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  1. "I DON'T BELIEVE IT! WHAT'S DREW GALLOWAY DOING IN THE IMPACT ZONE?!" Here's a thought though - with the stink that anybody from WWE going to TNA apparently gets these days, and with TNA being on its (theoretical) last legs, do any of these guys actually try to go to TNA? Also, this isn't a shot at anyone in particular, but I am so ready for the near-meme "[MIDCARDER] was one of the best workers on Earth/on the planet (back then)" and its variants to stop. There's hyperbole, there's exaggeration, and there's just being plain silly.
  2. I love the look of the ref's face in the IC title shot, and the "whatever" look on Cody. Man, NOBODY liked the Drew push, even the guys getting pushed with him.
  3. Back in the day (was there a day?) I worked around Alvarez at a local show as he did commentary and basically buried the product he was talking about. When talked to about it, he blew people off that had a LOT more time in the business than him. Fed up, I just asked him "Is Dave Meltzer nice in person?" He wasn't happy. Then again, nobody was there.
  4. To be fair, Mark Henry probably can't get Curt Hawkins rehired..
  5. Brodus is the kind of guy that needs a mask and a manager to get over properly.
  6. Dude, have you SEEN Roman Reigns' hair? That man has some Kevin Nash-level shine.
  7. With the exception of Teddy, yes. Right - Teddy's contract actually expired, the others didn't.
  8. This'll probably be a stupid question, but with these releases, are they still under the 90-day no-competes? I know it doesn't really affect indie bookings but if any of them wanted to go to TNA and (probably) ROH, it might...
  9. Yeah, but they have him, Jason Alberts, William Regal, and Byron Saxton all basically playing the same role. Yes, but in different locations and capacities. There's room enough. Although yeah, if any of them need to go, Riley's first on the block (or maybe second behind Albert)
  10. Somebody's EWR just got a REALLY boring stable.
  11. Damn it! I knew I should've posted it here first. Stealing my thunder, damn it.
  12. I only have two questions: 1) What happened to Jack Stewart's package, and 2) WHY CAN'T I STOP STARING AT JACK STEWART'S PACKAGE? It's the fat guy equivalent of a camel toe. The whole thing is off to the left. Hmm. All righty then. Okay, one more question: why is the "American Gun" posing with what appears to be an AK-47? Because we assumed nobody would notice. You're the second person to do so now, next to James F'n X.
  13. John Cena picked a weird time to debut his Tor Johnson impression.
  14. No shit, I've met Danny Hodge several times at live events and was worried as fuck the first time he offered a handshake. If I just gave him a normal one, I feared he'd think I was a pussy, but if I tried to overcompensate, I feared he'd think I was testing him and I'd get a stump back. I shook his hand at the NWA fanfest in Charlotte in 2007. Or rather, Danny Hodge grabbed my hand, and with the slightest minimum of effort, made my right hand curl inward on itself, as if becoming a black hole. So yeah, he's still got it. clap clap clapclapclap
  15. Yeah, you only get away with it if you're legitimately insane. It's gotta be more than just being a dick. You gotta be a dick AND crazy.
  16. Clangy pipes. Who says the Shield's not old school?
  17. Barrett is a tough kid and all, but Coage would mop the floor with him, IMHO. I dunno, I think Barrett has a pretty good shot if they fought today.
  18. You say this like it wouldn't be amazing. Regal vs. Bryan for the title comes closer and closer...
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