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  1. Best thing about Brian Cage?

    His Scott Steiner impression.

    I’d say it was a “pretty good match” with Joe.

     But we all know how I hate damning with faint praise.  

    Nice to see Danielson still in his Darby costume from Halloween.

    Hobbes.  All the way.  He has IT.

    I watched this in bits and pieces throughout the week.  So I guess it wasn’t as challenging for me to watch.  But I’ll say there wasn’t much that was special about this episode overall but I’ve survived worse from periods of time than this phase of AEW.

    WWF in 95.  

    Summer of 91 WCW.  Barf emoji.

    I dropped 2000 WCW like the last season of Weeds.

    Fuck that shit.

    But I get it.  It’s nothing new to say that “When your backstage drama exceeds interest in your drama in front of the camera”… there’s some shit to get together.  

    Full Gear should still be an awesome show.  


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  2. Bigelow had my attention after Survivor Series 87.  Stuck in a 3 on 1 against Bundy, OMG, and fucking ANDRE!!!

    Yet he STILL managed to rally by putting down Bundy and Gang consecutively.  As Andre enters the ring you just know Bam Bam is in for a world of shit.  But he DID put two guys he probably shouldn’t have beat with that many guys across the ring.  He hangs with the Giant just long enough to get some extra cred (as he’d already kind of overachieved) but get still got beat.  

    Then POOF it was gone.

    I’ve also seen some of those house show tag matches with Hogan.  They had something for sure.

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  3. Set up the poll immediately so I can vote for FTR vs. SIOG for best match of the week.  I’m with a lot of you that might have had mixed feelings about Swerve.  But he was excellent here.  Everyone was.  Lee made FTR look like a couple of underrated strongmen.

    Really, what a show.  I’ll drink the poison Kool-Aid alright.  Then watch me no-sell it.

    LOVED seeing Jericho eat the pin after they absolutely hammered him at the end.  Moves have consequences and even top guys get put down by them.  The BCC is my crew.  Claudio rules.  Yuta is really gonna be something.  

    Hayter/Riho wasn’t exactly the rag doll car crash I was expecting.  But a damn good match.  That gut stomp was rugged.

    AmDrag and Sammy kept the consistency of quality up on high.

    Crackpot Theory Time:  Stokley is a red herring for something.  Not sure exactly what yet.  But what could be seen as underwhelming in his current performance might be subterfuge to spring the plot twist.  

    MJF went for doing more crowd work than pure promo this time around.  I’m here for it if it means he bounces off Renee (who was excellent all night).  But like I said.  I’m still expecting a plot twist. 

    I liked Mox/Penta but if they had actually done the Destroyer off the steps I might have ranked it higher.  I also might have saved the Lariat for the finish.  

    The Acclaimed arriving every week continues to cheer me up.  The chair scissors got a big laugh outta me.


    And NOW for my very over catch phrase….


    I love you, AEW.  


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    I have birth trauma at 48 years old now.  Christ!

    One thing is for sure.  I still haven’t adjusted my tv settings since the GOT finale.

    Lil Bro just got fucking CHOMPED.  Vhagar was something else this episode.  The way she looked like Godzilla over the height of the castle wall.  With Dani’s trio of dragons you could conceivably get them to turn over so you can rub they’re bellies like the goodest boy Dragos that ever purred.  Not fucking Vhagar.  

    Vhagar ran right through Lil Bro like when my old roommate would bring home some feeder goldfish for his fish tank that contained an arowana, 3 piranha, and a tiny crab at the bottom.  It was a massacre and a WW2 dogfight movie all in one.  Love the cloud silhouettes.

    BTW:  When I did a Google search for the correct spelling of “arowana”.  I saw another suggested topic asking “Can fish get high?”  Which I mention for no reason.

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  5. I honestly thought Darby and Lethal were standing in an empty pool.  

    Storm and Shida was very good.  It’s weird how underwhelmed I get upon Shidas entrance.  But when the bell rings she wins me over every time.  As noted here recently.  That “Barracuda” rip off stinks.  More like Boo-acuda.

