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  1. I think he was either The Slammy Award Winning or The Two-Time Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart at that point.
  2. I've read they want to get every team up to at least 70 games played if they do come back, before any type of playoffs, due to most of not all local TV contracts having 70 games played language for full payment of the season fees. Right now, the games played sits between 63 and 67 per team.
  3. He was amazing. (Though, I must admit, my lasting memory of him will always be Billups just utterly wrecking him in '04. Getting old is a bitch.)
  4. Oh they killed the damn thing in the cradle all by themselves. I think it was over a year before people realized it wasn't just an add-on/revamp of the Wii, and by that time third party support was gone and the XBone and PS4 were building momentum. But, a few hours in... I kinda like the Gamepad? Like, it's weird and they clearly refined the idea and made it much more useful with the switch, but the option to play a lot of games in hand when the tv is in use was pretty cool. Plus I really want the HD remakes of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess plus there's a lot of great virtual console stuff not on the Switch. I am going to have to get an external for it though. The 32gb models were going for to much for me to buy it on a whim, so I only got the 8gb version. Such is life.
  5. So for some reason I bought a Wii U that was delivered Monday. I'm kinda digging this weird ass totally misguided console.
  6. Was coming here to mention it immediately after pre-ordering it.
  7. GP sliding over to Jordan was huge in that series. If I'm not mistaken, MJ had his wrist FG%, 3P%, 2P%, TS%, eFG% and PPG of any of his six finals appearances that year. Although the "Jordan killed them the first three games" thing is also a bit of a myth. He only really had one great game in the entire series. There's a really good argument for Rodman deserving that finals MVP, and I don't think you can make nearly as strong a case in any of the other five for anyone but Mike. He tied the finals record for offensive rebounds twice in the series, got guys into foul trouble repeatedly, most notably getting Kemp to eventually foul out in game 6. Hilariously, Jack Haley reportedly had to literally talk Dennis into coming to the game, he was ready to just go home after the two loses. That said, I do at least somewhat buy that MJ was distracted thinking about his dad. I don't think it's fair to Payton to just dismiss it, but it's not a totally implausible argument. Those Sonics players are always going to wonder "what if" about it.
  8. The story goes he went after Bill Cartwright like that when they first traded Oak for Bill. Cartwright told him "you ever do that to me again, and you'll never play basketball again" and MJ never tested it.
  9. Double post powers activate
  10. Oh I know. I just don't think a lot of his former teammates want to tell those stories right now. Kobe's entire thing was being a Michael Jordan tribute act. Really good, but quite as good as the original
  11. That's my exact point though. MJ claims he had to be that way to win, but most of the other all-time great winners weren't like that with their teammates. This wasn't at all me saying those others were all great guys who were never overly competitive assholes, I'm saying none of them had to break their teammates in order to win. Jordan might be the greatest basketball player that ever lived, but he also is a sociopathic asshole, and I just do not believe he had to be that way to win.
  12. Did they? I mean, the biggest problem was obviously that Taker physically couldn't do things that they had planned. I actually really like that match though. Incredible storytelling, and I think even Taker's body failing him in some ways added to that.
  13. Wait, are apples rare? Because that's what I have. But I'm actually doing the only about an hour a day thing do I'm barely anywhere
  14. My thing about Jordan's leadership though: a whole lot of guys were the best player and leader of teams that won titles, and you don't hear their teammates talk about them like that. That "I kinda hate him but it worked thing." I mean, I know there definitely were times where the Lakers probably hated Magic, but nobody talks about him like that. The only people who don't talk about Isiah that way are his teammates who almost to a man appear to legitimately love him (well, except AD.) Larry Bird's teammates... Hell, Bill Russell won almost twice as many titles as MJ and his teammates still seem to be actual friends with him. Kobe probably was the same way (though right now you'll have a hard time finding anyone that wants to talk about that, for obvious reasons) and Kareem for the first half of his career before Magic got him to loosen up a little. Overall I'm loving this documentary, but Michael Jordan does not, in any way, come across like a mentally healthy, well adjusted adult.
  15. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition? NiNo Kuni? I don't know, turn based is exactly what drew me to DQXiS.
  16. I wonder if WWE intentionally put this together as their answer to the Jordan doc (had that come out as scheduled, this would've preceded it by a few weeks) or if it's just an amazing coincidence that they both made documentaries of living legends based around unprecedented footage following that icon.
  17. I liked Yesterday significantly better than @AxB did, but it is massively frustrating in many ways. But, I definitely disagree with how it portrayed Sheeran (who I find completely useless in every other context.) The entirety of his role was a joke about how he's arrogant and bad for music.
  18. Honestly the twin "what ifs" for Orlando that off-season are fascinating. If Duncan goes and Hill's ankle doesn't dissolve into tissue paper, that might've legitimately been one of the best teams ever assembled.
  19. Not to chase this to far down, but despite critical acclaim and all the articles, Mad Men at it's peak didn't come close to Psych's viewership numbers at its peak (though Mad Men did grow throughout it's run while Pysch limped to it's finish) In 2007, Pysch had nearly double the viewership
  20. I honestly wasn't bothered by Booger last year. When he was in that cart randomly interjecting things, he was awful, but I don't think he'd have made my bottom five color guys last season.
  21. Man, I slept on Dragon Quest XI for way too long, but it's eating up more of my Switch time than even Animal Crossing.
  22. George Jones had a voice that to this day defies description.
  23. I'm watching game 6 of the 96 Finals and there's a few minute stretch in the third where Dennis Rodman just temporarily becomes the best player on the court. Harper airballs a three, Rodman grabs the board and lays it in. Pip gets a steal up top, Rodman runs from under the opposite rim full speed to beat everybody down the court, fills the lane, gets the pass from Pippen, hits a reverse layup while being fouled. He actually hits the the free throw. Back on defense an obviously frustrated Kemp shoves his forearm into Rodman's chin and shoves him down, the third offensive foul Rodman had drawn in the game. Back on the other end he drops a beautiful pass to MJ for an easy layup and the Sonics call time out suddenly down fifteen and the United Center crowd is losing their fucking minds for Dennis. After the timeout, they sit Rodman and Seattle goes on a 9-0 run.
  24. He also wants to extend eligibility to five years instead of four.
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