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  1. “He wrote, “I was told it will be something announced in the next few days which is a good thing (NWA). Would not have to do with AEW.” Please move my post in regards to NWA on to another thread. Vageloco is extremely sensitive this evening so I must not upset him.
  2. Because it could be about Khan creating a streaming service for AEW with other organizations helping to provide enough content to make it valuable. This has been rumored....do not know if it’s true. I didn’t think I needed to spell it out in such detail in why I put it in an AEW thread but I guess you needed the help. If you got a problem with me you make sure you let me know hot shot.
  3. NWA has removed all their videos from YouTube. Either NWA was bought out and/or are moving their content into a streaming service along with AEW/Impact and possibly NJPW. Something is happening with NWA as this very moment.
  4. I’m just the stupid one here who actually is not embarrassed to put down what everyone else is thinking. CM Punk is the FACE of THE REVOLUTION!! The Shadow knows...
  5. I only have $5 dollars in my bank account. Im an old man with an old Wife on a fix income. Plus, of course, I would need long odds.
  6. Yes. Time, Space & Money heals almost all wounds....not to mention they don’t need to be involved in common programs inside of AEW. Tony Khan is the Forbidden Door as he has called himself. Soon CM Punk will be the FACE of the Revolution as the ultimate walkthrough of the Forbidden Door.
  7. After this latter match, of all the known entrants at this point, who can stand in the middle of the ring and declare themselves, “The Face of the Revolution”!!!???? Face of the Revolution. Not Cody...he has too many catch phrases. Scorpio Sky?...possibly. Archer?....nah. CM Punk?...”I am THE FACE of the Revolution” Yes.
  8. Ok.....here it is........brace for impact! CM Punk will be the 6th participant at the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on March 7th. I believe the deal has been in place for many months. Revolution 2021 was suppose to be held in Chicago. This deal will give CM Punk a whole bucket of money but for only a part time role. CM Punk will enter and win the ladder match. CM Punk will describe his decision to join AEW on the following Wednesday night after PPV as a place he joined because, “he can come and go as he pleases”. CM Punk will be a heel...too good for any Wrestling Organization. He thought when he was young he could fight the establishment and win. Now he knows he was foolish...the same way Darby Allin is foolish now. CM Punk will not face Darby Allin for TNT Championship until the next PPV. This will keep CM Punk in a major storyline without the need to get involved in lots of matches...ect.. Remember, CM Punk mentioned Darby Allin as 1 of the 5 names he would be interested in doing a program with in AEW. I’m convinced....The Shadow knows.... CM Punk to AEW....at Revolution...wins ladder match. What say you?
  9. Mauro Ranallo and Paul Wight on Monday Night Elevation!!!! The Shadow knows.....
  10. Paul Wight and Chris Jericho are very close. Who will be Wight’s commentary partner will be revealed tonight as well. Huuummmmm.......
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/maki_itoh/status/1364594062943133700 I’m not sure who has the bigger crush. My crush of Maki Itoh...or Maki Itoh’s crush on AEW? But it’s all good. Itoh Respect Army coming to AEW very soon.
  12. I love AEW but I’m not loving this Revolution Card as we sit here today. It’s not grabbing me. Exploding barbwire death match with Omega & Moxley makes the World Championship Match more interesting...but the entire PPV Card is missing something and I don’t know what it is exactly.
  13. I believe it’s going to end up as... FOR THE AEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - The Inner Circle Ortiz & Santana (c) vs. The Inner Circle MJF/Chris Jericho at Revolution PPV. Result being Ortiz, Santana, MJF & Wardlow putting the ultimate beat down on Jericho at PPV. Jericho is off for a bit and comes back as a face for one last run as a full time wrestler. Omega at Revolution is a huge question mark for me. I don’t see Omega vs Archer and I don’t see Omega vs Moxley III. But again, I don’t know what I see for the AEW World Championship match. The Good Brothers vs Young Bucks I think is a given for Revolution.
  14. AEW Twitter is exploding right now. They are in love with Maki. I suspect she is already signed and will come when AEW gets crowds back. Maki is going to be a huge star. The merchandise will fly off the rack.
  15. “Maki's a charisma supernova” Absolutely.
  16. HA! Unfortunately he succumbed to the slavery of cocaine. I grew up watching NWA & AWA and those Bockwinkle vs Curt Hennig matches were might good.
  17. As a Black man who did not support Trump and voted for Biden I have no ill feelings toward Jericho or his Wife. I met Jericho’s Wife at a wrestling event 10 years ago and she was a sweet heart. She is originally from Minnesota and is a big Vikings fan much like myself and my family. Jericho and I have different political beliefs but I’m not cancelling him out or his Wife. We got to get past the things that divide us and enjoy the things that we love about each other. Am I suppose to cancel out every professional wrestler I have a political disagreement with? If that’s the case I would have to cancel out all of them because I’m a pro-life, pro gay marriage, anti death penalty, pro capitalist black man who votes for both candidates of the 2 major political parties. I’m sorry guys, but limiting AEW to just 1 side of the political spectrum is not wise. Chris Jericho is a good man who has made mistakes. Tell me who this perfect person is in wrestling? CM Punk? Give me a break. LOL.
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