    Really liked the booking of the Trios Title match as a follow up to PAC losing the AAC.  I’m not married to the idea that every story has to vine swing from week to week.  You can and should back burner stuff now and then.  But when it can support a hot opener at least you don’t have to put your most name value talent up front all the time.

    Jericho stays on tv week to week and he is definitely making the most of it.  Castle was perfect here.  Sign him and The Boys if they aren’t already.  An act tailored to this audience.  Hager was fun too.  JAS>Inner Circle.  

    I am so ready for Riho/Hayter.  Let’s fucking go.  Riho being ragdolled like a hummingbird in a tornado is relevant to my interests.

    MJF hugging a cartoonishly large poker chip like a plush toy continues to harsh my mellow.  That dueling promo battle was one for the ages.  Chefs kiss.

    The crowd straight up LOLing at the irony of even bothering to ring the bell at that point in the title match tickled my GenX gland.  “Yes yes.  NOW the match begins”.

    PIP was a bit better this time around with more actual commentary (there was some goofery).  I was whining recently that they need to not go off route for the sake of an eventual streaming service and the quality of the archive.  Hi Tony.

    Poor Hanger man.  It goes without saying how much that sucks.  Sucks!  

    I guess you can still make hay with calling it a KO.  If Hanger can make a comeback I’m here for it.

    Excalibur had for once to actually take his time with the future match run down.  Weird.  

    Mox proving once again how much “The Man” he is by just manifesting an angle was sweet.  MJF was magic in connecting the dots to earlier in the show.  

    Chicken Salad defeats Chicken Shit.  



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  6. I’m ready for the finale.  I’m not sure exactly where this season is going to land.  But I’ve enjoyed it to where I’m anticipating when it does.  I doubt they’ll blow their whole chip stack just to end season 1 out of 5.  But they’ve got an exploding volcano to top.  


  7. All I could think about during the Main Event was: “I hope Kikuchi sees this match”.  Cuz the angry little brother energy was off the wahzoo!  Honestly it saved the show for me cuz I was in a shitty mood even though I’m in week 2 of my staycation.  “Staycation” a word spell check actually suggested without irony before I finished that sentence.  

    Everyone doing their reversal tumbles WAS pretty good.  But I’m just too much of a moody curmudgeon to appreciate it today.  I got into it by the end.  So I’m good.

    If there was any irony at all was that this might have been the week to not be envious of those who only watch the INTERNATIONAL FEED.  The crowds got quiet at times and the announcers went full episode of Botchamania chatter.  Not a good idea to fuck off on the hype when a future streaming options highlight should be full length versions of television matches.  Something else that could set them apart from The Helmsleys.

    I guess ratings getters get to open the show right?  So MJF opening show is his to own if it beats last week?  He looks like a dipshit hugging that oversized poker chip.  

    Jungle Boys message should have been to make it clear to Luchasaurus how hard he was going to kick his ass.  If you’re going to go on about the grievance follow up with the enticing solution.  What WOULD it look like to see that angry little guy stomp a big dude cuzza how bad he fucked up.  

    And to crib Bill Hicks: “I AM available for children's parties” 

    Sammy up on the shoulders as they went off the air sure smelled like “Fuck you, Andrade” to me.  

    I’m good.  I promise.

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  8. I want Jericho vs. PCO for the ROH title.  I’ve largely missed this revival for that Qubeccers pirate guy I sorta remember from the 90s.  But I understand his character had a moment or two a couple of years ago that never really got paid off on a proper stage.  

    Plus some of the bumps I saw him take at his advanced age makes me want to spend a Wednesday night cheering him on.  I saw a news blurb regarding it today and dug it.

    I know your reading this Tony Khan.  If Swole isn’t sharing her weed anymore, Brandon Bones will hook you up.  

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  9. 9 hours ago, Sammo~! said:

    Fish was on TV solo for a few weeks before Cole showed up, so if Cole signed first then Tony kept him off TV for All Out

    Edit: Nevermind Bobby Fish debuted October 8th and Cole September 26th. Some kinda Mandella effect 

    No shit.  It got me too.  So when I saw that post my reaction was immediately like: “No he didn’t”.  


