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  1. It's gotta be tiring moving all these goalposts around.
  2. John Cena isn't a mainstream star? Give me a fucking break. Considering that most everything WWE has been gangbusters in 2014, this board is more exhausting than usual.
  3. Some women fucking LOVE wrestling. I'm not married to one of them, but they're there. Why are we debating this?
  4. My wife, who is a bit of a pinko-commie-lefty-women's-libber-feminist wanted one of the Rhodes Boys to throw Fandango into Summer Rae. I told her they don't do man-on-woman violence anymore and she said "oh, well that sucks." I love wrestling.
  5. I know better than to address this, but... He didn't emerge victorious. He'll emerge victorious on Sunday when he's part of a contest where there can be a victor.
  6. What kind of match can Cesaro get from Reigns? That could be a baller matchup next Monday.
  7. You're honestly discounting the place of xenophobia and geographical ignorance in the history of pro wrestling?
  8. Also, how perfect is the timing for Rusev and Lana? He he could be a big deal if the world pops off.
  9. Somebody mentioned Corporate Kane being very over with their casual friends, and I get that. He ruled the whole episode and got monster heat in the first segment. The four way was a lot of fun when imagining these guys reacting to the results of March Madness. Cesaro just "Nope!"ing Rollins with the kick was the best. I don't care for the Eminem package, but holy shit HARPER VS. CENA! Both of them PISSED OFF about Elite 8 losses. I think a full blown Cena heel turn on Bryan could be the next big thing in the Summer Slam to Survivor Series window. I think you could get the kids to boo Cena with something creatively brutal like what HHH did, but several months from now. Wouldn't even need the belt involved.
  10. It's a good thing 75,000 people are going to be YES!ing in 17 days, because I hate so many of you right now. The King is dead, long live the King.
  11. Shit, MADCAP slid in before I posted that. C'MON PEOPLE! THIS IS SERIOUS NOW! DANIEL BRYAN NEEDS YOU!!! YES! YES! YES!
  12. We are all being worked. I want to like every post in this thread. This voting period has been the most fun I've had watching wrestling since I graduated in 2004, and all the posts since the Elite 8 began explain why.
  13. The fuck? I'm trying to help you out here, bro. This is one of those moments where the board can't see the goofy, shit-eating grin I have on my face the whole time I'm posting and reading this thread. Wait, what I really meant to say was KICKWHAMSTUNNER. D.T.A. And in googling to find an image to accompany that sentence, this is the #1 "kick wham stunner" result: I think the universe is pretty clear on this everyone.
  14. Not to a bunch of butthurt CM Punk fans, it doesn't.
  15. COASTING!? Daniel Bryan has been doing something different EVERY ROUND! This guy. THIS GUY.
  16. #1 - I've used some hyperbole in my posts, but nothing like saying Bryan's story has been one of the most satisfying 6+ month storylines in a long, long time. Come on. It has been a horribly disjointed storyline that is likely to end up with a very satisfying payoff at WM, but it is also seemingly only happening because CM Punk left. Don't forget the "storyline" somehow had Bryan getting penciled in against Shemus. #2 - Using Bryan's place on the card as an argument for him is laughable, since he won the past two years against CM Punk, who was even higher on the card than Bryan is now. Compared to those finals, Cesaro is the one in the Bryan role, and Bryan is in the Punk role. The "storyline" never had anything to do with Sheamus at all. The Wyatts, yes, but not Sheamus. The only thing I ever heard about him was hearsay from the IWC. It's not like there was a matchup graphic featured on Raw for weeks. The only "storyline" that does exist is that Daniel Bryan got screwed over by HHH, Orton, and Stephanie over and over again, ultimately losing his confidence and succumbing to the Wyatt family, before realizing he could tap into the AWESOME POWER OF THE WWE UNIVERSE and YES! his way to WrestleMania redemption, and ultimately, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You don't have to like that storyline anymore than I liked writing that cumbersomely long sentence, but it's still the storyline that exists.
  17. Some of these arguments are fundamentally circumstantial, and apples-to-oranges. Cesaro gets points for not wrestling against stale main event guys/wrestling against other board favorites on NXT, and now he's getting points for what essentially amounts to a lack of exposure. We've watched Bryan wrestle every week for a year, usually in the main event slot because he's the best, and therefore are completely aware of what he brings to the table. But Cesaro is still developing in the main event singles match roll and thus his matches have more capacity for surprise. Do we think that this time next year we'll still be saying things like that, or do we think that Cesaro will have laid out his arsenal by that point?
  18. What kind of objective argument am I supposed to be making? In the world of pro-wrestling Daniel Bryan has been repeatedly involved in things that made me mark the fuck out like I was 10 years old. How much analysis do I need to provide for that? I'm experiencing actual emotional responses to wrestling because of Daniel Bryan. I can't provide a higher endorsement than that. You're putting down the "GEE BRYAN'S REALLY OVER AND HAD A GREAT YEAR! THIS IS LIKE WRESTLEMANIA 20 ALL OVER AGAIN! THEY'RE DOING WHAT WE WANT FINALLY! YES! YES! YES!" response like it isn't valid, when I would argue that it's the only thing that is valid. In 2006 I would be happy to discuss how long someone should appropriately pretend that their arm was hurting, but that is tedious to me now. Everyone knows that Daniel Bryan has the most confident face during his missile dropkicks, and is therefore the best wrestler.
  19. Bryan is coasting!? COASTING!? Literally the only reason not to vote for Daniel Bryan is that he's won all of these, and that's not a very good reason to vote against him. He's had an epic year by any metric. He keeps making shit from shineola like he always does. The Weak Link storyline was good, and led to him being a badass all the time with the gauntlets and underdog situations. The hand-picked competitor storyline was awesome with John Cena saying "I know you're the only challenge that matters, I have to beat you!" and then losing. The HHH/Authority angle, from start to finish, is one of the most satisfying 6+ month storylines in a long, long time. Daniel Bryan also won the WWE Championship TWICE in the voting period. He has all the momentum in the world right now and is heading toward one of the ALL TIME biggest pops in the history of the WWE at the end of WrestleMania XXX. Cesaro, while fucking amazing, is going to have a strong showing in a battle royale. That's ultimately what we're comparing here. Cesaro is a good hand, with a lot of potential, but he's a B+ player. In all seriousness, he's going to be a frontrunner coming into the 2014 voting period (whether Bryan is eligible next year or not), but he's not there yet. Bryan doesn't get to have fun pure-wrestling matchups with Sami Zayn and William Regal because he's graduated past that. He's doing the lord's work of trying to get something watchable out of Randy Orton...regularly. And he does. Regularly. He's the winner and #1 best. Vote for MAH BOY D. Bry.
  20. Cena has many great singles matches (and some good tag matches as well) and thus Reigns would need to have a ridiculous amount of high-end tag matches to balance and surpass Cena's workload. Considering Roman Reigns would be in 42 of the 50* best television matches of the past 12 months, I think that he's got the volume and quality to do it. *not an actual statistic. I made that shit up.
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