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  1. What are you smoking? TNA was Tits and Ass long before a wrestling company decided it was a good idea to try and play off the same name. The brand is dead. The brand has been dead or nearly non-existent outside of a tiny bubble, where it is primarily mocked. 10 years of no one giving a shit about it is a terrible reason to keep it. Even Blackwater knew to change their name after it became toxic. Keeping any of those names keeps that failure stench attached. Marketing 101 would say, rebrand.
  2. Whatever letters represent the idea of what I'm talking about doesn't change the fact the wrestlers are getting a crappy deal.
  3. They also take away some of your abilities to make money while they want to maxamize what they think they can make off of you. I don't think the compensation they are getting for doing that is enough, given how limited the options out there are to make money in wrestling. Would $35,000 have killed the WWE? Not likely.
  4. Crappy hypothetical math time. Lets say these guys can make $500 a weekend. 500×52+20000=$46,000. Which isn't half bad for office work. Now, if the biggest wrestling company in the world is only offering 20k, are all these smaller places going to get him $500 or more every weekend? Doubtful. And what happens if you can't work due to injuries? So even though they work for the WWE, they'd still probably do better working elsewhere, getting benefits for it, and wrestling on the side. Yes it's not the dream, but when you look closely at the dream, you really have to wonder about it. This company bought the two biggest stars in the world. One got the rocket push and the other is still in developmental, and the pushed guy is getting over a joke charater they just randomly hired. Oh and if you sneeze in front of the boss, well good bye dreams for life. Being on their radar or under their control seems like an utterly arbitrary factor in success there. The current idea seems to be go out and prove you can draw so the WWE can offer you good money to waste your talents and have random guys get better chances than you.
  5. Fine. I disagree. If you're going to restrict my ability to make money in any way, you better pay enough that it won't be a problem. Slightly more than poverty doesn't cover that to me.
  6. First thing that popped up when I googled star bucks pay. Said 9.22. https://www.google.com/search?q=starbucks+pay+rate&oq=starbucks+pay&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0j5j0.6581j0j4&client=ms-android-metropcs-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  7. I'm sure this is good money for many of these guys, but a one year contract with a giant corporation trying to make you a tv star shouldn't be slightly more than poverty wages levels. I mean, porn pays better for a year contracted talent.
  8. Math. 8.25×40×52= 17,160 plus benefits. And google says they make 9+ an hour, not 8.25. How is that huge money, especially if a retail job pays better and offers more benefits? Yeah it's more than a hot dog and a coke to wrestle, but 17k is shit pay and it's rather insulting compared to what they would get being on any SAG show.
  9. 20 grand...they only get 20 grand....what the fuck man. You can make better money and get multiple benefits, days off, even free education, getting a job at Starbucks. And they fuck you over on who you can work for....jesus christ this company sucks. What's the poverty standard in the UK? I believe its $23,000 in the US.
  10. Now that Smackdown out drew Raw, does that mean HHH is finally going to work a different night of the week? Booing the heel vs booing the booking. Such a perfect summary of the WWE not getting it.
  11. I know, but I saw a $500+ book for $100. I was in. Plus, I just can't read a book in pdf format. I need a physical. book. I go nuts even reading d&d books that way. Tried comic books and it just felt so wrong. Anyone else like this?
  12. To whoever sold me that Gary Hart book on ebay for $100...I think it's going to be money well spent.
  13. Pwspyware saying sale going down soon....with zero confirmation to back it up.
  14. So the way I'm following the Hardy thing is that it is viral, but people aren't watching TNA. What exactly does that mean?
  15. I freely admit to pegging Matt as the next Marty a decade ago. The dude has raisen to be bigger than the brand he's on. That is amazing. It's a mini-Austin phenomenon, but who in the world would have thunk Matt Hardy of all people could do that. He desperately needs a better platform or something to get what he's doing to be seen by more people.
  16. Is this Miz greatness doomed because he doesn't have someone as equally strong to bounce off of?
  17. I always wonder why they don't see it in him. He's a hoss who can talk and he's a minority to boot. Guys with less have been given more. Let me guess, Kevin Dunn doesn't like him for some reason.
  18. Well since only one guy has excelled doing it, I'd wager it being a no for most humans who haven't worked for a bullish tyrant before. If Brock is a part-timer, then how is everyone else an independent contractor? Doesn't one contradict the other?
  19. Some of us still believe in consequences for actions opposed to pittance and apathy.
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