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  1. Also we shouldn't weight shame Bray. Between juggling having a new born and WWE's grueling travel schedule, he was bound to gain some of the weight back.

    I lost a bunch of weight in the summer, calorie counting and being in a deficit. A few weeks of ''maintenance'' eating and I had packed 10lbs on. The burden of a shitty metabolism.

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  2. A night of misfires for me. Even the in-ring which you can usually rely on to shine through was choppy and disjointed. Pac/Omega was cool, but levels below what they're capable of. Just one of those nights.

    Moxley though was head and shoulders above the rest. Another good promo. I like the Inner circle gig, but was the opening segment really necessary? They did the funny bit weeks ago. The goat was tone deaf garbage especially after the blowback they received after Cody scaring the life out of his dog. Total overkill. Virgil was a nice touch but the guy is clearly going senile and forgot Jericho's name and had to read the most basic of words off of a script and still mumbled his way through them.

    Dug the Dark Order Heaven's Gate cosplay.

    Didn't get the whole deal with the guest commentator bit, especially when he sucked. I could have done a better job. Weird.

  3. I've just finished the 5-5-5 Man's match. Wow. That shit delivered in spades. I owe Keith Lee an apology. I am retracting my statement that I only see his ceiling as a mid-card comedy act. That MF made me a believer this weekend. Screw challenging Cole, put him in the main events against Brock.

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  4. Imagine being Rollins in the most trying times of your career, where your stock is so transparently low, your higher ups have ditched your title reign and are beginning to lack faith in you and deciding to call out CM Punk on twitter for a match. Talk about a complete lack of self awareness. If you're going to wet the appetite of someone like CM Punk, the audience must be clambering for it, but rather than being enthusiastic about the whole gig, twitter have collectively taken a shit on each and every one of his tweets. Good.

    I'd like Joe to choke Punk out or something on backstage down the line. That's a match I'd love to see again. Not Seth dork Rollins.

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  5. Knowing that Cara re-signed this year I'm sure his downside guarantee is more than livable given how they offered Rhyno more than double the downside he was making earlier this year but he turned it down. Is this really a severe case of paranoia by WWE execs that talents are being locked in to prevent them going to AEW?

  6. Rusev lost half of his allure when he lost the barefoot aesthetic.

    It's insane how far and how much pull Cody's promo from Wednesday is generating. I hate comparisons because.. well It breeds a certain type of fan that I grew out of in my teenage years.. but shit. That was Cody's *pipebomb* promo. I hope AEW haven't booked themselves into a corner with this. Cody needs to win, right? Like is this a fiend situation here? (maybe the wrong thread)

    edit: that thread was closed. sigh

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