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  1. 18 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    Something about the "people are only on TV once every 3-4 weeks in AEW" talking point that I think needs addressing, and I never see it brought up from a worker perspective.

    In WWE, you're told to be at the building for TV under the pretense that you'll be used. Meaning you're on the booking sheet for the day, meaning you need to prepare an extra day of hotel room and rental car (whether you're arranging it yourself or staying with another person) due to the house show schedule. So when you get there and find out that you're not on the show, or that you were on the show but you get bumped for time, it can be demotivating.

    Remember, in WWE, the talent comes out of pocket for the expenses like hotel and car, so you're being told to show up for work, only to sit around and not be used, and have to come out of pocket for your expenses. Sure, you will get that back when you file your taxes and claim your business expenses, you lucky independent contractor you, but you still have to come out of pocket for the "privilege" first.

    Now imagine this happens for several weeks in a row. And weeks stretch into months. Or it becomes a company-wide thing where it becomes a running joke that "sitting in catering" is an apparent position in the company. And you're having to come out of pocket to do this when you could be home, resting your body, in a business where if you get maybe five good years you're one of the lucky ones.

    Maybe, just maybe, if you see other options, they might be worth taking. Even if they aren't every single week.

    Some wrestlers might not want to be on the show every week. Some wrestlers might just want to know they're figured in on plans and don't have to waste their time coming to the building knowing that they're not going to get used when they could be using that day to rest, or spending it in a fashion more productive for them.

    And we don't think about this aspect, because all we see is the end result. Should AEW have more than one women's match per show? 100%, and I've been screaming about that for months now. But I think it ultimately boils down to what a wrestler wants to do with their career, and where they think they can make more of a difference in the company they work for.

    It seems a lot of people are deciding that, for them, that's not WWE. Options are good. It's nice to have them.

    Some of the lesser used AEW talent also work indy shows. Some of them are on IWTV for Beyond or other promotions which is a good thing. I know guys like Lee Moriarty can still work bookings whenever they are not needed by AEW. Hell even Ruby had a recent match on IWTV with Alex Shelley. I honestly love the fact that Tony allows his talent to make extra money outside of AEW should a talent wish to do so. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, just drew said:

    This dude lost all credibility with me when he tried to list Bayley in the mashup of poor workers needed to create Britt Baker. Bayley is one of the most talented women's wrestlers alive. 


    If @paintedbynumbersis involved in the Pittsburgh indy scene, I'm glad I'm not. Just weird as hell.

    I never called Bayley a poor worker. Can you read?


    Not just Pittsburgh but PA, NY, OH, and Canada.  

    You are everything wrong with the world right now. People like you and your buddies on this forum who can't debate or let anyone have an opinion different than yours.  You think your opinion is the only one that counts and that anything different is "weird"  

    Remember when people could debate without being assholes?  Again, this is why people lurk here without posting.  This is why people call wrestling fans toxic.  Because nobody can have a fucking opinion without being bullied about it.

    Drew, I am glad you aren't involved in the scene. You wouldn't make it.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Eivion said:

    Just three more days. Can we all just move on and not get the thread closed or/and someone banned before New Years?

    I'm willing to drop it but these guys don't know when to stop. And when I'm in the right I will defend myself. Hell I even said I admit when I'm wrong. I was wrong and Brit changed for the better.  But the same lonely guys keep bringing it up over and over. It's all they have. Sad really to go through2-3 yr old threads.  It really is. 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Dog said:

    Or talk about it in the company of a few other people, because one of those people might decide to air it online on your behalf.


    EDIT: Why do I get the feeling Mr. numbers has doxxed people before? "If they didn't want their home address known, they shouldn't have put the number on their mailbox!"

    LMAO look at you talking big.  Trebor was right. Look at the instagram posts and how many people said the same.  But you want to be a Whiteknight and defend this kind of shit. Good on you Dog.  But the thing is outside of your group of buddies on here, nobody cares. Which is probably why you won't let this drop. It's all you have. You and Virgin Johnny come on here and want to antagonize. And Rippa and whoever else will allow it.  You don't know when to stop and I'm going to defend myself because nothing I said was wrong.  So let the mods lock the thread or do what they want. 

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  5. you realize some people do care? It's a wrestling board. I had people message me asking questions about her, about the promotions. It got people talking. Jesus Christ nobody can have an opinion anymore let alone state a fact without people ganging up. And you wonder why so many people lurk here without posting. Here you go guys. Shit like this.

