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  1. Arn didn't even try to get Sting off the top rope. He knew this was a life or death situation.
  2. Maybe the Dark Order can use him as a human sacrifice?
  3. As a half Puerto Rican myself, it’s a beautiful site. They should sign Carlito, give him a godfather/cartel boss like role where he only cuts promos from a lavish mansion in Puerto Rico while sending his goons on Moxley week after week. And they could build it up to a big stadium show in Puerto Rico with Moxley vs Carlito which has to be a bloodbath because you know.... Puerto Rico.
  4. The American Cowboy in a Puerto Rican territory will very shortly turn into a Cuban ass kicker in the world's biggest wrestling organization. Only in professional wrestling can this be possible.
  5. I'd sub Road Dogg with Bossman but I think that's probably the list. You might switch the numbers around (not Crash though, he's #1) but those are the guys on the list.
  6. I was there for the ladder war with Eddie Edwards arm is a cast. I can never say a bad word about that man as a wrestler because of what he did that night.
  7. WCW had some really good themes in the early 90s
  8. He might’ve had a leg cramp which caused him to fall.
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