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  1. I’m very ignorant on timelines of video game creation, so maybe my question is dumb. With how much they stated this is “still early in development” what is the likelihood that graphics could change? Would it be something like adding detail of things like sweat or something like giving Jericho more realistic arms? Either way, I like the direction they’re going. A lot of my friends loved No Mercy and Revenge and that’s what got them into wrestling at the time. If the gameplay is easy to pick up, but not completely basic it could be fun to do multiplayer with non-wrestling fans. I’m interested in seeing No Mercy style with modern modern moves. How will Fenix handle and will he be super different to play as compared to Dr Luther. A story mode/ basic career mode would be fun. Either an actual story OR even fighting the ranks to get a title.
  2. I predicted 2011 would win the battle of years. Call me Octostramus.
  3. A win by ventriloquism would be pretty heelish.
  4. So here’s ratings for the Omega main event Dynamite’s vs NXT. I used Cagematch which was annoying to scroll through and click and then googled ratings results. I just went back to Feb. February 26th - vs PAC (Ironman Man) * NXT had Charlotte Flair in the Main Event Dynamite 865,00 / NXT 717,000 March 25th - vs Sammy Guevara (AAA SuperduperIforgetthenameofthebelt Title Match) * Jericho segment with Matt Hardy did close the show. NXT has Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong followed by a HHH promo with Chiampa and Gargano. Dynamite 819,000 / NXT 669,000 May 6th - w/ Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara (Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight) * NXT’s main event had Charlotte Flair. Dynamite 732,000 vs 693,000 July 1st - W/ Hangman Adam Page vs Best Friends (Fyter Fest night 1) * NXT’s main event had Sasha Banks Dynamite 747,000 / NXT 792,000 October 28th vs Pentagon * NXT was Halloween Havoc Dynamite 781,000 / NXT 876,000 If someone wants to go deeper with hourly numbers or demos, I included the dates you can dig further for more information. I have no dog in the argument. I like to see everything play out. Maybe they hit the right storyline to make or break his eventual (I assume) title run. Using an argument of most recent ratings is fair, but you should include both context and a larger sample size. Kenny lost out to Halloween Havoc and Sasha Banks. Omega beat Charlotte Flair twice and the NXT squad an additional time. Take that for what you will and hopefully this adds to both your discussion.
  5. Here is the Octo-Ballot I'd say there is maybe a margin of error of about 3. There is a lot that I wish I could have seen. Maybe if we do this again in about 5 or so years I'd have a whole bunch of movies to add to it. But that's how these things work. This was a fun project. I'm not a horror guy so I can't add much to the Horror ballot you guys are doing. But if we do a specific decade or in the future re-do All Time I could join that.
  6. ATTN!!!! This is not a drill! This is not a drill!!!! R Truth is in the New Day Pod!!!!!!! edit: I’m 6 minutes in and I’m dying laughing. So good.
  7. So mostly the sounds of bones cracking and chops? crack crack SLAP crack crack SLAP Inoki, you're a GOAT, make a big noise Wrestlin’ in the street, gonna win a lotta matches You got mud on your chin, your big chin Kicking your foes all over the place, singin' We will, we will slowly stretch you crack crack SLAP We will, we will slowly stretch you
  8. I meant that as a joke, my friend. Like 3 instead of 4 means you hate him, when you’re obviously a fan.
  9. Today I learned @Execproducer hates Koreeda Hirokazu.
  10. This picture wouldn't load for me until just now and I am so pumped up. https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/bull-nakano-vs-tako-wrestler/66334/?a_c=9&a_s=1 You can change the color and type of shirt too. If I had money I'd go with the sweatshirt. But the website looks like they do promo codes regularly so I'd possibly get a reg t-shirt (maybe black? Sky Blue Heather looks lit though) in a few paychecks from now. EDIT: I do like how my storied career as a Jobber to the Stars is told through clothing. Too bad my movie career didn't take off when I was eaten in Oldboy.
