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  1. Putting our priorities in order, let's deal with the nut shot first: Looked to me like when Satanico scooped up Koshinaka, Koshinaka struck the outside of Satanico's leg, then put his arm between Satanico's legs looking to grab a counter or something. So that seems like a feign on Satanico's part to me, unless Koshinaka meant to hit the low blow but missed. Anyway, this match didn't do much for me until Satanico started posting Koshinaka (though Satanico hitting those stiff kicks/knee strikes while grappling was really awesome), but then it gets pretty great. I like how, like in the Atlantis match, Satanico uses the cradle he won the second fall with not as a flash pin or a technical roll up trapping pin or anything, but instead as just more like a stronger-than-usually pin attempt, with him having his opponent beaten down to the point where they can still kick out of a regular pin but not out of that cradle. Third fall is real good with both guys bleeding and the fatigue setting in. Like Graham said, Satanico seeing his own blood and going psycho on Koshinaka for it was definitely the spot of the match. Third fall is real good but this doesn't feel like something that will finish too far into the top half of my ballot.
  2. disk two rankings: 1. Mocho Cota vs. Americo Rocca (1/27/84)2. Solar, Ultraman y Super Astro vs. Sergio El Hermoso, Bello Greco y Rudy Reyna (2/26/84)3. Atlantis vs. El Satanico (1984)4. Hijo del Santo, Ringo Mendoza y Chamaco Valaguez vs. Jerry Estrada, Fuerza Guerrera y Talisman (3/9/84)5. Lizmark vs. El Satanico (April 1984)6. Mocho Cota vs. Americo Rocca (2/3/84)7. Tony Salazar vs. Herodes (3/2/84)8. El Faraón, Herodes y Mocho Cota vs. Lizmark, Ringo Mendoza y Tony Salazar (2/24/84)9. Enrique Vera vs. Dos Caras (2/26/84)10. Atlantis y Lizmark vs. El Egipcio y El Faraón (2/17/84)11. Jerry Estrada vs. Ultraman (3/2/84)
  3. Really liked this match. Opening matwork is pretty fantastic with lots of really cool details. Satanico through is just Satanico putting in an awesome performance in every aspect. His selling of the piledrivers in the second fall was wonderful. Good action in the final fall and I loved some of Satanico's fatigued selling toward the end. One of these days I need to try to isolate the variables on what makes me either sort of like, not mind, or dislike a double pin finish in these matches because this is one where I just didn't care for it.
  4. This is a great match that gives you a bunch of different stuff. The opening fall is a really good, fun technicos vs. rudos trios with some really great spots, a cool Santito v. Fuerza dynamic and Estrada taking the crazy bump of the match, falling through the ropes off a backdrop. Ending to the first fall is really great. Rest of the match is more intense with cool rudo beatdowns including isolating Santito and going after his mask; the technicos mount a pitched comeback and Santo is awesome with the strings of his untied mask flying about while he's frantically exacting revenge on Feurza with awesome punches, knees and mask ripping. While his partners are getting pinned Fuerza manages to snatch Santo's mask off and the post match has wild brawling with masks getting torn off and changing hands.
  5. First two falls are decent but not really too impressive, but the third fall becomes a bloody war. Both guys hit huge gushers and they're drenched with blood. They both sell their own cuts and work over each others cuts wonderfully too. Salazar's comeback rules and the bulldogs on the outside were cool; Herodes' selling on the outside afterward was especially great. Alhough most of it was great I do feel like there were times in the third fall where quality dropped a bit though and I don't think it maintained a high enough level of quality for enough of an extended period to really rank too high. This is still a great match though and I actually loved the ending: the crowd was just so full righteous anger that the ref couldn't possibly ignore them.
  6. This match didn't do much for me. There are things to like here: some of the matwork, Estrada wrenching the arm on the submission in the beginning of the segunda, Estrada's selling in the tercera and the dive exchange at the end (which led to a pretty awesome last minute or so, and I actually really liked the finish); but overall I don't think this was that great a match. Feels like something that will finish low for me.
  7. Funny the divergence of opinion on the early stuff. I thought this was easily the best pre-MS1/Chicana match. Centurion/Hamada for its part is sitting on the bottom of my list and likely to stay there.
  8. This is a match that had a bunch of really cool stuff in it but somehow didn't put it together to become a great match. I guess the "flow" of the match kinda felt off to me once they left the mat. Still this had a bunch of awesome counters and submission work and I liked the opening matwork a lot. Lower half feels likely here but I don't think this is a "lower half match" on just about any other set.
  9. No way, that mask is a thing of beauty and the hair makes it all the better.
  10. It's a real shame about the camera, I'd love to see the whole thing. Totally awesome match with great matwork and light hearted stooging by the rudos to start; throughout this match both teams are really at their best, the Cadets hitting great, flashy moves and perfectly executed fast-paced offensive sequences and the rudos taking everyting well and especially Reyna (I think?) being hilarious in his stooging. Cadets comeback in the second fall is off the charts fun stuff complete with two seriously great dives, Astro's being especially nuts. The most purely fun match on the set so far and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying the hell out of this.
