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  1. It is only accessible once you complete the main quest on Monarch, IIRC.
  2. The DLC, Peril on Gorgon, is also excellent and worth playing if you haven't already.
  3. Super Mario 64 is still a good game, but it's probably the Mario where I have to get used to the controls (and camera) the longest more than any other game after I go a long time without playing it.
  4. And they KEPT turning him heel. No one asked for or wanted a "Bret joins the nWo and then swerves everyone into thinking he's left them and turned face, only to stay with the nWo" angle. You've got a white-hot, sympathetic babyface and you put him up against Ric Flair, maybe the one guy other than Sting who the WCW fans will side with over him, and then turn him heel and keep him that way even though the crowd wants to root for him. Someone mentioned Luger coming back to WCW, and that Hogan/Savage/Sting/Luger uneasy alliances angle was great. I don't agree that Bischoff only ev
  5. Bret also basically went right into a feud with Ric Flair, a guy whose style he didn't like and who he wouldn't be at all motivated to put up an effort against.
  6. I got an invite as well. I already have a pre-order in (and the seller already charged me), so IDK if I'm going to use this one.
  7. They also didn't announce that pre-orders would open until AFTER the presentation, on Twitter. And then they said that pre-orders would open tomorrow, and they opened today. Occam's Razor is that they were blindsided by the Xbox price leak and sort of threw this together.
  8. I got my PS5 pre-ordered along with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Whew. This is my first time online-ordering at launch and I hated it and hope physical stores never go away.
  9. Eivion's response is exactly why I don't like Edge/Taker. Edge in control with his couldn't-squash-a-grape offense is fucking awful viewing. Edge has got to be one of the worst ME workers the WWE's ever had, at least IMO. Just unwatchable unless he was diving off of something.
  10. Oh, for me, Michaelangelo was a long-reigning wrestling champ and hit .405 in the action figure baseball league. He was a true dual-sport superstar. Take that, "Spark Plug" Bob Holly!
  11. McMahon's shitty edgelord topical references to Neverland Ranch and Bill Clinton that were total misses at humor were far more detracting to the experience than Polo wrestling that Jannetty match in a way other than a scared, unathletic manager. Holy shit, 1994-1995 might be the nadir of pre-Michael Cole WWF announcing.
  12. Because Jake is the master of the hold. He put hours and hours of practice into dropping a sometimes-struggling opponent at the right spot on their head to knock them out. A lesser wrestler, or a wrestler who hasn't practiced the intricacies of the move properly, will have a less-effective DDT. It's like asking why everyone doesn't shoulder roll like Floyd Mayweather Jr. if that's so effective at defending oneself from punches. Well, few people are as talented or practiced at that skill as Mayweather Jr. is.
  13. That new Ratchet and Clank with the near-immediate loading from one area/dimension into another has been the coolest thing so far that probably does need the next-gen tech, IMO. Honestly, I get consoles at launch now because I can do it financially, for which I am thankful, and it's fun to get the new tech. It's a small joy in life, and you gotta find them where you can. I totally get why someone would stick with their current-gen console for awhile longer, though.
  14. I like that Rollerball Rocco shout. Great bumper. I'm also a guy who would have the Hitman in my top ten, actually on my top five. He's sort of an underrated bumper, actually, but beyond that, he's enduring. It's hard to get away from stuff that you saw and loved as a kid, but I think that Bret's just that good. I saw Bret/Owen Ironman this year and it was really good and reminded me how great he was. The guy who has climbed the most on my personal list during COVID is Liger. I went down a tunnel watching random Liger a couple months back and he's firmly a top ten guy for me. He's an
  15. This is coming very close to being too political, but let's just say that a lot of Americans are going to have to, uh, find new trust in the FDA's leadership, maybe say in January of next year, before they'll take a vaccine, and I don't blame them. On (semi)topic, I find it amazing that the only two pro wrestlers who have ever voiced characters on "The Simpsons" are Stone Cold and the Hitman. Also, "Stone Cold and the Hitman" is a great name for an '80s gritty buddy cop TV show. But seriously, the producers of "The Simpsons" haven't found a way to get The Rock on their show? Or HulKKK Hog
  16. That sucks, Casey. I platted it before they added the NGP update, so I have the plat even though I never went back and beat it on NGP. I think I did the same thing with Horizon: Zero Dawn, actually.
  17. I'm with @Craig H. I'm struggling to gold in these competitions, and that's not how it was fifteen years ago. I'm using the D-Pad because that feels better, but man, I feel like I'm dialing up 900s and only getting Christ Airs.
  18. Yeah, we need to go back to that. There are few things as immersion-breaking as a ref showing a two-count when it's absolutely clear that there was no kickout. Book around the fuck up. Speaking of "book around the fuck up," I saw that Matt Hardy shit, and it's criminal. Like, legit, Matt should be able to sue whoever was responsible for stopping the match for a healthy sum, and he should win. Wrestling is depressing.
  19. Is a ref not counting the three when it's clear that one of the wrestlers is going to forget to kick out a modern wrestling thing? I hate it and it's terrible and I don't remember ever seeing it outside of a match in, like, the New '10s.
  20. Man, I miss those SLAM! columns Bret would write in general, but I actually enjoyed his updates on the Hitmen in whatever hockey league they played in.
  21. I think I knew this, and I think it's because Bret said so in his book. That's a good piece of work from Lawler.
  22. AJ was in TNA for what felt like approximately 762 years, so if you did GIS him, you might have had to crawl through quite a few pictures just to see that logo which honestly, I don't love the design of. Now this? This is a dope-ass design:
  23. No, you definitely made my original post worse. To get back on topic, wouldn't American wrestlers be eligible for their home state's insurance exchange and possible subsidized insurance? I'm actually pretty curious about this. I also wonder how many workers on the roster have SAG cards.
  24. Yes, that very logo that @Casey said he wouldn't know if AJ wore because he never watched TNA and knows nothing about it.
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