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  1. Yeah I get some Tomko vibes. Or early Luke Gallows before he was even Festus.
  2. I came her to say I dug Moonshine too. First time seeing him, where's he been at? Logan Creed has potential based on size alone but woof, he needs a makeover.
  3. Nice. I was expecting a triple threat but I prefer this.
  4. Everyone's getting in Mania shape. I bet the NXT guys have a leg up with their schedule too. I hope Dunne is still a little pudgy though, it fits better for him.
  5. I don’t have an issue with the Orange Cassidy presentation, I’d just like to see some progression. He’s been doing the same schtick for a while now and it was never that entertaining to me so I want to see all the hubbub y’all are talking about and I want to see it in AEW.
  6. If the Revival debuts as backup for Adam Page against Kenny and the Bucks? I’ll just throw money at my TV.
  7. I guess it's true, Mox really does have a 'third leg'.
  8. That's a new gold star wrestling haircut right there.
  9. Re: Jericho's conspiracy podcasts I understand not wanting to give them a platform but I'm listening to the coronavirus ep now and this is such hilarious nonsense that anyone who listens to any of it as fact has way bigger problems than being a Jerichoholic. I mean, they went from talking about nanobots in vaccines and why you shouldn't brush your teeth to how the Titanic was an inside job and why the Skyscrapers (the WCW tag team) were a warning about 9/11. Never explained? Why the Twin Towers weren't a warning. Explain that, truthers! I find it entertaining in a Last Podcast on the Left kind of way.
  10. You could even fold Cody's turn into the Rise of the Hangman if you time it right.
  11. Jack Evans, right? The dude doesn't even walk places, he flips everywhere.
  12. A couple of extra thoughts: 1 - Tag match was also awesome. If he can get the execution down I think the Sliding Lariat could be a good finisher for Hangman further down the road. I actively dislike Bryce as a ref now, he’s awful. 2 - The women’s division is really coming together now. Britt was good on commentary. Statlander and Swole are logical challengers and a three way is a great showcase for them.
  13. I’m not a figures guy. Would those be a good investment?
  14. I didn’t know if they could pull it off but they did it. Cobb and Wardlow both looked great in losing and they weren’t diminished in the slightest. That moonsault was awesome and the blood was a great addition. Super fun night.
  15. Re: Starrcast. I thought it was cool to pair it with one event every year like Wrestlemania and Axxess. I assume that would be All Out for them but I agree, they went for the short term money and kind of killed long term interest. Then again, nobody was sure this whole venture would fly so that was a smart move. Let the field lay fallow another year and you could do Starrcast 2021 with All Out and interest would be more than renewed, especially if there's a bunch of WWE layoffs in the meantime. Interesting Sadie Gibbs is at the NF (Nightmare Factory, may as well start abbreviating it). I thought she'd be around a while but it's only been two years. Smart move and I hope more of their performers take advantage. And I knew somebody was going to be a dick about Nyla's victory, sad it's Val Venis but also glad it's not somebody even remotely relevant or entertaining so he's easy to ignore.
  16. I wasn't super excited going into this show. I'm bored of Cole, Ciampa, and Gargano. tThe Broserweights are good but they aren't doing it for me for some reason, they're both singles guys and this side quest into the tag scene seems mostly to give them something to do. I've seen Lee/Dijakovic a number of times now and while they're always impressive they aren't the greatest matches. Nox/Kai and Ripley/Belair were great though, both hard hitting, well worked, and smartly booked. What's next for Bianca though? Maybe a more personal feud, I don't think she's done one of those yet.
  17. World's worst boy band, especially since Randy is the cute one.
  18. This is true and speaks to AEW's issues with having wrestlers work to their roles. Guys like Andy and Luchasaurus bump too often and their tag matches aren't built around their strengths, they work just like any other guy just bigger (although Lucha is pretty good hot tag but he could be better). I think in an effort to be egalitarian in their booking they've inadvertently robbed themselves of some bigger moments down the road. They could have gotten a month or two out of people trying to knock Andy off his feet alone. Which leads me to: I wonder how they'll book the next Dynamite with both Wardlow AND Cobb debuting, both bad ass heels who shouldn't lose right away against top faces who shouldn't either. Same thing as Butcher and the Blade and they blew most of the mystique they had in their first match and got rid of the rest in the second. Cobb's a free agent so I suppose he doesn't have to be protected as much but if Wardlow is going to be an ongoing heel he can't look like a schmuck yet.
  19. I'll preface this by saying there is a slight Toronto bias but Agreed. Trish had (and has) that thing that would make her stand out in any era and that's the drive. It was a herculean task to get over as a serious wrestler at the time she did, in the modern environment she'd be right at home, although whether they'd let her do anything more than what Mandy Rose is doing is another matter.
  20. This plus he looked in much better shape here than the G1. Lost a little gut and seemed more mobile. No idea what Cobb’s contract status is but AEW Twitter made it sound like he was on board. But they were also careful to call the group at the end ‘the Inner Circle and Jeff Cobb’ implying he’s not a part of them even though he certainly seemed like one. I guess we’ll find out.
  21. Fantastic episode. Stoked for Jeff Cobb. He looked great too, he nailed that slam. Not sure what they do next week with two guys who shouldn’t lose facing off but I’m excited to watch it. Britt killed it too. Great promo, she had me rolling a couple of times. Hope she can pick it up in the ring too. I expected Darby Allin to save Moxley at the end but looks like he really has no friends. Where’s Shota to take a few licks? The titles off Riho like so many people wanted. Feels early for Nyla but she looked great here. I suppose that’s the perils of having a largely green roster, you’re going to have to take a few chances. Riho is great and I think she’ll be back in the title picture again. And congrats to Rose for making history, it’s great to see.
  22. Ah good, WWE will have its own Dork Order.
  23. In a “let’s get our moneys worth out of these guys” match. I think we’ll get it once the second show is on TV. In fact, it could be fun if the second title lived mostly on the second show. And just for myself, I hope it has a gimmick attached. I miss the TV and Pure Titles and the guys who were champions because they knew how to work the restrictions of the match perfectly. I hope they don’t make it a Hardcore or Deathmatch Title though. They never end well.
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