  11. A bloody trios brawl and a pretty good example of it, which makes it a very good match in an absolute sense. The rudos dominant at the beginning and I like Herodes as a big bruiser, going around lubbing huge blows at everyone. End of the second fall is cool with the rudos all beating the piss out of Salazar and getting DQed for it; post-fall is great with Lizmark and Mendoza trying to pull Salazar out of the ring and away from the rudos. Technicos comeback in the tercera is great with Mendoza and Atlantis landing some great punches and then Mendoza and Atlantis fending off Mocho and Farao so Salazar can get his revenge on Herodes, including Herodes taking some big pumps off punches towards the end before taking one for the team with the classic lowblow ending.
  12. Opening stuff is fun with Lizmark busting out some huge athletic moves and counters and the end of the first fall is cool. Through the second fall the match gets more contentious and there are some flashes of really good brawling. Third fall is cool with Egipico and Atlantis both getting taken out and Faraon and Lizmark left to duke it out. Ending was okay but the post match is real cool with Faraon stripping Lizmark of his mask, throwing it to the crowd and the fans gathering around maskless Lizmark outside. This was definitely a weaker match compared to the seveveral before it but that's hardly much of an indictment on this match, it's still good, though I feel it might finish low for me.
  13. Another great match from these guys, though not in the league of their previous. More great matwork to start off and the spot where Rocca has Mocho in the indian deathlock and is slamming him down is genius; Mocho's selling afterward is masterful and the end to the first fall is a real jaw dropping moment. Mocho working over Rocca in the segunda is good and his overhead arm drags look like really damaging offense. The ending is disappointing in a way but the way Mocho turned it into a double pin actually looked a lot better off the cuff than that spot usually does. Latter bit of the second fall and the third fall I didn't really love -- and that's not to say it doesn't stay good, just that it isn't on the brilliant level of the first fall.
  14. Man oh man what a match. The first fall matwork is just brilliant, detailed, engrossing stuff. It was so good that I was disappointed to see them ratchet it up during the second fall but Mocho Cota comes back with a vengeance and it's still awesome, that sort of Fujiwara armbar take down thing he did was great. Mocha dominants Rocca for a bit, and it's great, before ending the fall with a super cool submission. Matwork that "goes nowhere" and the related lack of familiar "working a body part" psychology has always been a perennial complain about lucha by lucha newbies and skeptics but Mocha really zeros in on Rocca's arm and wrenches it during the submissions. The big drop kick followed by the tope spot really is outstanding and Rocca just goes flying when he gets hit by Mocho. Back in the ring is totally great with Mocho taking advantage chaining a bunch of submissions together: Rocca is able to escape them but he seems weaker each time and leaves himself in position for Mocho to lock on another. Rocca mounts the comeback but dropkicks Mocho into the ref leading to a screwy finish. The crowd is outraged and I love the grin on one rudo fan's face who comes up to slap hands with Mocho, you can see he just loves it. Hard to make proclamations as to how matches on this set will rank but this is one hell of a great match.
  15. disk one rankings: 1. MS-1 vs. Sangre Chicana (9/23/83)2. Espectro Jr., Satanico y MS-1 vs. Mocho Cota, Sangre Chicana y La Fiera (9/30/83)3. Sangre Chicana vs. Ringo Mendoza (10/28/83)4. Atlantis y El Hijo del Santo vs. Fuerza Guerrera y Lobo Rubio (11/25/83)5. El Canek vs. Don Corleone (2/14/82)6. Kevin von Erich, Mascara Ano 2000 y Halcon Ortiz v. Coloso Colosetti, Pirata Morgan y Herodes (9/23/83)7. Satoru Sayama y Gran Hamada vs. Perro Aguayo y Baby Face (4/13/80)8. Andre the Giant & Cien Caras vs. Alfonso Dantes, Herodes y Sangre Chicana (1981)9. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. El Canek (6/12/83)10. Centurion Negro vs. Gran Hamada (2/14/82) Very good first disk; gonna be hard to unseat my number one this early. Since the MS1/Chicana match the quality match after match has been off the charts. The stuff before it was good and all but from then on you really get what you expect from what is the 80s lucha set. We'll how many people if anyone rank that Andre match higher than me as I seem the be the only one who enjoyed it much.
  16. I wasn't planning on going onto the second disk tonight but the post above drew me in; I don't like it to that extent but it's definitely a great match. Man Satanico is just so charismatic, his huge, expressive selling off Atlantis' spine buster slams, how dominant he looked in control and all the little touches he added to so much in the match. Satanico really going after Atlantis with abandon in the third fall was great, just beating the hell out of him, tearing the mask and focusing on the cut with punches and bites for a huge gusher. The king of the mountain spots are really great as is Atlantis' comeback off one of them; Atlantis pays Satanico back for drawing blood in beautiful fashion afterward. Favorite part of the match is towards the end where they're totally out of it trading punches, both guys collapsing after each strike is hit. Satanico's submission to end it looked like he was stretching Atlantis to death.
