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  1. 5 hours ago, Goodear said:

    My apologies but my understanding of THE NARRATIVE was that 2.0 were being super wasted in NXT and now they're in the awesome arms of AEW and now they're being used better. But it's really just the same thing with a larger audience near as I can tell.

    From what I can tell the collective casual discussion casual  narrative casual is less comparative in literal use and more a vague “hey other NXT talent, we put 2.0 in a cute program with Sting and when we got Spears we put him with Cody and he’s now in a top heel faction” statement from AEW. Is that literally the case? Probably not but cute to think so. I could be misreading the narrative casual narrative.

    As for liking 2.0, they are new and fun. This is their 2nd (I think) Dynamite and they had funny online bits. People are going to enjoy talking about what’s relevant and different from previous weeks. Maybe the gimmick doesn’t work long term and maybe it does. Maybe they turn face and people keep enjoying them. I don’t see the problem with them, unless if they’re not your taste and that’s fine too. They went from a team I didn’t care much about debuting to actually excited to see what they’ll do next. In a short period, that’s a success. If they can’t maintain people’s interest, they’ll be filtered out or become a Dark feature.

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  2. On 8/2/2021 at 1:16 PM, Log said:

    The wife and I watched The Godfather again last night.  

    Hot take: It's a really great movie.

    Also, she's going to attempt Clemenza's sauce recipe this week and we're going to watch part 2.

    Wife and I watched these and other mob movies around the time the Irishman came out and they were so fun to revisit. The Godfather 1 and 2 was her first time watching them. I made myself Godfather cocktails (scotch and amaretto) and was pleasantly tipsy.

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  3. I don’t know the details and there is probably issues on both sides, but I will say that when you lose a family member (especially your kid or spouse) you remember the people that reached out and the ones that didn’t. Even if I’m no longer close with someone that I used to be, I’d personally still reach out to give condolences. 

    All that aside, most stories I hear involving Ric he comes off childlike. I do sympathize with his anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. That’s not an excuse for actions like harassment though. I know people like Ric that have so many issues but at the same time need to be the life of the party. Self medicating with drugs and alcohol can lead to terrible things. Add on top potential narcissism and a feeling like you’re big enough to get away with anything and you end up with situations like the plane ride from hell. I’m rambling here. I didn’t know about the wiener stuff on the plane and I’m pretty bummed out. 


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  4. We don’t know the plan going forward. Hangman could still get a shot at All Out for all we know, be it a battle royal or through intriguing storytelling. Maybe he gets the shot at Grand Slam in front of a huge crowd. Or at Full Gear/ Revolution. I’m with everyone in that I really hope it is Hangman that dethrones Kenny. Maybe it is too soon or just right. Im clearly rambling and not adding anything to the discussion. Personally, AEW has built up enough good will that I trust I’m going to have fun with whatever is in the future. At least regarding Hangman, that is. If this was a Cody feud I’d be worried. I was getting tired of MJF vs Jericho, but the current storyline has me interested again. I rolled my eyes at some of the Elite shenanigans of the Young Bucks possibly joining, but right now I’m enjoying the group more than I was before.

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  5. I’m interested in the Hangman loss. I was so sure he was winning, but he doesn’t look weak being the last on his team taking on Omega and The Young Bucks. Add on top he lost due to his leg being grabbed by Nick the same way he screwed the Bucks vs FTR way back when. I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a single wrestler’s arc towards their moment in a long time. We’ll see what happens going forward and how everything plays out.

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  6. On 7/21/2021 at 11:54 AM, AxB said:

    Malachai Black stole Anthony Ogogo's gimmick. Cody will spend the whole year fueding with one-eyed Europeans. PCO is coming in, and he'll be pretending to be French-French, not French-Canadian.

    I woke up mid nap with a new one. European Dragon, Br-EYE-an Danielson. Thank you. I’ll see myself out.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Malachai Black stole Anthony Ogogo's gimmick. Cody will spend the whole year fueding with one-eyed Europeans. PCO is coming in, and he'll be pretending to be French-French, not French-Canadian.

    “I remember that man. I’ve wrestled him before...PCO. But he’s looking different. That twinkle in his eye and the baguette in his hand. Wait...that’s not PCO. It’s FRENCH-CO!!!”

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  8. 7 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Great segment. Can't wait till Kenny Omega vs. Adam Hangman Page.

    I really enjoyed this segment. I know there’s the talk of Kenny’s promos and I agreed when he was a face he could be very awkward. But I’m really liking Heel Omega and the new facial hair is a plus.

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