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  1. William Regal and Don Callis are right there. Both have incredible wrestling knowledge and Callus has a business degree and has ran a wrestling company before Regal has very hands on with NXT behind the scenes so he knows how to run a farm league. Tony Khan should be hands off on this. 

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  2. There's a few questions I have over all of this; Are they gonna stay on Sinclair Stations? Who of the roster are they gonna keep? Who on the AEW roster are they gonna bring over if any? Are they still gonna run past Supercard of Honor? What is SCH gonna look like? Whats the touring schedule gonna be like? Whose gonna book it? Whose gonna run it?

    I see value in running ROH as an NXT type for AEW. If I was Tony I'd see if William Regal would want to run ROH he knows talent he knows wrestling he knows how to format a show. IDK who I'd have book it but it wouldn't be Delirious I'll tell you that.

  3. On 2/28/2022 at 2:47 PM, Sammo~! said:

    Bummer the "West Coast Tour" is just 2 shows in SoCal. Would love to see them make it up to the Northwest. All this talk on TV about Piper in Portland, I'd love to see MJF come here to get booed out of the building, or a Darby/Danielson homecoming show in Seattle. 

    I’d probably go to both shows

  4. So I watched the first hour of this on Pluto in the middle of the night last night.

    I really hope this Josh Alexander angle isn’t a way to write him out of the company. He should come back in a few months and be the one to finally defeat Honor No More. The dude is so good he deserves a real run with the World Title.

    Deonna vs Santana was really good. Both women are awesome. It’s a shame the crowd seemed quit during the match maybe they didn’t know what to make of the match being mat based or maybe the crowd was just quit.

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  5. I’m was browsing through Pluto and Before the Impact seems to air same day on a 30 minute delay. I tuned in just in time to watch the tag match and I enjoyed it. I’ve seen Miguel Austin and Something before it was my first look at Mike Bailey and I was impressed. I dig a good karate gimmick. 

    Yeah Impact doesn’t air concurrently on Pluto like BTI evidently cuz Matt Sydal vs Penta is on the channel now and those guys don’t work for this company anymore.

    @bobholly138 what was the attendance like? Wikipedia says the building holds 2400, did the place seem pretty full?

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  6. Caught most of Cardona vs Grace on the Impact Pluto channel. I thought it was really good. I liked that Cardona was reluctant to wrestle Grace, in the sense that he seemed conflicted about hitting moves on her cuz she was a women but Grace started to give him a run for his money then he seemed to start wrestling and I thought it built up nicely to the chair shot at the end.

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  7. That Main Event was awesome. Holy shit Archer used a fork. What’s old is new again. 

    The Punk/Mox-FTR Tag Match was really good. Hella fun I also liked Punk but in his promo acknowledging that Wardlow is the threat in The Pinnacle and not the rest of those goofs.

    And I really liked the Jade-AQA match. AQA got a lot of offense in and Jade looked good there was a spot that was a little clunky but I’ll forgive it as Jades less than a year in.

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  8. 26 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    He's a combination of old school Memphis heeling with modern New Japan style. He's pretty fucking tremendous. I recommend the US title match with Juice in SF, 2018. 

    New Japan missed out on a money Jay White-Josh Barnett match …

    I think that’s a perfect description of Jay White. Makes sense Gedo made him the top heel. MJF is the biggest heel in AEW. Jay White if given the chance could surpass him. This is a big get for AEW.

  9. I enjoyed the show but really liked that Main Event. I like the idea of the FTW Championship being defended as if it is an Official Championship. And with the depth AEW has with its male roster another championship even if not officially recognized isn’t a bad thing.

  10. I've been catching up on the program on Youtube and I got to say, a good portion of their roster was pouched during Covid and the Roster they got now is really good. I'm dogging Janna Cide a lot I like the look. Colby Corino is a star in the making. And Proud Papa Ricky Morton is awesome. I wonder if him and his son will have a run with the Tag Titles or not. 

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  11. Rampage is a really fun hour of wrestling every week. Hook is over as fuck they got something special on their hands. Moxley looked good in his return. Trent and Nick Jackson was really fun my favorite match of the night. The main event was good I enjoyed it. Jade is another one like Hook who has a presence and is special. She’s gonna be big. Anna Jay is no slouch herself. Between the two of them there’s what 3 years of collective experience and they where out in that main event and both looked like they belonged out there.

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  12. Some things I forgot to mention:

    Archer as the Monster Lambert bring sin that he can't really wrangle in could be an interesting angle. He makes a good opponent for Page see if Page is good enough to defeat this unhinged monster.

    Daunte Martin winning a big match was nice. That was a big win on Hobbs, after Ricky gets done with Lethal. I didn't talk about it in the Rampage thread but i like the FTW Title being treated as an unofficial official title with how deep their male roster is having a singles title a tier below the TNT Championship might actually be beneficial. But back to Daunte Martin I think after Lethal, Martin should be Rickys next defense and there's an argument to be made that Daunte should very well be the guy to beat Ricky for the FTW title. I think an angle of Team Taz trying to get the FTW Championship back leading to the ascent of Hook maybe he eventually beats Daunte for it in the Summer. IDK I'm armchair booking now.

  13. This was a great episode of Rampage. just wrestling heavy. All three matches were tight as fuck.

    Adam Cole as Mr Friday Night is pretty cool guys been delivery. He's had great opponents Atlas last week and Trent this week. AEW has a stacked roster.

    The womens 6man was also really good. I'm liking this Layla Hirsh heel turn they are building towards.

    And what an awesome Main. Those guys busted their asses off and it showed. Yeah I had a fun time watching this match and show.

    Also The Acclaimed are a great heel team. They deserve a run with the straps. We got what 2 months to Revolution and I think Acclaim talented enough to keep the build towards the match with Darby and Sting entertaining for that length of time.

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  14. I liked this weeks show. They were working on establishing the mid card and I think that is the good thing. WWE doesn't really have a mid card theres the Main Event Scene and everyone else. It's good to be different and allowing your audience to invest on everyone up and down the card is a good thing.

    I spoke in the General Thread about how I think they should have booked the smaller venue in town but other than it looking rather empty on camera the crowd seemed to still be into the show and nobody phoned it in match quality wise.

    Sammy vs Garcia was really good what an awesome Main Event.

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  15. Cody going away for a few months wouldn’t be a bad thing. Cody likes a good worked shoot so why not “test the waters” for a few months on the indie scene. He can take the TNT Championship with him and defend it as “The Rightful Champion” maybe even film a season of Rhodes to the Top where he’s “out of AEW”. Then he can come back in time for Double or Nothing to have a Unification Match with Sammy. 

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