  17. Some really nice flashy matwork here. I liked Lobo a good bit in this match, he had a really cool couner to Atlantis' sunset flip pin in the first fall, took a huge spill to the outside off a Santo armdrag and had a cool missed punch spot in the last fall. The rudos just brutalizing Atlantis and Santito and then tossing them out of the ring to be counted out was good stuff, paid back by the technicos winning the final with a countout off big stereo dives, Atlantis' being especially nuts. A bunch of really fun sequences with the technicos outshining the rudos with skill and speed; match was a total blast all around.
  18. Great match with a ton of really cool stuff in it. The arm drag sequence to start off where they become locked at the arm is both awesome and hilarious and Mendoza's dive fake out spot is just outstanding, playing off both Sangre's earlier dive fake out and the drop kick exchanges they were doing. Liked the submission finishes being followed up on immediately at the beginning of the succeeding falls. Mendoza's submission and roll-up counters in the third fall were really good, especially Chicana's stretch into the torture rack. I thought both guys looked great here.
  19. Yes yes yes, this is the shit I wanted out of this set. Totally awesome, wild, violent trios. I love a good rudos mugging and this was a great one in the first half of the match. When the technicos come back the crowd goes so nuts that it sounds like the beaches of Normandy are being stormed next door and the comeback work is fantastic as well, loved Satanico submitting from Chicana's kicks. Third fall is totally wild and awesome, Mocho Cota hitting the huge sliding dropkick through the ropes on MS1 while he was kicking Fiera was so great. Everyone in this match was at the top of their game and this was just a top notch blitz of violence and heat.
  20. This match holds a number of conspicuous honors: the first all luchadore match with spanish commentary on the set, the main event of the 50th CMLL anniversary show and maybe the best wrestling match ever. Just from the first minute this becomes some next level shit with MS1 ambushing Chicana on his way to the ring and an old granny at ringside begging MS1 off to at least let her help Chicana out of his vest. Chicana starts bleeding right away and the MS1 beatdown is a beauty, featuring another ringside granny interceding to wipe off Chicana's bloody forehead for him. Sangre Chicana's comeback is one of my favorite spots in wrestling: he simply ducks a punch by MS1 and rears off with a huge swing of his own and the crowd just erupts. So simple but well timed, with such a reaction and Chicana's punch and those following are just beautiful. Final fall is an outstanding war of attrition with every move feeling like it just kills. The glazed-over out of it selling is a masterclass and Sangre hitting his forehead and banging his head against the apron to get himself back in his sorts is awesome. High drama, great brawling, buckets of blood, amazing selling and some truly nutty dives and bumps. Masterpiece is definitely the word.
  21. Very fun trios. Love Colosetti's selling and stooging and of course Pirata makes everything hit on him look great -- I especially loved him making a huge jump off the apron to avoid one of Kevin's punches and his sell of a punch to the gut. Ortiz bodyslamming Pirata over the ropes and then hitting an awesome body press/tope combo sort of dive was nuts. Some nice punch exchanges here too and Kevin's big cross body was a nice spectacular finish. There were some sort of awkward and weirdly times moments here but overall this was a very enjoyable trios with some nice bumping and stooging rudos and a number of cool exchanges.
  22. 24. Few places I hang out on the internet make me feel young anymore, thanks guys! Started using the internet regularly back in 99, which I guess was a good bit before most people my age, and started frequenting this niche of wrestling fandom around earlier 2005. I remember going to the main DVDVR site a couple times maybe around the 2001 time frame but don't think I ever ventured to the boards.
  23. Opening had some good old school mat work but the second and beginning of the third falls struggled to hold my attention. The figure four rolled to the outside was cool and it held perfeclty and Fujinami's comeback back in the ring was really good, with him selling the knee as he beat down Canek. Ending was alright and Canek's dive felt like a big deal. Post match brawl is cool, especially Canek holding onto Fujinami's hair to take him out of the ring with him; poor Fujinami, DQed and then taken to school in the post match brawl by his unscrupulous vainqueur.
  24. Really really good match. Great matwork and hold working throughout, I especially loved the close up of one of Corelone's reverse headlock and how he would hit Canek with an elbow to the neck/shoulder every time Canek put his hands up to try to pry Corleone's arms off. Corleone's sort of proto-Texas Colverleaf ruled, in fact Corleone just ruled in this match in general. Corleone trying to go for a pin off the surfboard and El Canek blocking it with a bridge forcing Corleone to trap himself in a pin was awesome. Nice section around the dive and a cool German Suplex to end it.
  25. I didn't think the first two falls were very good (though Centurion holding onto the chicken wing off a double underhook suplex was awesome) but the third fall picked up some with some big spills to the outside and dives onto the dirty ground. Ending was cool but the crowd didn't know what the deal was until the ref raised Hamada's hand. Some good stuff here but I don't think it was a particularly good match. And what's the deal with these shows, why does it look like the leaders of a military coup stopped off to provide arena security?
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