    Nothing I said has been wrong. You can ignore it or bitch and call it weird. But it's all 100% fact. 

    Twiztor has a post where he flat out says he spliced out footage of a Bret-Owen Hart match ending off of a tape and you don't consider that weird?  Different strokes for different folks I guess.  

    Also, funny people always leave out the good shit I mention too. Always..  I mentioned Wardlow on here way before he was noticed by AEW. Once again, truth.  The guy will be a world champion by 2023 and he's a great person outside of the ring. I mentioned Lee Moriarty before he blew up too. Another great guy who deserves his spot. But no. People always go back to the Brit Baker shit. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Again, I encourage people to click the above link to see the "second coming of virgin Mary" talk that required someone setting the record straight. 

    how about you get a fucking life instead of living it on here with 12,500 posts? Seriously John, do you have a job? Do you live with parents?  Screw virgin Mary, you should change your name to "Virgin Johnny"

  7. 1 minute ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Let me transport you to a pre-AEW world. Britt Baker works an NXT match. Nobody has said anything in this thread about regarding her highly. You introduce to the thread news of her apparently suffering an injury. Two posts later you're going off on her being a snob, prior to Eddie paying her even the softest of praise. And then you really go off.


    Just so people can judge for themselves vs how you've chosen to colour things. 

    Yep and it's all true too. I love how you like to bring up the past like you actually know anything of value. I admit to what I said. I also admitted that she changed too.  But what can I expect from a guy with 12,000+ posts and probably 0 life outside of this board.    

    Let me ask you John, do you know Brit?  Can you prove me wrong?  YOu want to come at me do it but be wise.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Dog said:

    That doesn't sound like Britt "put her shit out there." Sounds like you made the decision for her.

    no actually she did. She used to go to AIW and bad mouth IWC and vice versa. Workers actually resented her because as you may know, many of the same people work both companies.  True story. Many people here may not have known that.  People were speaking of her as if she were the second coming of virgin Mary. I figured I'd throw in some honesty. Whether you believe or not is on you. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Dog said:

    The unifying thread here seems to be his obsession with other people's personal lives, whether it be the lives of Sammy and Tay ("They HAVE to tell the truth about their relationship!"), Britt Baker's life ("The DVDVR board HAS to know what she's really like!"), or, apparently, the life of this Rose guy (didn't even know about that one).

    Which, again, is SO WEIRD in the context of pro wrestling, a job that for so long kept everything personal completely hidden.

    seems like you are obsessed with me right now?  Here's the thing: Don't put your shit out there for the world to see if you can't handle it.  it's that fucking simple.


    Tay was literally on Sammi's lap a couple weekends ago and then denying it when people called her on it. That to me is bullshit and should be called out. If you think it's "weird" good on you. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one.  But it happened and that's a fact. 

    The Brit stuff was true. A lot of people were high on her early on and I told people the truth about what she had been like up to that point. 


    The J Rose stuff. Also True. The guy puts himself over instead of the talent. Watch his introductions and you can see it. Hell you probably can't make out half of the names he is trying to say because he has to go all out. With Justin Roberts you can understand him, with J Rose you can't. Huge difference. 

    Wrestling never kept personal things hidden. They tried hard but remember the Cocaine busts in the 80's? Anyone who wanted to know things easily could have subscribed to newsletters and gotten the info they wanted. Was it all true and how many people paid or cared to know?  That's the bigger question. 

  10. 8 minutes ago, AxB said:

    And had that weird twitter beef with IWTV & GCW ring announcer/ Paradigm Pro booker J Rose.

    It was one day on twitter and I hurt his feelings so bad that he had to bring me up on one of their biggest live shows. I wasn't wrong there either. He tries to get himself over more than the product.  Another time where over a handful of workers publicly thanked me for calling him out.

  11. 17 minutes ago, twiztor said:

    painted is the same guy who had WAY too much to say about Britt Baker's personal life and habits a couple years back (at the start of AEW IIRC), so he obviously has a habit here.

    You do realize I've known Brit since she was training. Nothing I said was false either. You wanna come at me come at me but I've had other workers agree with everything I said.

    People like to gang up on here. They think it makes them cool.  I could give 2 shits. Like I said. I'm not wrong. You think it's weird that I care.  That's your opinion. But for someone to literally quit social media because fans were harrassing her over false rumours that weren't false after all is weird to me.  You don't want your personal business out, don't air it in front of millions. 

