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  1. I think we see Hobbs out there breaking both guys' backs. Hopefully with the return of the Bullfrog Splash as well.
  2. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!! Today I realized that Bryan Danielson looks like the old man Marley from Home Alone and now I want him clobbering people with a snow shovel.
  3. Sure, but now let me tell you why R-Truth is the perfect pro-wrestler...
  4. Hmmmm Gunther v Sheamus at Elimination Chamber then? Then Gunther is free to fight Brock while Sheamus defends against Solo Sikoa at Mania?
  5. Post Mania though yeah? I thought we were all pretty much on board with Gunther v Sheamus "One Last Time" with Sheamus completing the Grand Slam?
  6. If we are doing the 'Wish for it and TK will provide" thing then... Give me Konosuke Takeshita & Action Andretti v Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange, please and thank you.
  7. You know what, the Gunns dethroning The Acclaimed is probably the right mid-long term move TBH. They had Billy, then Stokley. Send them to Jarrett. Maybe Arn for a stint? Tell the story of them learning and getting better along the way and you could get a pretty cool run out of them. I wanted FTR to take all the gold but now that they don't have the ROH titles (and will presumably drop the IWGP belts at WK) then the Gunns getting one back over The Acclaimed, winning the belts and maybe their Daddy's love in the process, would work just fine.
  8. "Jarrett teaching the Gunns MMA" is a backstage skit that needs to happen now.
  9. In a world that's more open and accepting of porn/sex work as a legitimate option, businesses are more PC/moralistic than ever. Imagine if Only Fans existed during the Attitude era. Or WWE doing Girls Gone Wild. Or the early 2000s stretch that saw half the female roster pushed to appear in Playboy. Amazing how times change.
  10. Please no. The absolute last thing AEW needs to be doing is another nWo style "WWE v Home Grown" invasion/stable war. It worked for a short time in WCW because the kayfabe line was blurred. Today you risk damaging people on both sides - The new signings risk getting "go away" heat because people are watching AEW specifically because it's not WWE. The Home Growns risk being seen as 'less than' or legitimately under pushed which was the problem in WWE in the first place. If Mercedes turns up in AEW she should absolutely get a big match to kick things off but to build a story around all the ex WWE signings would be a huge mistake IMO. Personally I'd have her come in and say that she only signed if she got a Women's Title match to start because she's that special. Build to her vs Hayter. Hayter squashes her in 3 minutes. Now the story is that, as good as you think you are Mercedes, you're at the back of a long & talented line of women. If you want to prove that you're as good as you've been saying then get to work at climb the ladder.
  11. I said years ago that that Sasha needed to go and be a big fish in a small pond for a while. Prove to WWE that you are the star you think you are. Essentially the Cody Rhodes pathway of making yourself a big enough star that they give you what you want to go back.
  12. Have gone through a heap of permutations and came out with this - 2022 AEW Bryan Danielson vs 2011/12 NJPW Hiroshi Tanahashi I think Bryan goes at top speed here and Tana can keep up. There'd be no wasted motion with them splitting Dragon Suplexes and reversals into/out of everything. Put it in the Tokyo Dome and let Tana get the big comeback from underneath with Bryan hitting the Busaiku then missing a headbutt and falling victim to the Hi Fly Flow. 1993/94 WWE Bret Hart vs 2012-14 WWE Brock Lesnar Again, I love Bret's work vs bigger guys and prime Lesnar would be an amazing base for him to work on. I think Bret would lead a match that really toned Brock down but kept him looking like an absolute monster. More in the Angle v Lesnar model. Bret takes this with a shock small package out of the F5 because I want... 1993/94 WWE Bret Hart vs 2011/12 NJPW Hiroshi Tanahashi This is just an incredible dream match. Bret's not going to get sucked into any kind of finisher bombing but he's going to work a brialliant 30-40 mins as a pseudo heel that have Tana being chopped down and dissected. It's going to be slower than the Danielson match, more deliberate and Bret clearly more of a heel who's looking to break the Ace down rather than knock him out. This takes a toll on Bret too though as Tana hits him with desperation bombs to break things up. Tana finally takes it after reversing the Sharpshooter into a Cloverleaf for the pass out submission in 47:24 to be declared the LWP Dream Match Tournament Champion!
  13. If he won't then maybe run the belt through Orndorff? The other option is to use Bundy as the "Monster of the Moment" a year early? Does Rock n Wrestling kick off the same way without Mr T and Hogan following the Rocky 3 connection?