  11. Woof. Just saw she’s posting his text messages to her. Not good.
  12. I was the Cemetery of Splendor vote (#9). I had no idea how close it was to making the list!
  13. I have a weird relationship with the WWE that similar to my fandom of the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll be interested and start to really buy into it. Then right when I’m invested again they find a way to lose me. Season ends in a missed field goal or a dumb angle kills my enjoyment. So I check out. Then I hear about Roman Reigns killing it right now and I start to check out YouTube clips. Great matches, I’m in. The gimmick is great. The moment I do? Goldberg will return and squash him. It’ll happen and I just accept my place in this cycle. I hear you on finding certain threads annoying, @Burgundy LaRue. I’ll post my thoughts on casually liking something that is maybe not cool or easy to dislike and it can be eye rolling to get quoted with a “no, that wasn’t good” but not in an attempt of a discussion, just to express negativity. People feel more comfortable being abrasive online than they would act with a person their talking to in person. Hopefully your fun for posting isn’t sucked out, I’d love to read more of your and other people’s opinions. Especially when they are different. As for what I enjoy, right now I’ve just been following AEW. I was diving through older YouTube matches of Bockwinkel and Hokuto and others through the many threads on here, but took a temporary back seat. So I’ve just been enjoying the weekly tv angles. Maybe as things chill out I should find another wrestler to focus on.
  14. I’m honored for there to be a shirt of me getting a Sharpshooter from Bret Hart.
  15. Oh, I don’t mean that I think the black and white version would improve or hurt it. The stills looks striking and would be a reason to revisit the film while creating a new experience.
  16. I find the Top Ten to fit this board’s taste. A good mix of films. In regards to this Tarantino in this decade: I liked Hollywood more than Django, but I know a lot of people that hated Hollywood. I feel (understandably small sample size of my friends) the wider range of love to like for Django would get it more points in a project like this. Also, Hateful Eight was good but seems to get forgotten about or even is less seen. In regards to Black Panther vs Thor: Ragnarok. I went with Ragnarok. I won’t spoil but could more in depth if discussion is interesting. I feel the tonal shift in the beginning fits to the shaping of both the main character and lends to the heart of the film, which fits it into the socio-political messaging that the MCU (likes or hated, based on your opinion) attempts to have at the core of their films. In that, it becomes a spiritual companion to Black Panther of the Euro-recognition of history to Panther’s affluent Wakanda needing to do more for the black countries/ people. I loved Black Panther but nit pick parts I feel could have been fleshed out more to make it enjoyable. Both had the MCU template down, but both managed to add a new soul. Ragnarok being silly and colorful and Black Panther being cool and relevant to its audience. The Master is phenomenal. My favorite PTA is still There Will Be Blood, but the Master is close. The top films of the decade were so great for me that I still had it at #6, I believe. Grand Budapest Hotel cracks me up every time I see it. I respect Mad Max: Fury Road. It wasn’t my kind of movie, but I see the appeal. I had that at #99. It truly is a large experience and I enjoyed the imagination of it. It’s interesting to be critical of oil dependency and the lengths countries go to control it, yet still providing an automotive-fetish experience. But that action slapped! Lots of high fives. I’d be interested to see the Black and White version someday, but won’t likely rewatch anytime soon. I really liked Parasite. I’m interested to see if we do this list again in a decade if it will hold up or if it’s placement is recency bias. That’s not a statement on the film, just curious. I’m a big fan of Drive. I’m surprised it landed where it did. I heard everyone talking about it when it came out but not much since. Comparing to Parasite, it’ll be cool to see if respected admiration lasts as long. Fun project! I’m excited to see the facts threads and people’s ballots.
  17. @AxB, those shirts are straight up Slappin! I want the Kawada and the Discharge!!!
  18. I’m one who enjoys Brandi as a person. She seems genuine and cool. My big issue with her Dynamite moments is how awkwardly they are booked. Her as a Mrs. Sinister with Dr Luther and the gang is neat and she’d be able to pull it off but the Dark Order was doing a similar act (or what was appeared to be at first) with more build up. Also, as @JonnyLaw points out was still having Cody’s back and the Chief Brand Officer. The build up to her tension with Allie involved her acting arrogant, and then switching to sympathetic about ice skating, and then back to heel turn. Then after the Nightmare Collective and Allie having a gimmick change I guess they switched them to being friends but they don’t fully trust each other and now have dropped that. Or at least I’m confused. AEW does such a wonderful job with some of their long term booking but a terrible job with some of their short term booking. Brandi is an example of the later.
