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  1. I think this might be the best place to ask, if not maybe someone can point me in the right direction, but KC Navarro has recently been announced for a local here in Melbourne. I'm completely out of the loop with US indies, does anyone have any recommendations of matches or promos to see of his?
  2. If I had a top 5 to watch, I'd go with: - Robbie Eagles vs El Phantasmo - 26/5/22 - El Desperado vs Robbie Eagles - 29/5/22 - El Desperado vs El Lindaman - 24/5/22 - Hiromu Takahashi vs YOH - 25/5/22 - El Desperado vs DOUKI - 28/5/22 And of course the final. Block B was stacked with the good match ups compared to Block A.
  3. The Sapporo double-header has me more interested than the Osaka show. Catch 22/Just4Guys team gel really well together, really enjoyed their Junior Tag League match. Ospreay and Taichi had a really good match in the 2020 G1, and I think Ospreay has improved a lot since then so this one will be interesting as an Ospreay loss could continue his further descent into madness/establish Taichi as a solid leader, and an Ospreay win could be the start of his road back to Omega. Also excited to see what Umino can produce against Naito, the Umino/Narita/Tsuji/Uemura (Oiwa too but he's obviously further down the line) I think will form the core of NJPW's main event scene over the next decade so its time to start injecting them into high profile spots. Hiromu and YOH had a good match in the Super Juniors, so I do expect much more of the same. I'm assuming winner of Ishimori/Wato in Osaka will challenge the winner (Hiromu I'd say). Still, I love Okada/Takagi matches, I would love another Takagi run with the World title this time with bigger & vocal crowds, he was one of the few bright sparks during the COVID era and deserves a real run.
  4. Posted a lot already about WK17, so final thoughts after Dash and letting things settle. Now for New Years Dash thoughts
  5. My apologies for any randomness,I've been drinking a lot tonight watching this one haha. Anyway claimed paid crowd number was about 26k, on par with the last Wednesday Wrestle Kingdom which was Okada vs Omega
  6. Don't know if it sways your decision but the Feb US show is not included in the monthly fee and is extra. But this show is definitely worth the subscription fee. Agree with TheVileOne, if there is a fault with tonight it's the stream quality. If NOAH can get a perfect hi-def stream on their app, why can't New Japan?
  7. Gino is king Having a blast so far with the show!
  8. For me, it's their attempts at comedy and pandering to their twitter friends. I much preferred Chris in the Mike Tenay role instead of a play-by-play or colour guy. Also at times I think they unintentionally bury some guys, like Wato for example. In saying that, when they're on, they're on. I actually like Charlton's dramatic monologues like for Ospreay during his G1 entrance (some don't).
  9. So Gino Gambino was at the English fan event organised by Kevin Kelly & Chris Charlton today. I really hope he's back on commentary, I'll watch in English if he is (I can't do Kevin/Chris on their own anymore...)
  10. As someone who doesn't watch NOAH regularly, I felt this show was dragging until the tag team title match, which I really enjoyed. I thought Kiyomiya vs Kenoh was a war and absolutely great. Normally I struggle to get into Kenoh matches, he's one of those guys I just have an irrational dislike towards. I'll probably stick around and watch more of the January shows if they're on Wrestle Universe and see if NOAH can replace All Japan on my watch list, just wish Japanese commentary was an option.
  11. As badly as I want to see Jake in NJPW and feel that is where he'd fit best, my gut feeling is that he is Fujita's X for the NOAH Budokan show which is means I guess I'll have to watch NOAH again (just have to avoid the fanbase) Ibushi I have no idea, 99% think he leaves NJPW and starts his own thing, but probably does Cyberfight & AEW things here and there. Is there an issue between Ibushi and Sanshiro Takagi? When Ibushi was having his meltdown on Twitter, I saw some people vaguely mention something but never really looked into it.
  12. I can't see an expiration on any of the older ones (including the January 10th show), so I'd assume they'll stay up unless TAKA/JTO wants them pulled. September one is available on NJPW World, it is now available as part of the membership price (not PPV any longer - only the latest one is still PPV).
