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  1. On 11/18/2019 at 6:12 AM, Eivion said:

    Looks like the old flame drama in Batwoman might finally be done with for a while. I really just don't care at all for Sophie. Was nice to see Julia Pennyworth. Not sure I like them making her another old flame for Kate though they kind hinted to some chemistry in the comics even if they never pushed forward on it. Wonder how much they plan to pull from the Bennett run of Batwoman. It wasn't a particularly good run so hopefully they change things up a decent amount.

    Supergirl was good. J'onn's scenes dealing with his brother and how to reconcile with him were nice. The Leviathan stuff was interesting enough though probably the weakest part this week. The highlight was easily Lena finally revealing herself to Kara. That was a wonderful scene that made you feel for both a good deal.

    I thought Katie McGrath acted her ass off in that scene, which isn't something I often say for an Arrowverse show.  A huge part of me was like, why doesn't Supergirl just tell her the truth, in that hardly anyone knows who she is.  Lena keeps trying to convince herself she's not a villain, and I wonder what will happen that will finally have her go full stop.

    The Sophie nonsense has been the only thing I don't like about Batwoman, so I'm glad we are parking that.  I like that they at least gave a little depth to what  happened at the academy, and I kinda felt for Sophie there, because I know people in real life that  have had to make similar choices.

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  2. I left CWF back in February, and while I could go on for hours about how things didn't have to end up this way, right now all I feel is sadness. I really felt like I was part of something special there, and to quote Revolver Ocelot, it doesn't go out with a bang, but a whimper.  I spoke to the "office" today, and the burnout that was being felt a year ago was only getting worse, along with the houses.  I just really hate it for the boys, because for some of them, CWF was all they had.

  3. I meant to say this in my last post, but I get really happy whenever Curtis pops back in to help Team Arrow. I didn't realize how much I liked the character until he was gone. Ollie reluctantly putting over his beard was hilarious.

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  4. Flash was kinda weird this week, but I found myself liking it. Nice little red herring to make you think Barry really is gonna eat it.

    So Arrow had to be the on-the-low backdoor pilot for Birds of Prey, right?

  5. Boy have I got a bee in my bonnet this morning. I stay up all damn night, watching Luka have one of the best games of his career, only for it to be decided by Dwight Howard's goofy ass holding Seth Curry and not getting called for it.

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  6. He doesn't feel like a villain that they can run with for a full season, honestly. Especially since they've already had him turn full heel this early.

    They are doing a neat little thing on Arrow I noticed, where they use the different Arrow emblems on the title card to represent the different seasons at the start of each episode.  I REALLY hope we get one last Damien Darke appearance before we are done.

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  7. I think I was the only person that thought GSW was going to be a total dumpster fire this season, with or without Curry.  People kept picking them as a low seed playoff team, and I just didn't see it. Do they at least have their pick this year?

  8. 8 hours ago, hammerva said:

    Ben Simmons might be that dependable in the clutch but has no problem going for the tap out


    Ben Simmons via text: "Tobias Harris is in the enclosed pool area."

  9. I need to gloat about the fact that the Mavs beat Denver at home, with Luka and KP being pure garbage all night. I LOVE this team this year. I'm so used to seeing the team as the underdog, it feels weird that I'm starting to consider them competitive against everyone.

  10. I'm a little sad about Mechad Brooks leaving Supergirl, but they gave him a great exit last night. Loved the final line of "call me Jimmy". Hope we at least see Guardian in Crisis, and he doesn't get killed off, because I legit want to see him turn Calvintown around.

    Lena just keeps disappointing me after we were all pulling for her.

    Enjoyed Batwoman again, but episode 4 is a bit too early for a placeholder episode, and that's what this felt like to me. I guess we need a few episodes to show Kate learning how to be more "Bat-like", though. I'm not super familiar with how she's written in the comics, but I don't want her to be a Bruce Wayne level sociopath.

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  11. I like the trailer. It shows promise, but I feel like this movie has to be a massive home run to justify the existence of this trilogy for me. There has been nothing so far that makes me feel "I'm glad these films were made". I agree that JJ should have just run the whole thing, because when we are done here, there will have been an entire film that could have pushed the overall story, that will just be a footnote in time.

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