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  1. Now that I think about it, has Kara had good chemistry with anyone they have tried to pair her with? I find it funny that, much like Felicity, she had better chemistry with Barry Allen than the characters they have been officially linked to. Maybe Mon-El would have worked if he wasn't such a wet sock.

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  2. I'm really glad to see the Obsidian story finally leading to SOMETHING on Supergirl. Didn't expect it to end up being downright creepy. Loved the Alex stuff, and that was probably the best acting Chyler Leigh has ever done on this show.  This episode did a lot to make me like the William character more, probably because I don't think there is much chemistry with he and Kara, so having them removed from each other was good.

  3. On 3/17/2020 at 5:56 PM, Eivion said:

    I'm fine with that though I'm pretty sure that was mentioned a month or two ago now. How are you only just hearing about this?


    Batwoman was interesting in terms of gettign to see how Beth broke down completely and became Alice. Not sure how I feel about the big moment towards the end. I don't really like the idea of Kate as a killer and kind of feel if it was to be done it should have happened in a different way later down the line. On the other hand, I do think it was done well enough as a dramatic moment. I do like Mary continuing to drop hints that she knows. It somewhat amusing but also interesting situation she in. She wants to be respected and trusted enough to be told, but at the same time she doesn't want them to treat her like an idiot. Anyways will be interesting to see how things unfold next week.

    Supergirl was decent enough. I was kind of annoyed with how hard they had Nia wanting to murder someone who hadn't actually crippled or killed someone though I do think they explained it well enough with so much shit in personal her life going wrong and pushing her over the edge with a friend attacked over trans issues. It was kind of odd though since I don't recall Dreamer ever outing herself as trans to the public. Its been a bit though so that could just be my memory. The second plot with Alex and J'onn was ice enough. Dug seeing the bits of dreams Alex has that they flashed by. Should be fun episode next time with them focusing on the Supergirl one.

    Dreamer did come out last season, when she did the interview with Kara.  I had been sad about the lack of Dreamer this season, so I was happy to see her get an episode focusing on her, and a pretty good one at that.


    Really liked Flash this week too. I like the job they are doing in babyfacing Nash post-Crisis.

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  4. I liked that one little moment where Mike very clearly loved the quiet, simple nature of where he was at. The phone charger scene was a legit LOL moment.

    "This is Mr. X"

    "It's my work name."

    That was maybe the funniest bit of dialogue I have heard in ages.

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  5. So was that actually it for Routh and Ford? Because the episode felt like it was setting up a farewell episode next week. I haven't read the SHEETS BRUTHA so I'm not sure. I did love the episode though. Much better sendoff for Damien Dahrk this time too.  It's wild to me how unrecognizable this show is from when it started. Like, I loved the Rip Hunter character, but he would not fit in with this show at all anymore.

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  6. Surprised there isn't more chatter for this week's episode. I can't believe they turned a scene with a shift lead cleaning a fryer into one of the most intense things I've seen in ages.

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  7. When the show started, I didn't expect Nacho to be one of the deepest characters in the show.  I think more than anyone else, I want him to find a happy ending. Brother just wants OUT.

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  8. I didn't expect Dallas to be the team that kinda figures out the "how to guard Zion" puzzle. Maxi Kleber is super underrated as it is, but he did an excellent job facing up Zion all night, with Kristaps coming over to help when Maxi got beat off the dribble. Turns out the trick is to put height on him, instead of trying to match power. Zion still had 21 but had to REALLY work for it and looked gassed by the end.

    I'm so happy that Kristaps has figured everything out btw. Right now, he's just as valuable on the floor as Luka is. Sometimes even moreso.

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  9. Yes, HUGE pop on that one.

    This episode really gave me the sense that part of Kim wishes that she could do things Jimmy's way.  There have been a few instances in the past where she gives in to his wild schemes, but here, she was so frustrated that her normally effective diplomat routine got stonewalled.  Her body language was screaming "what would Jimmy do here?"

  10. Did anyone else just feel like an asshole by proxy after Mike yelled at his granddaughter? Seems like the theme of the season so far is going to be seeing these characters go past their point of no return.

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  11. Weird thing to notice, but it seems like all of the DC shows have gone to great lengths to not over expose any of the supporting characters. Batwoman is the only outlier here, and it makes sense being the first season and you have to get everyone over.

  12. I'm glad that Supergirl stopped beating around the bush with the Lena/Kara relationship. Really fun episode, even though Mon-El was in it. Was surprised at just how cold Supergirl was toward Lena in that last scene. Lena keeps telling herself she's not a villain, and it feels like everyone tip-toes around that, but when Supergirl just flat out called her a villain, that just changed everything.

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  13. The Goldface/Amunet stuff on Flash this week, was some of the most fun writing the show has done in a while. Is Amunet the biggest heel on the show for slagging on "OK Computer"?????

    I really wish Goldface had a different name, because I keep wanting to call him Goldenface, and that is someone ENTIRELY different.

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  14. Ain't that some shit? Arrow goes off the air, then all of the shows get fancy new opening sequences lol.

    Seems like there is an efford to inject some humanity back into Legends this season. I guess to balance out the insanity a little. A little surprised at the lack of Charlie, Mona and Gary. Those characters are better in smaller doses though, so I guess it's fine.

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