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  1. 8 hours ago, JonnyLaw said:

    I just finished the first season of Rebels, and I think I like it better than Clone Wars, even if I thought Clone Wars was more interesting, if that makes sense.

    I’m early into season 2, and I’m curious to see how Darth Vader is used without completely wiping the floor with the crew.

    I think you'll really like the Vader stuff they do. It really hit hard for me.

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  2. Count me in on liking S&L. I was worried it would be too much like Man of Steel in the first 10 minutes, but this ended up having WAY more charm. Most of that has to do with Tyler Hoechlin being a pitch perfect Clark/Superman, but also because it felt really grounded in a good way. Seems like focus will be on the family side of things, with the superhero stuff being a nice compliment.

    Hope we see some of the Supergirl cast make an appearance, as I think Kara would be better at helping the kids understanding things than Clark would.  Also I'm not ready to lose some of those characters. I heard Diggle/Lantern is supposed to pop in at some point too.

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  3. Kinda cheating since I was on commentary, but the Trevor Lee/Roy Wilkins 105 minute match.

    Discounting stuff I was on the call for, I'd go

    Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho - Fall Brawl 97

    Also the El Generico- Kevin Steen street fight from Mania weekend in Miami was really fucking good.



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  4. I'm going to give Batwoman at least until mid-season, but this show has gone off the rails. I'm hoping it improves once Ryan is fully Batwoman, and they stop mentioning Kate every 5 seconds.  That is just a writing blunder. If you want viewers to think a character is gone, you don't mention them often, if at all.

  5. 9 hours ago, Eivion said:

    Hadn't realized it even came back. Wondering when everything else does.

    Batwoman was this past Sunday. Flash isn't back until 2/23 along with Superman. Supergirl and Legends are sometime around the late spring or summer.

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  6. Batwoman felt....idk....weird. Like, any momentum the show had at the end of last season just feels stuck in the mud as they figure out what the hell they are doing. It feels like they don't know what they are doing with Ryan's character yet, or what they want her to be.  If she's legit off her rocker because of all the trauma, then that would be a fun wrinkle, but otherwise it feels like the show is back to square one.

  7. 1 minute ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    I mean, Cleveland does want to eventually win, so Brooklyn's hand may have been forced there. 

    So do they try to move Drummond or immediately flip Allen?

  8. Finished S3 last night. Big improvement over season 2,and thankfully trimmed a lot of the silly stuff and forced misunderstandings. Tons of heart, and some really good performances too.

    The Hawk slow build and turn was amazing. Johnny and Daniel finally realizing they are practically the same was really cool.

    After season 4, the show is going to have to make a big shift to keep going though. It was built on Johnny and Daniel's beef, and if that is truly squashed(it should be), then the focus probably needs to shift towards the kids, with the parents being minor characters.

    Probably a good thing Johnny didn't go to Japan, because that is an international incident waiting to happen.

    Hope next season brings us the lads.


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  9. What can anyone realistically do against the Lakers if Bron and AD are both playing well?  I'm not even sure a healthy KP would have made too much of a difference for Dallas last night.  Our bigs suck. Powell and Cauley-Stein are just voids when it comes to anything other than rolling to the rim.  I'm not overreacting to this game, but man, Rick has to figure some shit out.

  10. I dug the movie too, but I wish it were about 30-40 minutes shorter. I thought the tone was vibrant and fun, and the action scenes were really well done. I liked Pedro Pascal chewing scenery like it was a ribeye.  The humor mostly landed.  As someone who has really only liked 3 other DCEU films(WW, Shazam, BoP), this sits kinda high in that franchise for me.  Still, it's too damn long.  When I thought it was reaching it's climax, I paused to do something, and saw that the time tracker still had over an hour.  Also, MUCH better finish than the first film.

  11. 6 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Oh I just realized that with Robert Rodriguez’s involvement we’ll be guaranteed that Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, and Antonio Banderas will somehow be involved with this new Boba series. Maybe they can go crazy with the canon, and have Cheech play the evil brother(Naturally born illegitimate son of Jango) of Boba Fett, since he looks so much like the shows star. 

    Danny Trejo will still just be Machete.

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  12. It just feels wild to me that I was literally ready to throw in the towel on Star Wars entirely a couple of years ago, because I thought the future was so bleak. I'm glad to see Lucasfilm pivoted their focus and has me more excited for the franchise than I have been in years. The Mando finale is easily among my favorite Star Wars things ever.

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