    Charlotte and Andrade are doing it the right way.  Page and Alberto did it the wrong way. I'm sure I could go back in your 2000 posts twiztor and find shit things you said too if I wanted. But since you mentioned Brit. Her and I are on great terms. Saw her just a few weeks ago actually. I even admitted how much she's improved in the ring and how well she has gotten over in such a short time. See, I can also admit when I'm wrong.  Try it sometime guys

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Infinit said:

    I believe in people's right to privacy....but when people use their life on social media to "get over", they should be upfront about it. Or stop putting your personal life on display. Personally I really don't care about real life drama, but if I was someone invested, I could see how dishonesty would be off putting.

    I was literally one of the people at Steel City Con that saw her literally sitting on his lap. Only for her to deny the people on IG that called her on it.  Wouldn't say I'm invested but I was there with others who she flat out called liars. 

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  13. 34 minutes ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    Well okay this is a slightly different take than I thought you were going for. You're not mad about their right to privacy. Just the change in course on an explanation. This is less creepy. But here's the thing, you seem to have some sort of insecurity about the part I put in bold. Like this is much different than WWE treating fans dumb by not allowing the word belt on TV. (God damn pal a belt is what keeps your pants up this is a championship title). This is a real life situation that isn't scripted. No one is treating anyone stupid. It has to do with real people and how those real people would like something handled.

    No one owes anyone an apology for what transpired. (Beyond private relationship circumstances if they were breached). It happened behind closed doors "off screen" and has nothing to to with the wrestling promotion's narrative or the abilities of any of the performers. If they have decided to change course and embrace the relationship in public, that isn't treating anyone like they're stupid. That's real people making a change in their way of thinking. It has nothing to do with AEW as a promotion or any storylines. So you're really conflating this, the Graves / Carmela thing, and even people being a surprise spotted at the airport. None of these things have anything to do with an on screen story or treating anyone as dumb. This is garbage TMZ stuff that they absolutely don't owe anyone any explanation for.

    This is the classic entitled fan syndrome. Also just because this stuff is common knowledge to you, doesn't mean it's common knowledge to some / most of the viewing audience. So what you're advocating for is ruining the surprises for the average fans and forcefully giving dirt on the performer's personal lives. It's too much and you are the weird one here, not the promotions or the way they handle it. No one is treating you like you're stupid, you're just being nosy and entitled and demanding too much.

    how is it being entitled? Seriously, you just wrote a book but didn't bother reading what I put.

    I could care less if Tay and Sami are dating,hooking up. But to make a huge spectacle on AEW TV where he publicly proposed, and for her to go out of her way in public on social media (for all to see) and say these are false rumors only for it to be true doesn't make me weird at all. Calling people on their bullshit isn't wrong. 

    Look up entitled. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, just drew said:

    Bottom line; they don’t owe you an explanation or a straight answer. There could be any number of reasons why they can’t come out and say what’s going on. You don’t need to know. You asked the question “why do wrestlers & companies treat fans like idiots?”


    Well, the answer is because by and large, that’s how you treat people that act like idiots.


    No,  you need to re-read. I never said I needed an explanation. What I said was "why do they feel the need to lie" Big fucking difference.  The fact that she deactivated her social media for 2 days because of "False rumors" only to come back and show the world that they weren't false at all should say something. 

    And for people that supposedly want to keep things private they sure do post a ton on social media. What do they honestly think will happen? 

  15. 1 hour ago, Mark said:

    Lol, define "all."  I feel fairly confident that only a small subsection of fans hear about wrestlers' personal lives.  I only heard about Graves and Carmella after it had been going on awhile, and then only because someone mentioned it on here while complaining about Graves' horndog act.  I've only heard about Conti-Sammy for the day or two Tay deactivating her social media was a story.  I don't go too far out of my way to stay up on wrestling news, but I do read this board and watch Wrestling Observer segments on YouTube occasionally, so I'm guessing I'm more aware of backstage news than the average fan.  The only people aware of who Tay Conti's dating are the very small percentage of over-involved fans who follow a lot of wrestling news sites and workers Twitter accounts.  Casual fans aren't in that subset.  Even most hardcore fans aren't in that group.  A lot of the fans in that group probably don't care, so you're really talking about a really small portion of a really small portion of a niche group that isn't that popular in the first place.  

    Honestly, if you think wrestlers or promotions need to consider your wishes when making decisions about dating, my best guess would be that you have your head too far up your wrestling bubble.  I have no idea why I'd care who Corey Graves or Charlotte Flair or Tay Conti or whoerver s dating.

