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  1. I can take or leave garbage matches, but Ole Mancer's character work has been the best part of MLW other than maybe The Dynasty since I started watching a year ago. Just endlessly entertaining. He could be big for either AEW or WWE and either option would help him to ease up on the deathmatch insanity.

    ETA: Why *don't* they use Simple Man? My least favorite Skynyrd song by a mile, but it's not like they are mailing royalty checks to anyone for the copyrighted music they're using.

  2. Then the others aren't going to know what the hell he's talking about. Which is another issue. Why waste that time? Does the fan that is going to stop watching because "I wish they'd just shit on the McMahons like they used to" really exist? What purpose does any of that serve for the overall show?

  3. 8 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    And this is your periodic reminder that King of the Ring is a gimmick tournament born out of pettiness, since Vince refused to acknowledge the existence of other promotions -- how do you get the WWF audience to realize one of the greatest wrestlers in the world is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world?  Well, you make a tournament for him and have him plow through the competition there of course. 

    Nope. First tourney was in 85 and won by Muraco, prior to Race's arrival.

  4. That era of WCW is a blind spot for me.

    I mainly can't stand it being used in any other spot than a manager tripping someone with a cane handle like Fuji.

    Didn't like Jack Gallagher's comedy stuff and definitely don't like it being used as a weapon to hit someone over the head with the expectation of selling.

  5. 27 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    What was the point of putting Prince Iuakea under a mask while also wrestling without one? He wasn’t like an ugly dude or anything, and the mask gear wasn’t better than his actual non-masked gear.

    I was trying to figure out what you were talking about and found out there are two Prince Iaukeas. Two Cheetah Kids, too.

  6. 5 hours ago, gordi said:

    I find it far more amusing than annoying. I like that AEW chooses to exist in something approximating the real world rather than trying to create their own separate universe. It used to drive me up the wall in the 1980s when the WWF refused to acknowledge what wrestlers had done before arriving in New York. I'm absolutely fine with AEW openly acknowledging it and having some fun with it. 

    I think you're misunderstanding the issue. No one wants AEW to pretend that wrestlers didn't exist outside of AEW. It's the potshots at Vince and WWE in general (comments about scripted promos, Cody's corny throne, the whole Brodie debacle) that come off as petty.

    To most viewers, WWE is wrestling. Positioning your promotion on-air as "the other guys" will only lead to being treated like "the other guys." It's a very #2 move. They should be worried about putting on good wrestling shows, not just shows that tell people how they aren't that other company. This is where the TNA comparison comes into play. Don't tell us. Show us. 

    Also, the only people that really like those shots? Anti-WWE, dyed-in-the-wool AEW fans. They're going to watch anyway. But if you spend all your time making insider references and make your number 2 promotion look low-rent, you aren't going to pick up new viewers. Booking *everything* according to what hardcore fans want is bad business. Those fans are finite. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Eivion said:

    They don't look that similar to me aside from a few. I'm curious just how would you change their look to be more different from each other.

    I know where I'd start.


    There are five clean shaven men in that photo, six if you count Ligero but I have no idea if he has a beard or not. Ligero is pretty goofy, but at least he looks distinctive. Everyone else is just so same-y, with their hip "I grow hair everywhere except the sides of my head" look. They look like an indie-folk collective.

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  8. Punk's one of those guys that is HUGELY influential on the modern style - but not in a good way. What I mean by that is he's constantly hitting offense that someone his size, frame, and character shouldn't be hitting. He wants to wrestle like one of the all-time greats, but I don't believe him. His work is just not convincing. The Lesnar feud is probably the best example I can think of. He's also one of the godfathers of "let's make every match a five star match," and as a result, none of his matches have ever felt all that special to me - outside of Cena at MITB, which I felt was special due to the storylines, not the ringwork itself.

  9. 1 hour ago, paintedbynumbers said:

    these "monthly threads" are confusing on a good month but March or April during mania season especially this year should warrant posts coming to this.  This is supposed to be March Wrestling news. People pulling out of Mania is huge news for March.  Also not everyone would check the wrestlemania thread.   If we have a WWE thread, an ROH thread, Japan threads, and show specific threads, what is the need for a "March news"  or "April news" thread? 

