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  1. I’m a mark. You add enough good promos and the right build up and I’ll completely by into the match up. I was mildly intrigued with a Cody vs Spears match up. Or even just a wait and see on Spears, in general. The casual dismissal by Cody, the chair shot, MJF being pissed, the appearance of Tully, that contract signing, the question of who will be in Cody’s corner, and now the Brandi promo which both adds to the heated tension while still pumping up Cody as being dismissed himself. This is what I love about wrestling. If the match up isn’t going to be some guaranteed 8-Star banger, I want a reason to care. Now I’m looking forward to this match and if it will lead to more shenanigans. Maybe Arn? Maybe more chair shots? Maybe a Cage Match down the road? They’ve earned my trust in these situations to see where they go. I’m skeptical in certain areas, but building a feud through these promo videos is something I feel they’re stellar at. Hopefully they can translate that to TV.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Oyaji said:

    Alex Marvez makes my penis soft.

    Mine too.

    1 hour ago, Craig H said:

    I feel like I'm live blogging this fucking thing. Jesus Christ. Can someone get Alex Marvez a tie that's from the last 2 or 3 years instead of this shit he bought from a Burlington Coat Factory back in 2001?

    And while you're at it, can you teach this fucking guy how to tie a tie? You're on fucking TV, internet TV anyway, at least learn a half-windsor knot or something.

    Fucking dork.

    No worries. @Craig H got me back up.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Robert said:

    He just showed up and said the trophy meant nothing if he wasn't fighting for it. Ran down Pagano, called him a motherfucker a couple times, threw out the generic mask/hair challenge, tried to yell at Marisela Pena (AAA owner) but they hit his music before he could be too mean. It was really good stuff.

    The hammer spot worked great because Demon doesn't really have any submissions that would cause any serious threat of Wagner losing if they teased it. But once he smashed his fingers and then put on the armbar submission while squeezing his hand the crowd reacted like OH SHIT THIS IS SERIOUS. It wasn't just about using the hammer for the sake of using a hammer. Also apparently the hammer shots were cut out of the live TV broadcast.

    I noticed the hammer spot getting cut out. The night of the event I was seeing tweets of videos of Blue Demon hitting Wagner in the back with the hammer. Then the next day when I watch a YouTube video someone posted of the TV broadcast it cut away to the fans. But it did show when Wagner was on the ground and Blue Demon was smashing away at his hand and arm. Which goes perfectly with your submission point.



     Clarity on the retirement. The loooooong Goodbye.

  4. Allin, Janela, and Havok get ready to start their Chicago Street Fight when Brandi’s a little too quiet music hits. She’s in full ring gear. SHE BRINGS OUT AWESOME KONG. Four Way Hell in a Cell. Post match, Aja Kong comes out. Second stare off. Next bit? Librarians join the Evil Order.

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  5. I liked the wildcards brawling over the loss. Good way to get them all on the show but also show that everyone is super-serious about winning.

    I may be a mark but I’m all in on Spears now that I saw him shadowy and looking menacing while Tully talked.

    Moxley promo was great. I liked how he tied in his work in New Japan like he’s training in Omega’s world. The video game line got me pumped up. Even with him saying he’ll break his jaw, it really put Omega over as something special.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Casey said:

    For those wondering, Meltzer said Kylie Rae's sudden disappearance from social media and pulling out of bookings (and being replaced at Fyter Fest by Allie) are all because of a "medical issue, it's been kept quiet and she'll be back soon".

    When she returns she’ll join the Evil Order with her smiley shirt turning into a frown. 

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    Havoc: I liked the finger biting. Little things like that are going to be big with separating him from the rest of the roster, outside. 


    MJF and Sammy: Great heels. I see big things in MJF’s future. Get Guevara more comfortable with the mic and I think he’d shine too. Him at the Pep Rally was very awkward, but he’s been alright in the casual goofball setting of BTE.


    Joey Janela: The Cornette call out was stupid and unneeded. Saying that, he got a pretty good pop at his entrance. I think his match with Moxley at DoN and Page at All In has given him a pretty good rub. He just can’t be getting in fights with Enzo and doing too many cringy things like that. But maybe that fits his character. Hmmmmm.


    Shawn Spears: I like his look. Very Handsome yet still tough stuff. I don’t like The Chairman name but eh. He’s coming away with a push that will probably lead him to fighting Cody at All Out. 


    Darby Allin: He’s gonna be a fan favorite. The more he gets beat up and thrown around the more we’ll find him endearing.


    Dr Brit Baker: That wrong partner tag moment will be great on botchamania. I feel her match would have been better if she wasn’t concussed. Which by the way, she shouldn’t have been doing as much as she was. That being maybe on the company moreso than her. That aside, I could see her as the face of the division. Unless they sign some huge star out of nowhere.


