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  1. Deadspin has been basically my favorite website for several years. This just fucking sucks.
  2. https://letterboxd.com/farwell3d/tag/31for31/films/by/release-earliest/ And so I've finished this marathon. Woo boy, that 89-95 stretch was ROUGH, New Nightmare aside.
  3. Michael Myers is literally what I think of when people say "Boogeyman"
  4. Now, if they will extend that to people subscribed to HBO on TV/HBO Go, I'll be very happy.
  5. At least in the U.S. I'm pretty sure that they legally aren't supposed to be doing so. I mean, it certainly wouldn't be the only incident of a media company violating laws on consumer privacy, so it certainly doesn't mean they aren't, but...
  6. Diana Moskovitz also gave her two week notice.
  7. I can't explain why, but every time I revisit the director's cut of the 2009 Halloween II, I fall a little more in love with it. It's crazy, wildly ambitious, falls flat on its face in places, examines PTSD in a bold manner, never tries to make the violence cool, and has at least three legit gut punch level emotional moments. The white horse/shared delusion stuff still doesn't make any sense, but I guess I just don't care anymore. I love this movie.
  8. Well, the last time we had a real rivalry between companies, Twitter and Facebook didn't exist. I bet 1997 wrestling Twitter would've been every bit as bad or worse. Hell, when TNA tried going head to head, even that got absurd.
  9. Be fun to eventually run back Cody/Omega with Kenny challenging. Run with Cody as top face til it cools, then turn him again and run with that.
  10. Deadspin also posted an article today apologizing for the incredibly obnoxious autoplay video ads. It vanished within hours.
  11. They tend to recoup some off selling streaming rights, but, yeah, the twin massive revenue streams of rental stores and DVD sales have dried up considerably.
  12. That reminds me that I really need to listen to the new The Avett Brothers album that came out a few weeks ago before I commit to anything.
  13. About Bret: I'm embarrassed to admit how old I was before I realized that Excellence of Execution was a Hitman pun, and not just a comment on how fucking perfectly he did everything.
  14. When I was in high school, I think my sophomore year, we played a team that was just absurdly overmatched. There was a play where, on an ILB blitz up the middle, my friend Jay literally best the running back to the handoff and took it from the QB. I never thought the closest thing I'd ever see to it again would be in a fucking NFL game 20+ years later.
  15. Did that really just happen?
  16. Note: these are different plays
  17. Nick Chubb just broke off an amazing run and... Fumble!
  18. I'm just scared to say anything this week
  19. Phoenix wants to do a sequel as well, was asking about possible ideas before this opened. Commercially, part II was. III saw a massive drop off iirc. Critically, they were both savaged
  20. I hate whenever someone turns heel by costing their friend a title match. Turn on them after they win the belt so you get a crack at it, instead of being sidetracked in a feud that is still away from the title.
  21. Michigan again setting the concept of modern football back a couple decades, but if it keeps working like this I'll take it. Edit: the two quarterbacks in this game are a combined 9-27 for 98 yards.
  22. Yeah, I did not see that coming. Hell, even when they cut it to 10 I thought for sure Oklahoma was still gonna pull it off.
  23. Jericho's reaction as he realized Cody was getting ready to break the glass was fucking great too.
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