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  1. This match piqued my interest on the listings and it was a total blast. Pre-match stuff is great from Andre giving us wise words to live by in his promo, a brash Sangre Chicana posturing in front of Andre and apparently a fight breaking out in the crowd. Match is all about Andre's giant spots and they're great. The rudos stooge well for him, especially Chicana, and they're like a swarm of insects trying to all get at him at once. Andre brandishing Cien Caras as a weapon is hilarious. I agree that this went too long and some of the schtick was overused but this was a really awesome old school wrestling spectacle.
  2. Good match to start off. The spots where Hamada runs around dominating the rudos with his speed and finesse are fun and the Perro/Hamada dynamic that develops is awesome -- Hamada posting Perro in revenge and Perro spilling into the crowd is especially great as is a Hamada headbutt barage on Perro that shortly follows. Ending is good, coming off a heated exchange from Perro and Hamada and Perro having to be forced off Hamada post-match. Sayama's finish on the first fall is weird but also sort of amusing in a way as he keeps trying for different things, either chaning or botching them and you wonder wtf he's trying to end up with. Perro getting trapped in a submission and screaming "Baby, Baby, Baby!" for help is also an amusing detail.
  3. i will participate and VOTE in the next 80s project
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