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  1. Seth did add the gimmick first, but it’s more fun for AEW fans to pretend WWE stole it.
  2. So how about that awesome debut for the nameless new group? I love how they hyped that up yet we didn’t get a name or to see who’s even part of the damn thing.
  3. I noticed, but I thought it was just me. It’s nice to see it’s not. My mind immediately went to why is Gulak wearing confederate flag trunks?
  4. Yeah. Plus she’s more interesting as a heel anyhow.
  5. I think a lot of it was them wanting to make a big deal out of the fact The Fiend was attacking a woman. Since it’s the type of angle they’ve not done in awhile. Now the question will be does Braun destroy The Fiend at Summerslam or do they go all in on an Alexa heel turn?
  6. The USA claim is easy enough to check out if you do a Google search, and yes he is telling the truth about that. The ratings suck, but it’s still the highest rated program on USA by a large margin (mostly because USA doesn’t have anything else of any value). The November thing definitely won’t happen unless some state decides to be totally stupid, and risk the health of its citizens (thus eliminating the entire Northeast as none of their governors are willing to allow that).
  7. There was a rumor about two weeks ago that the Sunday after Summerslam was going to be Evolution 2. So based on that I’d say that’s what the PPV will be.
  8. Based on how they handled Sammy for his past transgressions they need to at the very least suspend Excalibur without pay for a month. Even if we believe what Meltzer said as you pointed out it was a dumb idea, and one the owner or part owner of a company should have immediately shot down. Going forward I’d rather they split the announce teams for the two hours and have Taz and Tony do an hour together, and give Jericho and JR the other hour. The only reason I’m saying that is we both know they won’t ditch JR, and I think he’d be more bearable if it was just he and Jericho for an hour.
  9. They announced last night that Nyla is teamed with the former Cameron from WWE so that won’t happen. I’d have preferred your idea though.
  10. Hey Cardona did more than just get on the gas. He got on Twitter constantly bitching about Wal-Mart not stocking the precious action figures he’s looking for. It’s like the guy is so self centered that he doesn’t realize we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and Wal-Mart has more important things to stock than action figures (especially as he’ll be gifted whatever he wants for free by the toy companies). You hit the nail on the head too in that if he was so unhappy with WWE never pushing him why did he keep resigning? Oh that’s right it’s more fun to make every dime you can, and then bitch and moan about Vince instead of leaving and going to ROH or Impact making a name for yourself, and then either going back to WWE after having shown them your worth (like Drew did) or go to AEW with an actual fan base behind you (like Cody did).
  11. I’m surprised nobody has commented yet on by far the worst free agent signing AEW made (and no I don’t mean Cardona). Who in their right mind would see the #Naomideservesbetter thing, and decide hey let’s sign the non talented idiot from Tough Enough? Seriously. Any woman they found has to be better than fricken Cameron. Other than that I thought this was another pretty good episode of Dynamite. I like that they’re already telling us the All Out main event, and making it feel like MJF is going to win the title. Next week should be fun too with Darby vs Mox in the main event. I could definitely see them doing a 3 way at All Out with Darby, Mox, and MJF if next week ends in a screwy fashion. And cranky JR will definitely be out in full force again next week for that 12 man tag.
  12. I did enjoy the parts of the match you referenced. I meant in general the storyline and then the stipulation for that match were BS. I think if they’d told a more simple story of Seth trying to recruit Dominick, and then run a straight match like you suggested then it would have been much better.
  13. Hey you forgot people randomly throwing up. Because we all know “That’s good shit pal.”
  14. Deal. I was actually trying to think up something to challenge you with for that game, but I like your idea.
  15. I don’t see anyone doing well with eye for an eye bs they’ve had him doing with Rey. That’s been some extremely bad booking even for a company that specializes in it.
  16. I like how they talk like Shayna is some hot young upstart too. She’s the oldest woman on the active roster, and almost six years older than Seth. As you stated his character sucks, but he’s still much fresher and more of a “young” talent than she is. The women they’re pushing for in that article are silly too. Oh yeah Lacey Evans is clearly lacking for TV time. And why should Liv Morgan (who seemingly only has a following on Twitter) get a push when the much more talented and entertaining Bianca Belair is on the same show, and can’t get one?
  17. They do push other minority male wrestlers though. Santana and Ortiz are usually put in a prominent match or segment, Sammy definitely was before his suspension (and is again last week and tonight), the Lucha Bro’s get a decent push when they’re available (which is more COVID related than AEW booking).
  18. I say good for the woman for speaking out, and the “guy” (assuming he’s guilty which I’m almost positive he is) that did it should be banned from the NBA for life. I know it’s not right to judge a book by its cover either, but this scumbag looks like the type that would hurt someone in that manner. And the reason I put guy in quotes is no real man would do that crap.
  19. So what is the rest of the card beyond the sideshow match? All I remember are: Diamanté vs Shida OC/Best Friends/Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus vs The Inner Circle Kenny/Hangman vs Evil Uno/Stu Grayson for the AEW Tag Team Titles
  20. Deal. Sorry for any headaches I may have caused.
  21. If you’re gonna talk all this nonsense then you need to admit Harden is terribly overrated. But since you’re not willing to say that then Kawhi certainly isn’t overrated. And try explaining how in your mind Lowry, Siakam, Gasol, and two bench players that aren’t that great are somehow better than Russ, KD, and Ibaka, Derek Fisher, and Kendrick Perkins. I’d be fascinated by that argument. Or you might know them as the guys Harden couldn’t get a finals win with. And yeah those three incredibly old guys really carried Kawhi to all those playoff wins when he was in his prime, and at least two of them should have been headed to the retirement home.
  22. No I’m saying that entire hour sucked, but I don’t see the female audience having watched the first quarter of that hour, and just left after that ended. So I think they were bored by the bad booking in general.
  23. That’s not the narrative I was going for at all. For about the millionth time I’m a Sasha fan. I was stating the third hour numbers sucked as they hit an all time low. I also correctly pointed out (like Meltzer did) that the female audience decreased greatly in the last hour. Which considering the women took up the first quarter hour of that hour doesn’t speak well for them drawing in the female audience. You can’t tell me women watched the end of that match and turned out knowing Drew (who has a strong female following based on social media) was still to come. My point was more the booking of the women in general lately sucks, and badly needs to be corrected. Is that something you’re in agreement with or are you going to try defending the crap they’re giving us?
  24. Did I or did I not say I like Sasha? And when the last ten minutes of the match is slightly over half the match time then yeah it’s part of the third hour. The main event you’re referencing is one that I praised the week it happened (check the NXT thread if you don’t believe me). It also was the first week of way too many screw job finishes involving both Sasha and Bayley. After doing the one at Extreme Rules they really needed to deliver a clean finish last night (ideally Sasha winning without all the backstage BS). You’re preaching to the choir with the Charlotte talk as I’m not a fan of hers at all, and we can agree she’s definitely not a draw.
  25. So that finals trip. Remind me of something please. Weren’t KD, Russ, and Serge Ibaka on that team with him? Or basically more talent that what Kawhi had last year in Toronto when he won the title. Owning the state of Utah I’ll give him, but I’m not sure why he’d want credit for that. Since they’ve not gone anywhere noteworthy since the late 90’s (the Jazz I mean). Since you want to discredit Kawhi too I thought you might be impressed to learn he’s won 16 playoff series in his career, and he has 75 playoff wins, plus he’s been in the finals 3 times. I’ll be the first guy to post on here giving Harden credit if your team somehow makes the finals this year, because the West is incredibly stacked this year.
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