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  1. An illegal batting penalty isn't something you see very often
  2. Well, at least the Lions lost this one themselves
  3. Sure. They can have 21 of Minnesota's.
  4. Marvin Jones Jr with the hat trick
  5. I read Megan Phelps-Roper's new book, Unfollow: A Memoir of Loving and Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church It's a compelling read (she's the third ex-member I know of to have written a book now, after Lauren Drain and Libby Phelps. Drain's I read years ago and really liked, I haven't read Libby's) where you can see her discover empathy and then likely feel some for her as she loses her family.
  6. Yeah. Something like OVW used to be before WWE went all in on developmental systems. Let her work with someone that can train her on off days and have matches that aren't on TV in front of people. She's only been working like 4 years, she's got a ton of potential, but she just needs time to develop. Part of the problem is they don't have the house shows to work out matches yet, part is that there isn't really a women's wrestling answer to someone like Dustin who can basically train people on the road.
  7. That's a good contender as well. But it's not as completely random as Hedorah
  8. Oh, also, prior to the game winning field goal by Illinois, Wisconsin had not trailed at any point this season.
  9. I'm not sure if this says more about how good Joe Burrow has been, or how bad LSU's passing attack had been prior to this year, but he gone the school single season touchdown pass record today. Today is October 19th.
  10. I get why they are high on Dr. Britt, but she really could use some serious seasoning somewhere.
  11. How to get back to 1998 or 1985: find a Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan. That's it, that's the whole game. When you have the guy at the top that draws new viewers, and is red hot, everything gets hot. The longer time goes, the more convinced I get that you can't book a company to a boom, you just need that guy. And WWE is specifically set up to not let anyone become bigger than the company ever again. 1999 might be the single worst booked year in WWF history, and it didn't matter because Austin and then The Rock drew people. This year is giving it a serious run for worst booked, and it matters because, I mean, Seth Rollins is no major star whether or not you like him.
  12. Yeah, that's one I really didn't expect.
  13. Wisconsin beats Michigan 35-14 Michigan beats Illinois 42-25 So, obviously, Illinois beats Wisconsin.
  14. Hedorah is probably the strangest of all the Godzilla movies. Between the animated bit, the hippies trying to protest a giant monster away, and the surf rock score...
  15. I actually just did that last month. Some of them are pretty fun, some of them are just plain awful, one of them really surprised me, and one of them is In Space *shudder*
  16. Hell, he's been broadcasting since about four years before I was born. He's probably the consensus choice for best ever at his job (I'm not saying he's my vote, but I bet he'd top a survey of wrestling fans) he put up with Vince yelling at producing him for like twenty five years... (And that's not even getting into his Johnny Ace rant)
  17. That's definitely the nightmare. 6'7", 285 with otherworldly athleticism... You have to worry about his knees and back holding up. Fingers crossed.
  18. Jesus Christ, JR might not be bitter but he's damn sure sensitive. How can you have been an on air talent for that long and still have that much trouble with criticism?
  19. He looks a ton like Deadpool in Wolverine. Fun fact: the character's name is Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain
  20. God Darby Allin looked like a fucking star. I'd almost forgotten how it works to just put a guy in a big spot and let him get over. I'm probably being hyperbolic, but there was a moment in that match that I started thinking about Flair/Sing in '88. Jericho won the match, still gave Allin a rub, looked vulnerable, but lost no heat. They built Allin up in, what, 3 matches? And they got a main event on TV that was credible, and have positioned Allin as a guy they can come back to as a top level act. Is booking that eas?
  21. I will definitely say Lawrence Sher deserves an Oscar nomination. Phoenix certainly belongs in the mix. On the other hand, Joker does not belong in the best picture conversation.
  22. I get that he thinks that, I just don't understand why. They have no cap space, having Beal is probably good enough to keep them out of the top five picks, and they really have any other significant assets.
  23. I'm not sure what confuses me more: him wanting to stay or them not wanting to trade him for assets and start trying to build their next good team.
  24. I will thank whatever Gods you might believe in that New Nightmare broke up that string of absolute suck. Oh, and here's Curse to bring it right back.
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