against you.
  19. Trying to do the foot race in Tuscany in Assassin's Creed II and I'm ready to punch a kitten. Whoever designed the running controls should be shot.
  20. If there's ever a PC version of Quantum Break or even Ryse, I would get those games. But right now, I just can't see myself shelling $499 (or even $399) for a Xbox One for them.
  21. Where did they find the "Battleship Texas"? At a Dunkin Donuts?
  22. From what I understand about BioShock Infinite,
  23. The only way I would buy Aliens: Colonial Marines is either I get it gifted on Steam or it's $5 for retail copy or someone just gives me a PS3 copy.
  24. I think Gilbert would have done 'one last run' in the WWE feuding with Jerry Lawler (back when Lawler was still able to wrestle) before becoming a road agent for WWE and eventually a booker at TNA.
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