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  1. I think it's lost a step since in recent weeks, though that might be because. a) Due to the tapings moving to Birmingham b) Episodes now being shown back-to-back Besides that, there's been some solid, if not great stuff. Devlin's getting positioned towards the top and I can't wait to see him and Dunne, though I don't quite buy into his whole 'I'll rebrand NXT UK a NXT Ireland' promo that was shown this week. Off to the Liverpool tapings later and I've no idea how the crowd will react to Gibson. Kinda hoping we enter bizarro land where he's the biggest babyface in wrestling.
  2. There's a lot to like about this, in my opinion. It straddles the line between acting as an entry point for new fans (introducing the rules, laying the groundwork for featured characters) and appealing to the hardcore fans. There's a few storylines running through it that are easy to follow; even Sabre/Kushida sort of served the purpose of setting up Sabre/Ridgeway further down the line.
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