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  1. Yeah...the show was spectacular. And yes, of course....MJF is joining FTR and Blanchard. But Wardlow won’t be the 4th member for long. Best Man Miro.
  2. Dynamite = 1.016 million viewers 0.37 in 18-49. 45 million per year in TV/Media payouts. Raw = 1.725 million viewers 0.48 in 18-49. 450 million per year in TV/Media payouts. Khan and AEW are in line for a massive increase in TV/Media payouts when their current contract ends in 2022/23. WOW!
  3. Huummmm.......I never met this Steamboat Shadow who defeated my human on a couple of occasions with fluke wins. Enzo as best man to play off of Janela’s history with Penelope?
  4. Hey psycho....I’m doing a bit. You get it? If I was trying to put myself off as some insider I wouldn’t be calling myself the shadow you dumbass. Now you...you got issues. You stalked me like you have you have me as one of your love interests. Just to let you know pal I’m not interested. You spend half your posts talking about me which means I have made an impact on your life I guess but maybe you should pick up another hoppy because you are a bit on the obsessive side don’t you think? lol.
  5. Other than World Tag Team Match and Women’s World Championship match this was a brutal performance by AEW. This was their worst night of their existence and it’s a good thing they didn’t put this performance on last year or they might not be around anymore. I’ll let you guys get into all the botches but having Moxley, Lee and FTR as your 3 champions (Men’s) coming out of this PPV only adds to the heat AEW deserves to get after this horrific event. I have confidence AEW will rebound but they took 2 steps backwards this evening.
  6. MJF and new 4 Horsemen era begins tonight!! Thank you Tony Khan! The Apocalypse is better than all of you and you know it!!! However, I’m open to the possibility the 4th Horsemen will not be announced tonight but wait until Dynamite-Wednesday. Khan said there will be a big surprise on next Dynamite. But however it goes I for one welcome our new overloads.. 4 Horsemen.
  7. MJF & FTR are turning on Wardlow after MJF wins his AEW World Championship right there in the middle of the ring before PPV turns to black. Remember Moxley saying in a promo 2 weeks ago MJF was hiding something? Remember MJF stating the name Tully Blanchard in the contract signing with Moxley? FTR & MJF both speak of old school wresting...this is the Apocalypse forming. Wardlow gets smashed at All Out and his bloodied body will laying on the mat alongside Moxley and Hangman Page who attempt to save Moxley from the ultimate beat down at the end of the World Ch
  8. Lesnar’s last known WWE contract finished up at the end of May. Maybe there is some contractual negotiations going on right now between Lesnar and WWE. It’s been 90 days since Lesnar’s contract ended so I’m assuming this gets done pretty soon between the 2 parties.
  9. Well....I guess this is the time to unveil more information to ease your concerns. Miro is complaining about his internet service today so he can’t do his twitch streamer. The truth is Miro can’t do his twitch streamer because after coming back from vacation because he is in isolation near the PPV location before he receives his first of multiple Covid 19 tests before the event. Miro is not in position to do his twitch streamer at this time...he is getting ready... MJF-MIRO-FTR
  10. Having Moxley blow out MJF does have some merit. MJF would not be harmed and his character can be shaped as more mature after his beating much like Ric Flair when he first lost to Harley Race in his first attempt to win NWA World Championship. However, All Out PPV is the birth canal of the Apocalypse....the new 4 Horsemen.... Anderson/Blanchard FTR MJF Miro MJF will be crowned AEW World Champion and take his rightful place as the “Flair” of the new Horsemen.
  11. Hangman Page is the patsy in this storyline. FTR is guiding him down a path where it leaves Page bloody at the PPV without his tag title. Page is a tremendously built up sympathetic figure who doesn’t think he is good enough to hang around the elite and is a good nature cowboy (Virginia) who is getting sucked in by fellow southern boys (North Carolina). This is some high level long term story telling by AEW which will provide multiple payoffs. Brilliant.
  12. You all notice MJF mentioned Tully Blanchard in his promo? All Out PPV MJF-FTR-Miro - The Apocalypse 4 Horsemen. It’s happening!!
  13. Tonight I believe we might see a more traditional contract signing between Moxley and MJF. The end result being Moxley gets laid out. But how and by whom? MJF & Wardlow? Or someone else who might be involved in Moxley’s next angle...huummmm....let’s say Miro? Nope, not yet. That happens at the end of PPV. Wardlow beats Moxley’s head until it gets bright red tonight....but in 2 weeks from now they will be brothers in arms along with Page & Bucks against the new 4 Horsemen of MJF-FTR-Miro. How do I know you ask? Because the Shadow knows all...
  14. Cody was never going to be the “Ric Flair” of the new Horsemen - Apocalypse. MJF is taking the role. Cody will play his Father..the continuous fight vs 4 Horsemen. FTR-MJF-Miro
  15. The Shadow kno......well, everybody knows. Yes, confirmed. Absolutely.
  16. Everything is going exactly the way The Shadow told you it was going to go 2 weeks ago. By the end of the PPV...FTR + MJF + Miro with Arn & Tully as their managers. Arn will turn on Cody at the PPV. Tully will turn on Spears at the PPV. FTR will sucker the gullible Hangman Page into trusting them during the World Tag Team Match and FTR will win the gold. MJF after winning the Championship over Moxley with the sudden appearance of Arn at ringside getting involved calls out out FTR & Tully to join him inside the ring in his celebration.....suddenly they all st
  17. Back by popular demand! The Shadow knows... Tonight is the the beginning of the beginning of the new 4 Horsemen. Tonight we see friction between Cody and Arn Anderson. It will either cost Cody his title tonight vs Sky Scorpio or it will lead to Cody losing his TNT title at next PPV in a few weeks. The eventual turn of Arn Anderson on Cody begins tonight. The new 4 Horsemen will not have Cody as a member. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard will once again make the Rhodes and all who are connected to the Rhodes family their main targets. We will also see the further storyline of FTR laying
  18. I was the one who brought up the name Warhorse in the other thread. If you are going to have this unhealthy obsession with me please pay better attention.
  19. Tomorrow night’s Dynamite is a taped show. I now think Moxley’s excitement is about the Cody/WARHORSE match.
  20. After listening to the tape again it sounds like Moxley was very pleased with a match that happens tomorrow night involving a wrestler whom hardcore fans would know...so I think this excitement is for Cody vs WARHORSE. Moxley wanted to discuss why casual fans would also get excited and hooked but the host interrupted Moxley’s attempt to further promote tomorrow nights Dynamite show.
  21. Ok everyone...listen to the last 4 minutes of the tape. I just listened to it again and I got some of it wrong. Moxley is talking about a huge surprise and it will excite the hardcore fans who follow the business worldwide but then was about to express why causal fans will get excited but got interrupted by the host of the show. I don’t think this your typical BS...this is something Moxley is pumped for in a big way. Maybe something to do with New Japan Wrestler or the organization itself? Please give it a listen (very last 4 minutes) and put down what you think.
  22. Thanks for the link. What do think? It sure seemed to me Moxley was genuine in his expressive excitement over this surprise happening tomorrow night. But maybe I’m getting fooled. Would love to know what you all think this could be about.
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