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  1. Yesterday's Oz Academy show drew another 2,000 people for a house show in Oita.
  2. I heard the rant and it shows that they don't care about this show going into this. Vinny said the show was either boring or uncomfortable to watch. Uncomfortable I get if you don't like Intergender but boring? And Alvarez got stuff wrong in the recap as usual.
  3. I'm not a big fan of Intergender wrestling but one of the better ones you will ever see is the Masato Tanaka/Nanae Takahashi match from January. But the Io/Pentagon match blew that one away. With seeing Mayu a lot this year, I just chalked up her lack of selling as Mayu blowing throw limb work like she usually does. She's like many young male wrestlers who work at that speed.
  4. I think anybody who is a fan of Threedom needs to see tonight's episode of Lucha Underground. Great episode and I can see WWE upping their contract offer for Io specifically cause she was unbelievable.
  5. Yes, all of the women are in Stardom. Stardom World is a good service but the match quality has dipped from last year. Kairi Hojo was the first one and Io Shirai was the last one, which is funny cause Meltzer reported a month ago that they have been offered WWE contracts. Mayu Iwatani was the second one and is the future ace of Stardom. Its been a while since I've watched LU and I loved it. Home run of a show. I'm looking forward to Matanza and Rey too so they got me back in.
  6. Just be prepared for the backlash to your list when it starts floating around on twitter. I wouldn't mind seeing the results of a Joshi GWE Project that had the same rules as the PWO GWE Project. Would be interesting since Joshi wasn't really represented in the top 100 in the PWO GWE.
  7. You can try looking at PUNQ's reviews through the way back machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20080411063728/http://groups.msn.com/PUNQTapes/reviews.msnw?
  8. Yeah the 2330 Oz did this year compared to the 2025 they did last year is a good sign. Sendai drawing two houses of 2,000 along with Ice Ribbon doing 1,552 for their anniversary show and Stardom having a steady attendance at Korakuen makes an argument that the Joshi scene is moving in a positive direction. I know people are going to say the attendances aren't legit but these are the only numbers we can go by unless someone from Japan is reporting the real numbers.
  9. Idk if that's the case here when she works Stardom cause how much in storyline that the Rookies wanted to beat up Hana. I agree with Kevin that she will most likely be babyface rookie in Oz, JWP, that new W-1 Dojo brand called Pro Wrestling Ace, etc and will be a heel in Stardom. She has to fill in for her mom spot once she retires.
  10. Here are my thoughts about Stardom's October Showdown Show and the future of Stardom. http://wrestlingwithwords.com/stardom-october-showdown-review-results-october-30-2016-and-whats-the-future-for-stardom/
  11. I think people assumed she was because she's continuously worked for Stardom and she was there at the press conference after the shoot incident with Nanae, Fuka, and Rossy Ogawa
  12. I honestly think Stardom has big plans for her after her run with the trios title. After seeing the SamuraiTV version of the Korakuen show, it's not a question they are looking at her to the future. She is striking looks wise when you first see her and if she becomes really good, we could definitely be asking the same thing. Like you said, WWE is probably not going go after a 18/19 year old but you never know with them.
  13. I feel the same way about this as Arisa was already on a handful of shows. Something is up to me and Meltzer reporting in the Observer that Kairi is close to leaving with Io doesn't help. I'll say it again that WWE is the elephant in the room that people won't look at until it makes a sound.
  14. Looks like they ditched the Bito title win like I thought. From what I've seen through pictures and tweets, Kairi came out after the match. Didn't issue a challenge yet but I can see them running Kairi vs Io title for title match on the December 22nd Year End Show to get the belt off of Io if Kairi is staying.
  15. I was about to say something like that. She sued Rossy over the 15 years ago back in the Arsion days so there's no chance there. Probably you can put her, Ayako Hamada, Nanae Takahashi, Yoshiko and all of Ice Ribbon on the list of people that Rossy will never have in a Stardom ring.
  16. I've pondered this too. I've asked about it in other places and heard nothing. Maybe they are masked so it might give them a way out. From what I remembered from the spoilers, they are involved in a major angle.
  17. I agree but with Kairi, she's been more up front with wanting to go to WWE than most wrestlers and I think she would do well. Very dramatic worker and would adapt to the WWE style. Io, on the other hand, has the chance to be what Rey was in WCW and just wow the casuals if they don't have limits put on them.
  18. I don't think Sonny or anybody else that runs the Stardom accounts on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, here) wants to look at a computer or phone right now.
  19. It was rumored last month when 2ch noticed that Io started following Funaki and Triple H on Twitter. I thought it was just speculation anong the Japanese hardcore fans but it started to make sense when the WWE tryout with all of the indie women happened and the rumored start of the Women's Classic being in January/February. It will be interesting if they abort the Yoko Bito title win that looked like it was coming and put the belt on Kairi in December. Like Kevin said, it's not the end of Stardom but it definitely hurts the promotion.
  20. The Sendai Girls show is basically a two match show cause they cut a lot from the undercard matches. I had the tag match at ***1/2 and the main event at ****. Hashimoto is still raw but she can hang in a main event. Scary spot towards the end of the match where Hashimoto did a German right on Meiko's head. The ref looked afraid as he was trying to stop her cause Meiko was holding her neck. He literally told her to stop and cover at one point.
  21. I just thought the Hashimoto title win opens up a lot of possibilities for outsiders to come in and challenge for the title. Miyagi is challenging next month but we could Aja, Nanae, Yoshiko and others come in for challenges. Also, the rumored WWE Women's Classic is also the elephant in the room as the Cruiseweight Classic set the precedent. I can see Meiko Satomura leaving to do WWE and not sign with them like Kota Ibushi did.
  22. That was my thinking before but I had to think to myself about why are they doing this match now on what is supposed to be the biggest show of the year (we'll see when the number is announced). If they did this just to get a big attendance number and not to make a new star, then I feel it's a missed opportunity.
  23. For a while, I didn't think that Meiko would lose to Hashimoto on the 10/16 show. Maybe I was in denial but after I saw the RIZIN show and these tweets, I've changed my thinking. RIZIN put over the Olympic Japanese Women's wrestling team over hard in the video packages and they seem to be the Olympic darlings in Japan similar to what the gymnastics team is in the US. Hashimoto being on college national team and doing that photoshoot with Eri Tosaka for Weekly Pro makes me realize it would be foolish not to put the title on Hashimoto.
  24. On a brighter side, depending how you feel about Yoshiko, the 9/28 Seadlinnng show was another good show by the promotion. I thought the Arisa/Ryo match was borderline great, Nanae/Rina was a cracking kick ass match and Yoshiko/Aja Kong was a decent main event.
  25. The King of Trios Final in Chikara between the teams was a pretty good match and I would recommend checking out.
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