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  1. It's not exactly an answer to your question, but I always got a hug kick out of Krusher Kruschev not even trying to fake a Russian accent. I used to be able to get a laugh by explaining that it was because he's from Soviet Georgia.
  2. Loved seeing the Anaconda Vice as the finisher. Laughed out loud when the announcers started out the show with a "What a great time to be a wrestling fan/The best time!" exchange. I concur! Nitpick of the week: Rush's new gimmick is not distinct enough from Big Money Matt. G1 less than 5 hours away! I love days like these.
  3. Thanks, Matt! Happy birthday to you, too, Sharty! Nah. Got some Mozart merch, though. Birthdays generally aren't as big a deal in Japan as they are in the West.
  4. @Happ Hazzard also asked about this. I finally decided to try out Kindle and am well into a major wrestling bio binge. Scott Norton's book Strong Style gets my highest possible recommendation, particularly for anyone interested in 90s New Japan. He goes into tremendous detail and the tales of his time there are filled with great, funny, insane, interesting stories. Also I was very surprised to learn that the co-author is a very nice and very intelligent guy whom I've had the pleasure of drinking and watching wrestling with in Osaka: Adam Randis (who used to post here and there as Dynamic A back in the day). Adam does a great job of capturing Norton's voice and making everything flow. It's the only wrestling book Adam's done. He is a close friend of the Norton family. Seriously, no fooling: One of my all-time favourite pro wrestling books. Adam, Russell, Jonathan, Ebessan, D.J and I at Minami Move On Arena in Osaka in 2009
  5. In fairness, this is the Turner Broadcasting System network logo:
  6. Page? Jay White? Steen? Generico? Hero? Cottonbelly? I feel like Bryan and Kenny are the Jumbo and Tenryu of the 8-man tag, so I expect Kenny will avoid him for a while so the crowd can pop huge when they finally lock up. But it's AEW, not AJPW, so who knows how they'll play it? October 6th in America = October 7th here, so this Dynamite birthday celebration feels like it's for my birthday as well. Going for lunch with my wife as soon as the show is over. Not a bad way to start my 56th year!
  7. Thanks. It's the 7th here in Japan, now, so technically you are not early. And it feels like I am sharingmy birthday celbration with Dynamite today By the way, did anything interesting happen in AEW while I was "on hiatus" in late August and early September?
  8. You can have your Judas and your Tarzan Boy. For my money, this is the most fun AEW entrance theme to sing along with. C'mon! Everybody sing! NACHTLAAAAANNNNDDD!!! AAAANNNNGEEEEEETAST!!!!!!! HHHAAAAARRRRT SLLLLLAAAAGGGGG!!! SLLLLAAAAGGGG VVVEEEELLLLSSSTTTT! HAAARRRRRRRRT SLAAAAAAAAGG!! MIJNNNN KNOKKKKKKEENNNN GERBROOOOOOOOOKENNNN!! (Edit: One of the lines literally translates as "Spring is near" which, yeah, this song definitely gives off that feeling of Spring being near).
  9. I loved the contrast between Bryan's no-nonsense style and Nick's all-nonsense style. Great stuff. Nice to see Orangey Boy showing some real fire on the mic! It got a bit dusty in here during the very last scene of the show. Immediately went and hugged my girls after seeing that. Show made me mark out, laugh out loud, and happy cry just a little bit. Can't ask for much more. Maybe a better finish to the three-way match... but nobody likes a nit-picker. Danielson in AEW has been everything I hoped for, already. Pro wrestling heaven.
  10. I am The Body-Gord! (Most of those pics are 10-plus years old, though. Haven't been to Collega yet, due to the State of Emergency, and I guess my man's gonna be away on tour with DDT for a bit now...)
  11. Did they edit this show with a blender? It's pretty much unwatchable. I'm tapping out already. Can't even enjoy this ironically, sadly.
  12. I don't understand why Baybay thought he should go for a pinfall after a basic simple transition move like the Canadian Destroyer.
  13. Happy birthday @Matt D!! (It's the 30th in Japan). So, it's like Miro and Sammy gave you a really nice birthday gift.
  14. That was a GREAT two hours of pro wrestling. Amanda Huber Miro, and Sammy were the Hockey Night in Canada style three stars.
  15. Reportedly, there is a "big unannounced match" planned for Rampage. Whatever it is, I wonder why they have chosen to keep it qwyatt...
  16. Does that mean... ...Vince is his father? NOOOOoooooooooo!!!
  17. Die No Might seems pretty darned interesting this week: Miro v Sammy G, which... anything less than full-on greatness would be kind of surprising. Bungle Joy v A damn coal. Which... I think a boy vs a baybay is an unfair match-up but this should also be great. Penelope Ford and The Bunny vs Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Which... two natural heels vs two very likable ladies. Matt Sydal and Dante Martin vs Lee Johnson and Cody Rhodes. Which... Cody gonna start an actual heel turn here? Also: Interesting story about Matt Sydal. Apparently when his mom was pregnant with him, the sonograms seemed to show him practicing wrestling moves in the womb. So, apparently, he has been wrestling since before he was evan bourne!
  18. Santa doesn't like that. Britt is on the naughty list. You know what she is going to get in her stocking this Christmas if she doesn't stop being the baddest b*@$h on the block?
  19. I have a strong suspicion that they are going to make Hangman a bad guy when he returns. I heard from a reliable source that Tony Khan has licensed this song:
  20. It's true that Johnnie Hungee can dash wildly around the ring, but for my money Cash Wheeler can dash wilder.
  21. What did CM Punk say when Adam Copeland asked him about his sexual orientation?
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