  19. All of that is likely. I’d like to add, 4. The Young Bucks superfans already have multiple Buck shirts and want to buy from the cool new characters. You still got Woody, but now you have Buzz Lightyear too.
  20. Grandpa’s in hospice at home. He’ll die soon. Saw him and got to sponge-stick water and pink lemonade into his mouth. My mom’s kidneys are functioning at 50%. Good news is that’s just above needing constant dialysis. So wait and see how she does going forward. She almost died in January with a misdiagnosed UTI and I guess since then her kidneys have improved. Issue is with COVID world she’s very much in danger. Add on top of that her being a cancer survivor and her antibodies not being the best. Both my brothers live together and their other roommate got COVID. He also passed out in his room and smashed his head on a dresser which bled everywhere. So my brother drove him to the hospital to get stitched up. So he possibly has been infected, if not both. I’ve been working a lot of overtime. Pay will be nice but coming home at 2 a lot when you’re not use to it and having sleep issues can get to you.
  21. With taking a moment to get caught up on life I now need to get caught up on the thread. Very happy to see @The Natural be the high vote on Carol. Much love for that movie. —— I was the high vote on Shame. I felt it did a beautifully uncomfortable take on how a carefully followed routine and maintained privacy can make an addiction seem functional. Then as wrenches get thrown in the house of cards tumble. I’m no addict, but can relate with anxiety. Maintaining panic attacks and overthinking being hidden with overt over the top jokes where no one is in on what’s true and being fun at the bar but closing myself off. Then living with my brothers and eventually dating/living with a mother of four, I was less private and life tumbled out of control. Performance was great, but I’m generally not one for only-performance-heavy-and-that’s-it films. I don’t feel this was. Very well shot and masterfully put together. Shots are allowed to breath to create a genuine feelings throughout. Moments like the train flirting is paced so well not through cuts but shot blocking and score. Coming across erotic and then actually creepy when reality of the situation out of the moment. The date scene comes across so casual as a disagreement on the idea of a relationship, but nothing is overdone. Two Shot on them with the hand of the waiter in the shot, poorly pouring wine. It all comes across awkward. Something that seems to come across easy for him like talking to women is now stifled and uncomfortable. The date isn’t going well because it’s an actual date and not a means to an end. Here’s a wonderful one-shot long take. I’m a mark for those. Ramble. —— I typed so much more and the website refreshed and kept everything to this point. F. I stayed up so late typing this on my phone. F. I’ll sum up. F. —— I recommend A Separation to everybody. Divorce arguments are always tense. Now add a melodrama master like Farhadi and you have a spine tingling experience. I have this in my GOAT Top 20. My mom loved it too. —— Roma is spectacular. I was lucky enough to see it in theaters twice. —— @Andy in Kansas, thanks for the kind words! Very much appreciated. I attempted to be more tongue in check self deprecating and didn’t mean to come across like a bummer. —— Ramble.
  22. Let’s see if any of my Top 10 make it to the Top 100. So far Turin Horse (1), Silence (2), The Other Side of The Wind (7), and Goodbye to Language (10) have all been announced. I can see 2 of the other ones I voted for being voted well and maybe a 3rd one. I’ll chalk it up to bad taste in my part.
