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  1. What??? Didn’t someone previously say you can’t buy into things Dana White says? Oh wait when it applies to Jorge you’ll do that? Get a life. If when they actually release numbers (which Dana will at some point, because he’ll want to brag it up) it does more than a McGregor fight where he headlined a card, and it wasn’t against Cerrone I’ll give Jorge credit. It shouldn’t be hard to beat that card though as it was a total crap fest the main event included.
  2. It hasn’t really been brought up anywhere that I know of. But it does feel like they’re not really building anyone up towards a main event spot or even a future one off with Moxley. Cody outside of the Hager match has been facing jobber of the week for his belt too so that kind of gives off that same vibe. Heck even the tag belts outside of the Best Friends match haven’t felt like they’ve been in any real danger since the pandemic started. With Pentagon/Fenix back though that could change quickly.
  3. I’d be down with that idea. Pentagon would be easy to buy as a threat to Moxley if they gave him a few singles wins.
  4. But how do that book that? Cody has been insistent that he’s not going back on the stipulation from his match with Jericho at Full Gear last year. I get Mox would be issuing the challenge, but it feels like Cody would have to turn it down. Either that or before he can even respond MJF cuts him off, repeats the stipulation, and says it’s his title shot. And actually if they stay in this holding pattern I think Lance Archer will be Mox’s next challenger so they can use MJF at Full Gear instead of All Out in September (or is it the last weekend of August)?
  5. That’s the only reason I said I think Jorge might KO him. After the Covington fight you think he’d be smart enough to stick to his wrestling, but I think Jorge is in his head enough that he’ll try to be Kickboxer Usman for a round or two, and that would be all it takes for Jorge to hit a punch or knee, and stop him.
  6. Since I got told earlier that I only hate on things I’ll post two things I’d love to see happen tomorrow night: 1) Jorge Masvidal knock Kamaru Usman’s head into whatever the furthest row of empty seats at Fight Island ends up being. 2) Jose Aldo somehow shocking the world, and becoming just the fifth male UFC fighter to win a belt in two different weight classes. However I do have more faith in #1 happening than the other.
  7. I’ve gotta say Ray M Stereo is my favorite of that group with King Mystery a close second.
  8. If Mysterio’s contract is truly up, and he’s only doing this show why is everyone assuming he wins? It would seem more likely they’d put Seth over, then we just never see Rey again (if he goes to New Japan or AEW).
  9. That’s easy. 1) He’s booked two PPV’s in 2020 that I’ve ordered (Revolution and Double or Nothing) 2) He chose the best possible leader for The Dark Order (Mr. Brodie Lee) 3) He has much better hair than the other major wrestling promoters based in the US. 4) (Since I’m not sure if 2 will count as one or not) AEW Dynamite has greatly improved since he took over as head writer/booker.
  10. Oh piss off loser. There’s a reason nobody quotes you for replies, and that your mma opinions are by far the worst ones on here.
  11. I like AEW a great deal. As I’ve said in literally every thread I’ve replied to their product is one I thoroughly enjoy. It’s just Tony comes across as such an aloof jackass on Twitter. Hell i’m sure there’s a fair amount of members here (like he was before) that if given the opportunity he has wouldn’t be trolling on there 24/7 the way he does. It’s just unbecoming for the “owner” of a company.
  12. The difference is Vince McMahon isn’t going on Twitter trolling about it. Or going on during a taped episode of Raw (like Dynamite was this week), and tweeting that MVP/Lashley vs Ricochet/Cedric Alexander is “good shit pal”, “must see tv”, or “changing the landscape of wrestling forever”. Yes he’s much older than Tony Khan, but he’s also smart enough not to do that crap. But hey lets give money mark Kahn a pass for being terrible at Twitter. And yes he’s a money mark as I was reading a story yesterday from I believe Nick Jackson (it was obviously either him or Matt) telling about the first time they met Tony, and how they thought he was a nerd, and creepy since he bought out all their merch then he offered them access to his yacht and stuff so all of a sudden he’s this cool guy. It’s like no if he was creepy to start with that just makes him a creep with money, not a cool guy. But hey he financially set them and their families up for life, so good on Matt and Nick. I’d certainly do the same if I was them.
  13. Thanks for the reminder. I knew it was something that wasn’t major, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was (then again having been out of work for over seven months with a concussion will do that to you).
  14. For bragging about winning in one category, and as I already stated here for overhyping damn near every part of the show, and failing to deliver on not one, but two “huge surprises” including one that was going to be “earth shattering, and change the wrestling industry” last night. He needs to get his head out of his rear end, deliver on promises, and until then tweet much less.
  15. If they can find states willing to let them I’m sure they will. But good luck finding any state willing to let him have more than 25% of the seats sold (I know my state won’t as they’re not even letting the beloved Yankees have fans at their games).
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