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  1. Wow. I didn't expect this. Looks like Nanae isn't playing. Sareee is so good so this is a steal.
  2. According to RIZIN's website, the wrestling matches that took place before RIZIN's New Year's Show will air on Fuji TV on December 3rd. http://jp.rizinff.com/_ct/17036148
  3. Some of the Stardom wrestlers recently filmed stuff with Act on her NHK Drama show. http://ameblo.jp/yasukawayuka/entry-12227209846.html
  4. Here is who she is fighting. I suspect that Seadlinnng needs money given that Yoshiko is working more Oz Academy shows and Nanae is doing shoot fights too. Also interesting that Seadlinnng's last show hasn't been broadcasted and they are about do Nanae vs Arisa tomorrow with nobody knowing if that makes tape either.
  5. SamuraiTV is gonna broadcast Kyoko Kimura's Retirement Show on February 4th. I saw the recent Stardom show and it's a letdown from the December show. Hate to repeat the broken record but the semi main and main are the standout matches once again but it didn't follow up well that I thought it would. Also, I got to see the TV Asahi Scout & Choice show with the idols doing their matches with Io & Kairi. It was what it was and not much different than what you see with shows in the states when they do a profession for a day. Reminded me of Dhani Jones doing lucha on his travel s
  6. That was in there. I saw screenscaps from twitter of SamuraiTV's Battlemen News this week and they showed it again to them.
  7. I hope this show makes tape on SamuraiTV. Kyoko and Hana did Occupation of the Joshi a couple months back and there was some cool footage they had of Kyoko and Hana when Hana was a child cause she would come to Kyoko's matches. I'd only imagine the tribute video that they would do for Kyoko since they basically have all of her notable matches.
  8. I was being considerate to people that wanted to see the show on Nico Nico spoiler free.
  9. I thought the WOH/Seadlinnng deal was weird cause Veda Scott did her tour with her leaving ROH after and ODB main eventing the last Seadlinnng show with Nanae but she's on that TNA Final Deletion Show. I thought Sumie Sakai working the Stardom was her being with Kimura one last time before her retirement too. I feel like Stardom is keeping their options open in terms of working with anybody overseas. As for the Sendai Girls show that just happened.
  10. I do the same as I believe that context matters and what people thought at the time is important historically cause a lot of views change once time goes on.
  11. All I want is Konami vs Baszler at Korakuen.
  12. 1108 to be exact. Color me shocked. I wonder if part of the DDT crowd went to this too.
  13. I'm surprised nobody in this thread is talking about Io/Mayu. I thought it was fantastic stuff with callbacks and some of the hate in the match.
  14. The pet albino snake she just got, seeing her in a Xvideos shirt was out of the ordinary, some of the videos she did for promoting the light tube death match were out there (granted Swastikas mean something different in Japan than they do to the rest of the and her making fun of herself with monkey pictures. It's just that she's not the typical wrestler on twitter but I'm relative new to wrestling Twitter.
  15. I will try to check those out but I've seen the Aja Kong match and that's from last December so I'll to cross reference the matches on Cagematch or Wrestling Data to see dates wise. It was an ok match as it was part of her pseudo trial singles match series. I'm intrigued by her coming into Stardom cause of the shoot style game she has and I'm hoping they do her vs Shayna Baszler on the January tour. If she becomes a regular in Stardom, she adds that solid foundation that they have of wrestlers that are under 25 that keep people interested if Io and Kairi were to leave. I'm not saying she will
  16. Tonight's Stardom Korakuen show was interesting without giving spoilers. @Kevin Wilson Have you seen any other Konami matches from 2016 besides the Kairi match and the Death Match Tag?
  17. Well, here is the chart of their claimed attendance history at Korakuen that I created for my last column/review on Wrestling With Words. I'm not gonna say anything else cause some people on this thread are contentious right now. And yes, this is the nerdiest thing I've probably done in my life.
  18. I would say the recent Sendai Girls Korakuen Hall Show that happened on Election Day. Very good card up and down that's worth checking out even though some of the undercard is clipped.
  19. Exactly how he means with constant angles. I see people on twitter and message boards react the same way to New Japan booking on how stale it is. People should watch old NOAH or 90s AJPW to see real stagnant booking. I wonder if people would feel the same with the 80s in terms of the Crush Gals vs Dump's Army which lasted for two years.
  20. I asked this question on PWO and sent the question to Dave but got no response. I'll ask it here now: Does anybody know if Dynamite Kansai was ever on the Observer HOF Ballot?
  21. I recently tracked down some of her Battlarts/Queen Bee stuff. The match with her and Ray was good but I haven't watched the other matches yet. I'm not the biggest fan of Battlarts *ducks* but I think I enjoy her in this style instead the death match stuff for sure. RIP Harley Saito
  22. When I said "this show", I meant this episode. Like I said before, I understand if the show was uncomfortable.
  23. You guys have a point about the importance of the matches but to me, I would have the bigger problem with the foreigners being pushed if they were winning all these title matches which they haven't other than Garrett which goes back to last year.
  24. Just go back on a couple weeks ago about how people here were frustrated with the Stardom main event scene and how some the Rookies weren't getting opportunities, I looked up shows they've put on this year (59 shows) and the number of times certain people were in the main events for 2016 and here's how the numbers play out up to today: Io Shirai - 46 Mayu Iwatani - 35 Kairi Hojo - 24 Jungle Kyona - 14 Momo Watanabe - 14 Yoko Bito - 13 Kagetsu - 8 The foreigner with the most amount of main events is Kris Wolf with 6 and if don't consider her a foreigner
  25. It's probably that. I saw photos from the show like this and it looked packed. But the upper level had nobody in those seats. I saw somebody on wooo say that Dynamite's retirement show will probably do 1350 which is probably right since she's going against Ozaki for the last time.
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