  23. Hip Hop Albums. I’ll try and do some Metal ones next and a Pop one. GZA - Liquid Sword GZA’s best album. Arguably best Wu album. Everything flows together so nicely. It’s an album I can start and almost always finish without fail, skipping nothing. This is an album I turn on when I drive the seven hours to Gary, In to visit the wife’s family. Never gets old. GZA’s lyrical style and vocal cadences are so on point in this. What’s the meaning of CRIME? Is it criminals robbin’ innocent motha fuckas everytime? Woof. Notorious BIG - Ready to Die Re-listened to this for the first time in a while. So good. It’s maybe the only equivalent to Liquid Swords’ consistency. Line for line, song for song, everything blends together so nicely. Life After Death has more hits and bangers, but it’s more of a Puff Daddy overload that makes good head bobbing moments but as a double album gets the same effect as All Eyez on Me of skipping to the best songs. I could be verrrrry wrong on my memory of Life After Death (and All Eyez On Me) and will apologetically take back what I said to Biggie’s ghost. I forgot how good Biggie was. His delivery and writing is top notch. The album itself works so well. The subject matter of a guy dealing with street stuff and leading to depression and suicide has been expertly done before by Scarface/ Geto Boys, but the way this album goes about it is such a cinematic build up. So great. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly Off the top of my head, maybe the greatest modern era Hip Hop or popular music (rap is the music of the masses now, I’m not using Pop as an insult) album. Arguably greatest modern album period. So jazzy and fresh, yet still the hard hitting part of hip hop I enjoy. The continuation of the poem throughout and what it all leads to was beautiful. I am writing this all without having listened to it in full in like a year or so. Ideally I’ll update if my thoughts change when I do sit down with this. Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back How great is Public Enemy!!! Chuck D is the coolest. Flava Flav is so enjoyable. DJ Static X brings such an immediate burst to the lyrics. Everything about this album hits. Growing up I was a big Rage Against the Machine fan, so political music is a big soft spot for me. Every song in this is a banger and I want to fight a bully. Static ax’s screeches is so fitting and iconic. If you play just the instrumental, I know it’s him. Ultramagnetic MC’s - Critical Beatdown Old School hip hop at its finest. I find Kool Keith to be an important legend in Hip Hop history. His rhyme style was so ahead of the time and his crazy aura added so much to his character. Here he is with his group in 88 just killing it. On a nice sunny walk I turn on this album. 88 was such a great year in Hip Hop. I’ll post more from then later on. But this album should get some love.
  24. I’ve enjoyed Cody in AEW. I didn’t see much of his WWE work and very little of his NJPW matches. His BTE promos is what got me interested in him and his buddies. But looking at his AEW/ All In run (or at least what I can remember): - Emotional win of the NWA title is what I look back fondly of from that event. - MOTYC with Dustin, great promos in the Road To series on both sides. Leading to a tag match after - Jericho feud that had several great tv segments. Maybe ended too soon, or it can be picked back up eventually? Regardless, some of my favorite AEW moments came around this time. - Shawn Spears feud which made me initially interested in Spears’ character. Added Tully. Match was eh and Spears has meh’ed mostly since. - Dumb tattoo. - MJF feud. I thought they brought it up too soon but I was wrong and MJF is much better off now. Also Cody beats Wardlow in a cagematch, but Wardlow looked great. - Jake the Snake promo was great. Lance Archer feud was meh. Archer beat up small people in a cool way. He lost to Cody. I thought that would hurt Lance. But now he’s in a world title fight. Say what you will. - TNT Title run was like a Cody variety show. Every ep was a new showcase. Cody went over but other talent had spotlight on them. Felt like tryout matches for a roster spot or a see what they can do. Eddie Kingston and Starks were big standouts. War Horse got a shot. - Brodie Lee murdered him - He rose from the dead to promote a show. - Dog collar match. I liked it but sounds like mixed reviews. He’s TNT Champ again. - Cody Variety Show will continue with Orange Cassidy next. His over the top showmanship as a face in AEW reminds me of my very dramatic high school theater friends. Not for everyone but their friends super loved them. What I really enjoy about Dynamite is that when I feel it is at their best is when they have a little bit of everything. You’ll have Cody’s big match feel and emotional promos, tag team highlights of athletic hyping, something funny from OC, someone using a weapon somewhere, Jericho and the Inner Circle bein fun, a legend being seen somewhere approving of AEW, and a charismatic promo. A lot they can improve on but right now it’s my favorite tv show. —— I enjoyed Dr Luther in the main event. It was something different and cool for a Jericho event. For a one time thing I had fun with it.
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