    Brea Priestley: I didn’t like that head kick botch. Seemed unsafe. Is she known for that or was this an out of the blue one time deal? I guess we’ll see. Her and Baker will probably have a heated rivalry from this. 


    Riho: I like Riho. 


    The State of the Women’s division: I’m seeing a lot about how it’s a weak point in AEW (mainly elsewhere). It’s too early for that talk for me. It’s barely been introduced. Nyla Rose is a beast. Yuka Sakazaki is going to get crazily over. Kylie Rae will sell a lot of shirts to kids. I’m mainly pumped for the Kong battle. I’m not impressed with Allie as much, but like people have been mentioning, maybe it’s her opponents. With her maybe locked in a Brandi feud, I’m not sure if she’ll get a chance to put on classics.


    Brandi Rhodes: I really like her on BTE but I’m not feeling her at the this last show. I really liked how she did the twist to bring out Awesome Kong at DoN, but her being a heel authority figure worries me. I think she has the charisma to pull it off (I liked her post-event presser), but I don’t trust ARE’s not-writing writing to be able to pull off the angle in a new and interesting way. We’ll probably end up seeing Brandi-Kong vs Allie-Kong, instead of what we all really want: Kong v Kong in a Punjabi Triple Cage Prison Match.


    Sonny Kiss: I’m really big on him. Give him enough undercard matches to shine and he could be a star.


    Adam Page: I feel he’s potentially going to be AEW’s Seth Rollins. A good portion of the IWC will complain about the layout of his matches but he’ll have a cool entrance music and be over with the live audience. I see him losing to Jericho like most of you. An avenge yourself story by taking on the Punk MJF, eventually debuting PAC, and finally beating the crude Jericho would be an epic title chase. Maybe Moxley or Omega has the title by that point and could be a great crowning moment for him. But, I could see the EVP’s put the belt on him right away and expect that to work. Doubt it, but I’m still drinking and I’m pretty sure I’m typoing. What ever happened to Craig Ferguson. My friend’s dad liked him. 


    Jericho: I’m big on old man bitter rock star Jericho. I don’t see where the hate is coming from. I like an old heel with a belly. 


    Kenny Omega: Something gives me the willies when he’s on the mic. I’m not sure what. I’m a fan, but he’s a willies maker. However, I do like the Bang thing he does. 


    Cima: He’s cool. 


    OWE: So is there VISA issues or am I just being impatient? 


    Best Friends: They’re cool.


    Young Bucks and Lucha Bros: I like them both. But I see why a good chunk of you are put off by the spots-spots-spots. Sad to say for some of you guys, but I think that style will probably end up playing a big part in this company. I’m happy because it allows me to do first bumps and say things like “wicked sweet”. I’d be very surprised if either of these teams are not the first tag champs. 


    Tag Tournament: That’ll be neat.


    A Boy and his Dinosaur: WHAT A COMBO. Very likable down to the core. Big green monster, Luke Perry’s cute long haired animal son. I’m in. I want to hug them. Their entrance is cute. Hugs.


    Marko Stunt: Why was he there? 


    SCU: My favorite bit on BTE. I like each of the members. I just thought the Daniels doing a move in the match was weak. I don’t feel it is always wrong for a good guy to have interference. I liked when Brandi interfered at All In, it added to the drama. But this didn’t work. Same with the Marko stuff. Poorly done. 


    DQ’s: saying that, I don’t mind the precedent being set that it takes more to get a DQ. Keep using your belt, Cody!


    The Librarians: Do Librarians wear Flair robes? I don’t mind the essence of the gimmick. Just let it stick to BTE and jobber matches. When it’s getting a whole complex storyline then I’ll be out.


    Fyter Fest: It feels that originally it was supposed to be Fight for the Fallen that was the second show (third if you count All In) but they did Fyter as a favor to keep Omega happy. Maybe I’m being too much of a tin foil hat wearer, but with how it sounds like Omega left NJPW creatively unsatisfied, do you think fitting in a big gamer reference event where his comedy is the basis of the concept was a move to make sure Kenny stays happy? I’m reaching? Yeah, I’m reaching. But maybe a little true? Good idea going after the gamer crowd though. But with how Kahn said in the presser that they fit in Fyter Fest when Kenny brought up the idea had my imagination running.


    Dustin Rhodes: How many more matches do you think he’ll do? I’m not sure if him mentioning that he was going to take a break after the Cody match was a work or not. 


    Jon Moxley: Get him to do a spot on Conan before the TV show debuts. Get the WWE fans to know he’s Jon Moxley now. He just looks like he’s enjoying where his career is now. I see him being the champion early in his run. 


    Ramps: Ramps are cool.

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  8. 1 hour ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I missed that. Probably explains why Britt looked sloppy out there. Bea needs to pull her shit back. Those strikes looked good last night, but in retrospect, they looked too good.


     yup, concussion confirmed.

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