    You are partly right. They (wrestlers and promotions)  shouldn't be trying to say "nothing is going on" when these situatiins come up.  What they should do is simply ignore those sorts of obnoxious questions or give a stock response of 'None of your business.  Go away."

    your last statement is absolutely what they should say. I agree 100% I didn't mention it earlier but I was with a few people at an event where Tay and Sami were signing together. It was obvious they were seeing each other to anyone in attendance. To flat out lie and say they aren't  and to play the fans as fools is my issue.  I don't care if Dolph is fucking Dana Brooke one day and Nikki Bella the next. I do care when I am being lied to over something so stupid. 

    Maybe not everyone knew about Graves in Carmella. Graves and I know A LOT of the same people and it had been talked about for awhile. 

  16. 1 hour ago, just drew said:

    Personally, I think it's hilarious when wrestlers who are alleged to be making a surprise return vehemently deny it right up until they return. For me, the only way that Jericho thing could've been better is if he'd made a video backstage at the event, with WWE trucks and fellow superstars in full view, denying that he was there. Maybe have a PA bring him coffee in a cup with the WWE logo on it mid-video. That shit gets me. So yeah, I'm pro "deny til you die."


    As far as Tay and Sammy, I've seen the argument made that because Sammy proposed to his now ex publicly, that that entitles the fans to additional information. Fuck that. Seeing Wendy Jones ringside for an AJ Styles match doesn't give me the right to walk up on her at the Starbucks in Gainesville and start asking her personal questions (I did meet the Styles family in public once, but AJ initiated the conversation and I did my best only to speak when spoken to or when I needed info from them). 


    There is zero excuse for publicly hounding or harassing entertainers of any kind, for any reason, unless you see them either committing a felony or becoming the victim of a felony. Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara don't owe anyone but family an explanation, and Aaron Rodgers would say they don't even owe that. So forgive me if I have zero patience for dipshits on the internet saying "they owe us an explanation!!!"

    I'm not saying they owe an explanation but for fucks sake why lie about it. All they had to do is say "it's nobodies business"  But to flat out lie and say "we are just friends"  is bullshit.  Carmella and Graves did the same thing.   I don't care if Sammy proposed on TV or in  front of a crowd. Like many have said it's their business. But to flat out lie and say "we aren't a couple"  and magically boom they are. It just shows they think the fans are fools.  

  17. 2 hours ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    I'm not gonna quote it, but man is that a gross opinion. Hey Tay Conti you wrestle on TV so fuck your privacy. You're not allowed to live your life away from da twitterverse. You owe everyone an explanation of who you fuck and why. ??? Jesus Christ lol. She's an adult. She's not required to validate your feelings of righteousness for being a creep and knowing what's going on in her personal life away from cameras. AEW as a company damn sure shouldn't validate that behavior.

    Nor should anyone feel compelled to ruin a surprise debut just because someone posted an airport picture on twitter. Even if the twitter bubble consisted of 50% of all the fans viewing (it doesnt) you're advocating for ruining the experience of the other 50% of the viewing audience (it's more like 75%) and punishing them for not being all up in the scoopz on airport pictures 24/7.

    Those opinions are quite a bit warped there man.

    not an opinion at all. Nor should she be denied privacy. But to flat out lie about it to fans and then play them for fools by posting date pics is fucking dumb. 


    I'm not talking about fans posting pics on twitter or instagram. I'm talking about the worker posting the spoiler before the show happens.

  18. One of the things I hate about wrestling (the internet worsened this) is when wrestlers make fans out to be fools. It's bad enough that Vince has done it for decades but jesus christ. We all knew about Carmella and Graves and they tried to say nothing was going on.  Same thing with Tay and Sammi. It was obvious to everyone they were seeing each other. Why deny it and try to make your fans look stupid?  Now for whatever reason they do a 360 and can post their "Date night" pics but can't come out and say "sorry guys you all were right?  


    Another example is when a wrestler posts a picture in a town of a big event that they aren't booked on. People see it and say "Underaker will be here" or "Punk will be here" and the worker denies it repeatedly only to show up as a "surprise"

    Raises the big question, has the internet helped or hurt pro wrestling?

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  19. On 12/25/2021 at 2:23 PM, Curt McGirt said:

    He's had a worse wrestling name. 

    He's had two actually. He started as "Wife Beater" Somehow I remember him wrestling as white trash hero, or something similar in NWA East/PWX here in Pittsburgh too but that memory is vague and it's not like 2004 when I could just message the Sprad daddy on AIM messenger. 

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