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  10. If you’re a Chris Jericho fanboy like me.  These are great days. I honestly thought whatever platitudes I was going to post here would be blowing sunshine up everyone’s ass.  Turns out y’all are digging it too.  It’s pandalerium!!!

    Bandido just got a job.  The press slam during the break was a tragedy being moments too soon however.

    That Jericho continues to elevate himself in ways his contemporaries will never get the chance to.  I kinda want him to win the New Japan belt now.  

    I’m with anyone who got RAW vibes from this episode.  It’s a different thing to do for the week.  I guess.



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  11. Caught the rest of the show.  

    This show was great.  Great crowd.  Matches that were great for a multitude of reasons.  Sticking the landing in a chaotic atmosphere where being able to rely on your assets isn’t always possible.  I love this shit.  Unironically. This isn’t news.

    I’m tickled by the Darby promo.  Because the idea of shooting video while running around the city with a body bag is so Brandon Bones circa 92. 

    I got some feels for Saraya.  That crowd reaction had to be very validating for her.  

    MJF was a problem for me this episode.  Dude… be a piece of shit but don’t bury the best match you’ve ever sat in front of.  Really.

    Anyone remember that scene in Braveheart when they killed Bravehearts hot wife?  Just casually cut her throat.  I immediately jumped off the couch like: “Let’s go kill these motherfuckers”.

    Remember when SUWA in (I think) 05 TORE THE SCROLL right before his Junior Heavyweight title shot vs. KENTA?  Joe Higuchi went the fuck off and so did I!!!

    That’s how I got when MJF put his hands on Tony Schiavone.  That’s got heat with me brother.  

    Meanwhile count me in on the “if Punk doesn’t come back… so fucking what” train.  I spent 7 years hoping the guy would get back in a ring just like a lot of people.  But I feel like I saw it now.  Not sure I really want much more of THAT bullshit at the end.  No sir.  I don’t like it.  The comeback wasn’t bad.  In fact it was pretty great.  

    Moving on made easy at Grand Slam.


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  12. I so far only saw the opener and the main event and loved them both.

    Loved the rana reversal out of the avalanche Ricola Bomb.  Claudio FLEW for it.  Great set up for the Judas Effect.

    I thought the production was great in this episode.  Immediately knew this wasn’t a typical show by how it was shot.  Even the ringside cameras were looking to expand the scope of the enormity of the show.  I’m looking forward to next year.

    Loved the smother choke as the finish in the main.  If you’re going to beat AmDrag.  That’s how you do it.  I kinda thought Bryan was slated to win with all the emphasis put on his avenging losses.  But it really just set me up to be surprised at the finish.  Well done.

    Bryan is still my boy though.

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  13. Well this was quite the variety pack of matches vacuum sealed into an hour.

    Enjoyed all of this.  I need good things right now.

    Count me in on being impressed with Ford.  I really thought she was a break out star after All In.  I’m glad to see that start playing out with a big win.  Willow looked great and is only more endearing in defeat.

    The Egos Edge was broo-talllll!

    Eddie is turning into a Brillo Pad.

    Oddest Irony of the week:  I was MOST concerned with the well being of Matt Hardy in a match that included Darby Allin.  

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  14. Episode 4 I thought had some very inspired well directed moments.

    That shot of the orc ALMOST sniffing out that kids manflesh during what was a monster long one take is super intense.  

    Catching arrows and firing them right back at your enemy is delightfully thoughtful in giving the show some continuity with Jackson’s trilogy. Beautifully done.

    Hot MILF continues being hot.  


  15. 9 hours ago, JLowe said:

    I always thought it was funny when he would randomly throw in “hey I’ll throw a fireball at you because I’m a wizard”. BeeSeeBeeWee isn’t as clever as he thinks.

    No, it isn’t.  But you KNOW Jericho is going to Big Brother Noogie the entire fanbase until it gets over by submission.

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  16. I guess I wasn’t the only person who thought Jade/Athena evoked Lesner/Goldberg and what a great approach it is in handling her booking.

    Don’t have her out there right now doing too much.  Just do a few things  done really well is more than enough while she is still… erm… green.

    Not sure they really got everything they wanted out of the match at All Out.  But hey, just do a rematch and it’ll probably improve.

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