    1 hour ago, RIPPA said:

    It has been explained before. (I know @MORELOCK did a good job summing up the intention once but Lord knows I can't find that post right now)

    This is not a "March News Thread". It is a thread for general discussion around wrestling. Sometimes news of the day is discussed. It isn't a "All news that is fit to print"

    I think almost everyone who has posted on this board for more than a couple of months would be aware that there is going to a separate WrestleMania thread.

    The wrestling discussion threads are for miscellaneous posts that don't fit in other threads. Mania talk goes in the Mania thread because it doesn't make sense for it to be in two threads (because people will post the same thing in both threads - like how the last couple of pages here are nearly identical to the last couple of Mania thread pages). Even when we do end up discussing a big news story in the miscellaneous thread, it gets branched out into its own thread. There isn't an overlap here - you know where the Mania thread is, @paintedbynumbers. You have somewhere to be or something? It's like one extra click or thumb tap.

  10. I mean, Fuck Miz I guess, but isn't this one of those situations where it actually makes sense to say Fuck Vince? The Miz shouldn't feel encouraged to show up at events sick, and the company culture at WWE is undoubtedly to blame for that. Who knows how Vince could possibly retaliate at the people making the decision to sit out right now? What if the post-Coronavirus WWE suddenly doesn't have a place for those weak people who couldn't Man Up and wrestle during a pandemic? Meltzer or whoever can point to Reigns making the decision based on Miz, but it's clear Reigns should have been pulled the second all of this flared up. If it took Miz showing up sick for them to wake up, then I'm glad he did. I hope the whole roster sits out and tells Vince to go fuck himself.

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  11. I got to thinking after the clock talk in the Dynamite thread: how long does merch stay in the pipeline for WWE before being released, and then eventually pulled from shelves? The clock in question was released in 1999, but the images are almost certainly from early 1998 at the latest. I also remember seeing Ryback on a WWE gift bag in Wal-Mart and this would have been at least a year after his release. Back in the day I think I remember them releasing some Hasbro figures of people that were no longer with the company.

  12. I didn't mean to mock the concept of spoilers, just the idea that this is a show that could be ruined any worse than it already has been. Like, what could our WrestleMania moments possibly even be this year? Who's going to care? The only potential crowning moment with Shayna will likely be botched, and even if it isn't: what then? The best we can hope for with this show is a Good Match according to the current Good Match Formula and at this point that's more likely to turn me away than draw me in.

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  13. That's Sable when she was still with Mero and he was starting to go all Heel Savage on her. All of that plus Heel Nation Rock, Weird Makeup Taker, Sunglasses Austin, and Kane killing Vader would put the clock somewhere in early 98. That hybrid logo is weird as hell, and wasn't used for much.

    I just realized I'm not in the merch thread.

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  14. 6 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    One thing I was hoping they would address when criticizing/discussing the Raw tribute which they didn't: I was staying outside of Stamford at the time working and going to school and had gone to a Cards vs Mets game at the old Shea that night, and before I'd heard what happened I noticed when we passed Titan on the highway that the flag was at half mast on the roof. I never did find out whether it was for the stupid Vince limo angle, or another Benoit related thing

    If I'm understanding the timing of this correctly, and you saw this on the Monday night that the Benoit tribute aired, it's clearly for him and not the Vince angle. Even if they would have gone so far as to lower the flag for the Vince angle, didn't the stock immediately take a huge hit because people are idiots and thought Vince was shoot dead? I doubt they'd still want to lean into that angle a week later after actual deaths.

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  15. Yeah, acting like the filmmakers made a conscious decision to exclude Benoit's daughter because of some sinister motivation seems ridiculous. She clearly didn't want to be a part of it. It was her decision. She clearly would have been allowed to speak had she wanted to. If you want to take a weird issue with how the filmmakers handled that decision, fine, but acting like there's some narrative out there not being heard is bullshit. Maybe they didn't go into why she didn't want to be there because they have decency and respect?

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  16. Maven needed years of developmental. He had charisma and athleticism. Throwing him on TV immediately after Tough Enough illustrates the inherent problem with that kind of show.

    I was there live for the Rumble that year. It may have been embellished by fond memories, but I remember the pop being huge when he eliminated Taker.

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