  14. Backland to Shiek Shiek to American Hero Slaughter. Slaughter to Piper Piper to Savage at Mania 1 Savage then gets the Hogan run through the late 80s before dropping the belt to Warrior The biggest change is probably being able to convince Savage to drop the belt to Bret in a true passing of the torch at Mania 9. We'd also get a great Flair v Savage "Real Champion" match at Mania 8. If Bret is the champ going into the "Lex Express" era I wonder if Luger keeps his mouth shut and takes the title. This could mean we end up with Canadian Heel Bret, USA Hero Luger and Living Legend Savage all in WWE in the mid 90's. The flow on to WCW would be massive. No poaching Hogan and Savage. Luger doesn't take a pay cut to head over. Nitro doesn't get those huge moments. I wonder then if Bischoff pivots and goes after the entire Kliq, bringing all of Nash, Hall, Waltman, Michaels and possibly Hunter across to be the nWo invasion?
  15. Randy Savage becomes the biggest wrestling star of all time.
  16. My tournament bracket - 2003/04 WWE Eddie Guerrero vs 2022 AEW Bryan Danielson This match would be story telling at it's absolute peak. The counters, the mat work, the Lucha mixed with the Strong style... 2007/08 WWE John Cena vs 2011/12 NJPW Hiroshi Tanahashi It's 'peak' Ace vs 'peak' Ace. Cena was great in this time as a hated man who worked as a super face. Tanahashi was the ultimate "fave of a company" and the I think he could take Cena to the absolute limit. 1993/94 WCW Sting vs 2012-14 WWE Brock Lesnar Sting's best ever work (IMO) was as the athletic underdog vs Vader. Lesnar's work when he first returned to WWE was next level. Before the Suplex City stuff started up he was really good at working his size and strength advantages into interesting matches. 1993/94 WWE Bret Hart vs 1999/00 WWE Mick Foley I really loved Bret's work vs bigger guys in 93. The Razor match at the Rumble, the KOTR matches, the Diesel match... Foley in 99 was a madman and his turn as Cactus Jack made Triple H a main event star. I think these two could work a pretty vicious little match here. Not sure on the semis and finals just yet... Will come back to it one day.
  17. I think if they build it up properly then MITB and the Chamber can be "events" like the Royal Rumble. Id love the PLEs to build to each other - Rumble winner gets a shot at Mania Chamber match is the champions Rumble - Defend your belt and earn your Mania Main Event Q/KOTR gets a title shot at Summer Slam Do the 5 man/woman tags for Survivor Series NIGHT 1 along with the World Title matches. Night 2 (or fuck it RAW/SDL) is the mid card titles + a battle royal for "Ultimate Survivor" who gets a title shot at the Rumble, Day 1 or the first Raw/SDL of the year as a big TV main event, however you want to hype it. MITB is fine on its own if you use it to promote your upper/midcard into the main event and give the world champs the night off.
  18. So Sami has to win the Rumble now yeah? Sami wins, Roman is all "I love you Uce but you ain't WrestleMania Maint Event level. Let's do this at Battleground/Elimination Chamber/PLE in Feb." Sami is reluctant but says "Sure thing boss!" Cue weeks of Jey telling Sami he better lay down and make it easy. KO begging Sami not to waste his chance etc Rock comes back and helps Sami win. Cody Rhodes wins the Chamber match for the Mania shot. Rock v Roman on one night, Sami v Rhodes for the title on the other.
  19. I keep saying it but they need to get the tag belts onto FTR before AAA or NJPW book their own titles away. Having that shot of FTR with all of the gold is too good to miss. I\d be down with them taking the titles at Winter is Coming, showing them off at Wrestle Kingdom, then dropping them back to The Acclaimed early in 2023.
  20. In the realm of hip-hop, sure, but let's not ignore WWE getting massive stars like Bad Bunny, Tyson Fury and Logan Paul all over their shows.
  21. I think Jade gets a run in WWE eventually. She's not the greatest worker but she carries herself like an absolute megastar and with the WWE production budget behind her, the on screen presentation would be incredible. Her Mania gear/entrance alone would put her over most of the roster.
  22. MJF holds the belt through 2023 and early 2024. Kingston earns a shot at Double or Nothing 2024 and finally takes the title from that SOB... only to immediately have the Casino BR winner cash in on him and take it away. Could be a dastardly heel, could be a face that you want to turn. It cannot be someone who 'deserves' it. As much as I'd love a Miro/Andrade/Black/Claudio type there would be a part of the crowd cheering them. It needs to be an absolute dickbag like Swerve, Ethan Page or... wait for it... Kingston's buddy Ortiz!!
  23. But what you're forgetting sir, is that @AxB is actually a Clegane...
  24. Do we know when MJF's contract is up outside of '2024'? I'd love for him to hold the title for the full calendar year of 2023 and begin to threaten walking out as champion if Tony doesn't pay him "more money than any wrestler in history". This leads to a flurry of challengers culminating in Eddie Kingston taking the title from MJF in early/mid 2024. During 2023 I'd think defending vs the other "pillars" (Darby, Sammy and Jungle Boy) is a must, as well as a Danielson match and getting back into Wardlow's orbit. I think Kenny as the 6th gives you a great defence to build up to every couple of months with the occasional TV match in between.
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