  13. Shingo Takagi vs Taichi from TAKATaichiMania was a hell of a match, highly recommend and definitely in my top 10 but not sure where Actually the whole show was great, a strong contender for show of the year. I don't usually watch a whole lot of Joshi but my god Tomoka Inaba is incredible, my second favourite match of the night (arguably the better match if not for my emotional investment in the main). Hiromu and TAKA was super fun, perfect match with TAKA's limitations. Suzuki going balls out insane in the Suzuki/DOUKI vs Kasai/Honma was a blast too. Couldn't help but be happy that Despy finally got a match with Sasaki too. I'm gonna miss these shows, all of them have been so much fun this year. Well worth the $20 (or subbing to NJPWWorld in 2 months time when they will probably upload it)
  14. Probably will be in the KOPW Ranbo with Taichi, Ishii etc. Stark contrast to main eventing 12 months ago but being one night, there always going to be a couple of higher up guys missing out. KENTA is another glaring omission, I wonder if he's on his way out too. Really looking forward to Ospreay/Omega, Narita/Zack, KAIRI/Nakano and the junior 4 way the most. After initially being high on Jay as champ after Dominion, I've really cooled on him and have barely any interest in the main. Mutoh 6 man should be fun, and Catch 22 match should be an entertaining sprint.
  15. I was originally very disappointed with the final result (great match though, Aussie Open & Bishamon have really good chemistry), but with time I do think its the right decision. With the NJPW announcement of a big event in "lovely" Wagga Wagga in 2023 (seemingly piggy-backing off Starrcast judging by the 4 day event, which I guess I'll be making the 6 hour drive for), I'm wondering if they'll just hold off crowning Aussie Open until then. Bishamon vs FTR should be a fun 12-15 minute match though at the Dome. Disappointed nothing for Naito has been announced, or Tana, but moreso Naito as there looked to be an arc about getting his Dome moment (though this could have just been English commentary making up something which they tend to do at times). I can't see Naito booked anywhere else for the rest of the year, but there is still time. Maybe something can be set at TAKATaichiMania (the last one ever apparently)? Gabe Kidd called out Shibata in his post-match interview, Shibata did say he'd be involved at WK, maybe something with the LA Dojo boys? Flying Tigers also disbanded, which continues my theory that Robbie is probably going to end up in TMDK if TMDK/JONAH is sticking around as their junior. The Suzuki-Gun announcement
  16. Thank you for this! When I lived in Seoul I was dying to get into the Indy scene and history of wrestling in Korea. I was able to go to a couple of small shows in Incheon, but found it so hard to find much on the history so this is greatly appreciated.
  17. Some random musings over the tag leagues, I guess I'll post them here as the tournaments are really just for WK build.
  18. There was zero reaction for Nagata et al., a good reaction for Taichi/Kanemaru by the live crowd, and a GREAT reaction for SANADA/BUSHI (as great as clap crowd can be). Would not be against NJPW loaning SANADA to AJPW for a while, might give him some direction and freshen him up a bit. Trade him for Jake, I still selfishly dream of a Jake New Japan run.
  19. Zach is in the TV Title Tournament final so he has a WK match. Taichi has been setting up going after KOPW again so may have a match with Shingo.
  20. World & Super Jr. Tag League teams: World Tag League: - Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toru Yano - Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI - Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd - Tetsuya Naito & SANADA - Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare - Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher - Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste - Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer - Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens - "King of Darkness" EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi Super Jr. Tag League: - Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors - KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight - Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles - YOH & Lio Rush - Alex Zayne & El Lindaman - BUSHI & Titan - TJP & Francesco Akira - Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI - Ace Austin & Chris Bey - SHO & Dick Togo Some fascinating potential matches particularly in the Junior Tag League. Hoping for Aussie Open to take the World Tag League of course.
  21. My gut feel is Zack vs Narita final with Shibata on commentary to see the guy he had his exhibition return against his disciple/official return match opponent. If Narita can go clean over Ishii, surely it isn't a stretch for him to go over SANADA too
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