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  1. I still haven't seen this show because I missed it live, and TNT hasn't uploaded it to the on-demand section on Sling. This is just me bitching about Sling being shit.
  2. I think it is? They did have multiple matches together, and I've only seen one of them where Sato injured Kandori's eye. '80s Joshi is not really my territory, tbh. But thank you.
  3. This is random: I've looked around for the Shinobu Kandori/Jackie Sato match in full where Kandori deliberately beats holy hell out of Sato in revenge for that eye injury. Is there a full version of that match online anywhere that anyone knows? I've only done a few basic searches.
  4. Fair enough. They were developed simultaneously, so I blame both Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics. If Shadow is more open-ended and more focused on puzzles (which I looked at a few quick reviews after Raziel posted to see about, and they basically back up his post), I find it interesting that it's the game that Crystal Dynamics didn't make in this reboot trilogy. Maybe CD can stick to making Avengers content for the next few years and let Eidos Montreal take TR over now that Deus Ex is basically dead. No hate to Crystal Dynamics, who did a bunch of Sega Saturn games that I really enjoy (especially Blazing Dragons), but I'm not a fan of that style of action-adventure game.
  5. I liked the idea of finding artifacts to help you translate other artifacts and limited crafting, but yeah, I think I hit my first kill room and then a set piece, and I put it down. Maybe I should just skip to Shadow.
  6. OG Tomb Raider didn't have the elaborate set pieces or kill rooms like Uncharted or TR: DE has, though. I just played through the original on my Sega Saturn a year ago. It's heavily weighted toward exploration, puzzles, and platforming with minimal combat. I'm going to have to disagree: Uncharted is where you first see the climbing on a predetermined route --> kill area --> climbing ---> set piece where a bunch of wild shit happens around you while you take a path to the next kill area or climbing path.
  7. I played through Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition again on a whim for the first time in four years. Tomb Raider is basically great when you're solving puzzles, free platforming, and exploring for hidden trinkets, and it sucks when you're in a kill room or one of those shitty set pieces. I blame Uncharted for this. Those games fucking blow, but they've popularized the "kill room in a game with mediocre shooting" and "overblown shitty set pieces with one way to complete them" tropes for these sorts of games. I am reticent to try to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I tried a couple years ago and did not enjoy.
  8. "Chris Benoit Jr." + "Wexit gimmick" = Maybe the absolute worst possible combination on earth. It's so theoretically awful that actually, I've come around and am kinda impressed with it.
  9. I don't know that "employees should be paid for their work" is a radical agenda to push on the masses, nor that trying to get fairly paid for the work that you do in your business can be kept separate from said business, with all due respect.
  10. Like breh, you're the COO or whatever of a publicly-traded company. You can't do that shit. Then again, the nature of the business itself (and the fact that no one in any form of power takes it seriously) means that he can do that shit, I guess.
  11. More squash matches please! I am totally agreed with you on your point, and actually when they've run a squash (like Cody squashing a dude a few weeks back), it was so refreshing. I especially want to see the champs run through a couple of jobbers. You can have all the twenty-minute struggle matches between wrestlers as you like, but they have more impact when we've seen those wrestlers killing the opponents who are clearly beneath them and thus we know that these are two wrestlers on another level.
  12. Victator's cashed (again), so nope. I'm at least half-paying attention to Impact! now, though. I think they put their newer stuff up on their Pluto channel along with Best Of shows, and people seem to say the company has been pretty good lately...
  13. I should bust Second Son out again sometime. That game has the best traversal this side of Spider-Man PS4. Ersatz Seattle was pretty fun to travel around, too, especially using the dash tied to neon powers.
  14. I think @hammervagave us our answer. Is this in Impact! Wrestling? That would explain why I didn't know; I don't follow the company.
  15. I'm not getting what you mean by this about "timing?"
  16. The best thing about WWE All-Stars was probably the awesome hype packages they did for the fantasy feuds that you could complete in the game. I guess what I'm saying is that AEW needs to step up its hype game.
  17. @Ace's post just made me realize that the amount of time between Awesome Kong killing Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde on TNA television and now is the same as the amount of time between Bret Hart and John Cena's first WWF/E title wins, which, uh, I've got to go lie down now.
  18. That's great news, but I don't want to see her out here shuffling through matches unable to move. Re: The rest of this show, I'm of two minds here at this point on AEW. One mind says, hey, ditch this show because it's not very good. On the other hand, they have workers that I like and there is promise there. I'll probably at least keep this on in the background, but they need a hot angle because the wrestling isn't really doing it for me on the weekly shows and the undercard angles are pretty weak. They have very good individual performers; they just need to find a way to get them all together in great angles.
  19. Man, that Nightmare Collective shit is hot garbage. It's so bad that it takes away any joy that I have of seeing Awesome Kong on screen. I hope she gets more acting roles post-GLOW and can do something other than this. Brandi's Michael Cole-ing of the commentary was fucking terrible, like I truly hated it. I was really looking forward to Riho/Statlander, too.
  20. The thing I'm most bummed about from that year is that we didn't get Rude/Simmons for the WCW Heavyweight Championship because of Rude's injury.
  21. She is definitely not that lady, but that lady would be an entertaining fan to sit next to.
  22. @Matt D Admittedly, my reason for choosing '70s Portland as my top choice is personal rather than historical; my grandma would go to those shows, and she'd have a hard time finding someone in the family to go with her. By the time I was born, we bonded over WCW Saturday Night together, but man, I've heard my mom talk about how she'd only go to score some popcorn and a soda and wouldn't really pay attention to the matches and felt some real envy towards her.
  23. If there is any era/location combination of wrestling shows that I wish I were able to personally attend on a regular basis, 1970s Portland would be first and 1970s UK/WoS would be second.
  24. I ended up buying Lara Croft Go, and now I've dropped Hitman Go because the former is insanely good. Holy shit, I wish I had played this earlier. I think it's cross-buy/play, too, so it's time to bust out the Vita again.
  25. Malay Satay Hut is on this side, IIRC, but I haven't seen the Belltown restaurant that you mention.
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