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  1. If Aldo drops the belt, then I have no issue with him moving up. If he moves up solely for a "super fight" then screw that.
  2. Anthony Pettis’ request to fight featherweight champion Jose Aldo just moments after winning the UFC lightweight title might have been a tad premature. Jesus Christ, Pettis, stay in your division and stop screwing shit up. BTW I hear "Real American" any time I see that Rothwell GIF online.
  3. It was more of the smoke and mirrors of Barnett's last ten years that left me in doubt.
  4. Jeez, that whole show was, uh, rough. I can't wait for the Barnett facade to crumble when he faces a guy who hasn't been KO'd as many times as Mir (angry I made that switch in my picks, no doubt).
  5. UFC is all about irrelevant fights.
  6. So now it appears they are setting up Chael Sonnen vs. Rashad Evans. Oddly, the people who hated the Sonnen vs. Phil Davis fight think this is a great fight. I think it stinks just as much (esp. after Rashad's last few fights).
  7. So last night's UFC show did 824,000 on average. That is over a 50% drop from the debut a week and half ago. Regardless, those are amazing numbers compared to the stuff drawing 0.0 ratings on FS1. I expect the Brazil card to do even less and TUF: All Rousey will probably be the worst rated season. If you want to know the finals of Fight Master, it is
  8. Oh man, that would be like the worst fight ever.
  9. Interesting article on how the UFC is the ONLY thing getting ratings on Fox Sports 1 and may result in weekly UFC events (a very baaaaad idea): http://www.fightopinion.com/2013/08/28/miserable-fs1-ratings-could-help-ufc-transition-away-from-so-many-ppvs/
  10. Cormier has tiny little T-Rex arms. He's not getting on the inside of Jones' reach. On a completely unrelated note, I watched the Countdown to UFC 164 last night. Josh Barnett is still insufferable and thinks he is hilarious. Zuffa completely avoids mentioning how he lost the Heavyweight title. This upcoming fight with Mir is gonna suuuuuck.
  11. Didn't his fellow Olympians even question his discipline? Either way, he has nothing for Jon Jones at LHW.
  12. Hell, imagine if it was still Henderson vs. TJ Grant. There is a reason he got "injured."
  13. Has this been advertised at all? I haven't seen a single mention of it on TV. If not, they are going to take a huge plunge from the first FS1 card ratings.
  14. Jason "Mayhem" Miller arrested again.
  15. Chris Camozzi vs. Lorenz Larkin and Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero on the "Fight for the Troops" card.
  16. God, that guy got annoying real quick.
  17. Wow, talk about fireworks. :-(
  18. Machida is finally moving to 185 and his first opponent will be Tim Kennedy on the November "Fight for the Troops" card.
  19. Stefan Struve's career might be over as he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and leaking valve.
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