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  1. God help us all, but I have a feeling it could be Retribution invading Takeover. Since they’re all former NXT wrestlers too.
  2. At least the main event for Takeover 31 is something new and fresh. Plus considering how awesome the last Candice vs Io Takeover match was I’m quite happy with the women’s battle royal winner.
  3. Okay here’s a hypothetical, and one that I hope won’t be harsh or seem insulting towards Lebron (or you). If you were picking a duo for a star to play with would you pair them with 97-98 Pippen and Rodman or 10-11 Wade and Bosh? I think that’s actually something that could spark debate on both sides, and would put into perspective the teammates both stars had for champion seasons (yes I know Miami didn’t win the title that year, but it was their first year together so it works from that point of view).
  4. Peja played 26 minutes over the course of a six game series. That’s why I didn’t count him. I always thought he was amazing in Sacramento. If I were to throw another name out there with Kidd I’d have said Jason Terry, but I don’t consider him to be a star either. You’re 100% right about their amazing coaching staff. Carlisle has always been one of the best coaches in the league, and he’s usually had at least one quality assistant (or two as you pointed out). Not to sound like a pompous ass (which I’m sure I will), but that year my friend and I went to the Coaches Versus Cancer NCAA basketball
  5. You’re offering up a selective metric that shows somehow Lebron faced better Finals competition, yet said metric doesn’t even know who played on said teams. As I said there’s no way that Mavs team had better players than the 18 Warriors. I’d love to see anyone debate that with me. What are the hypotheticals with this? You trotted out a metric, and I’m disputing its credibility. It’s ether a good metric or it’s not. A hypothetical would be us discussing who was better the Big 3 in Miami or MJ, Pippen, and Rodman? Since we never got to see those teams play one another, and there’s good and
  6. Kareem and the other two comes down to style of play for sure. Then again that’s the case of comparing any big to a guard or small forward. I’d definitely agree with Kareem being in the top 3 for sure though. Just for me I’d place him behind MJ and Lebron (in that order). And before Fowler tells me that oh Lebron is the best in year 17. Well how are we to know MJ wouldn’t have been had he not been out of the league for almost two years in the early 90’s, and retired at the end of the 90’s? We do know he was still the best 14 years after he came into the league. If we want to get techn
  7. Exactly. You’re touting ELO like it’s the be all end all. We all have eyes, and there’s no way the Baby Thunder were that hard an opponent for Miami and their big 3. Hell just seeing the 11 Mavs ahead of the 18 Warriors tells me all I need to know about that garbage metric. Theres less than a zero percent chance Dirk and those guys were better than Steph, KD, Klay, and Draymond all in their primes. But yes please give me more metrics that prove whatever you’re aiming for. Plus this direct quote from your chosen article proves my point about Lebron’s cake walk to the Finals most year
  8. Jason Kidd who was in freaking year 17 of his career in 2011. You’re talking as if he was first Dallas run, or NBA Finals run in New Jersey Kidd. And how had Dallas been “knocking on the door” they’d only been in the finals once, and that was 5 years prior. To try to say that Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle were somehow equivalent to that really old Kidd is an insult to both of them too. Same with Terry Porter and Jerome Kersey. Just because MJ handled his business every time doesn’t give the wannabe King a free pass. He still had Wade and Bosh and lost. Jordan would have never lost with t
  9. 16 he won, because he whined and cried and got Draymond kicked out for a game. That’s why he won that series. And I’m not sure the 13 Spurs were the better team. Kawhi wasn’t near his peak yet. Once he had another year of experience we got to see what happened, and Miami did lose. The Montana vs Brady thing is a terrible comparison to MJ vs Lebron too, and one that’s usually brought up by Lebron homers. Montana had Rice, and Brady has never had weapons like that. Plus he’s won two more Super Bowls so yeah Brady deserves to be considered the GOAT. On the flip side Lebron has had more prim
  10. I’m not arguing against him being considered second best behind MJ. I’m saying his finals record isn’t anything special compared to the other greats. Also I agree that multiple top guys will switch teams to try to win titles. But as Kyrie Irving has shown (not that I’d say he’s a top 10 player, but he’s probably top 20-25) it’s not a guarantee of a ring or success. I wasn’t trying to guarantee KD would win a ring in Brooklyn either. I was refuting your idea that he’ll somehow get rings with 3 teams when he only has a ring with one so far.
  11. Why? Getting there the majority of those times in the (much) weaker conference isn’t impressive at all. What competition did Lebron supposedly have in the East? At least when Kobe made the finals he was always doing it in the better conference. Plus there’s still no guarantee he’ll even make (let alone win) two more. He’s 3-6 now so what’s to say the number when he’s done isn’t 3-7 or 3-8, or maybe 4-7?
  12. Wait so you’re suggesting KD win a title in Brooklyn then team hop again? Because so far he only has a ring with one team. And even if Lebron somehow gets to five (which I find highly unlikely) he’d still have an under .500 record in the finals. Kobe wasn’t that bad in the finals, Magic wasn’t that bad, MJ sure as hell wasn’t that bad. So I think he’s still at most playing for #2 all time.
  13. If they get down 3-1 again the only thing we’ll see from Denver is a return flight back to Colorado scheduled for the day after Game 5. I don’t like Lebron, but he’s not gonna choke away a 3-1 lead.
  14. So using this criteria it would seem to suggest the Bucks will win the Finals next year, and maybe another one with him. Then he’ll team hop to somebody else, win only one ring, and then team hop yet again to chase a third or fourth ring. God I hate the Lebron style of play as opposed to being loyal to a team, and actually trying to make said team better (like MJ, Bird, and Magic all did or more recently Duncan, Kobe, and Dirk).
  15. So are they trading all twelve players on the active roster plus their next five first round picks for him? That might be enough to get the Bucks to give him up.
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