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  1. Cody McKenzie vs. Sam Stout at UFC on FOX 9, Bobby Voelker vs. William 'Patolino' Macario at UFC 168. Also, in an odd move, the UFC suspended Ben Rothwell for 9 months for testing above the accepted level for testosterone. It is odd because the Wisconsin athletic commission only gave him a warning.
  2. Editors can only work with what they are given. Caraway said they are actually holding back on how bad Rousey really was. Do you really think Dana wants his Golden Girl to come off looking this bad?
  3. Thank you for not putting Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva from UFC 79 on that list.
  4. There is something truly bizarre in Meltzer saying Jones vs. Gustafsson was great, but not an all-time great like Frye vs. Takayama or Guida vs. Diego.
  5. Wow, that fight must have been really bad as I have zero recollection of it.
  6. Mike Ricci, James Head and Papi Abedi are also gone.
  7. The old UFC bait-n-switch.
  8. How can you get a concussion by a guy going to a decision? I wonder if Okami turned this fight down, hence his firing? We all know how Joe Silva is.
  9. Dennis Siver vs. Manny Gamburyan at UFC 168, Jeremy Stephens vs. Rony Jason rebooked on the Belfort/Henderson show, and Piotr Hallman in against Al Iaquinta on the Manchester show.
  10. Nah, for some odd reason Dana isn't too excited for the rematch.
  11. Probably Alexander gets the winner of Rashad/Chael. They want Chael back in the title hunt so badly.
  12. Judging from his demeanor at the staredown, Anderson isn't taking this serious (again) and is probably just looking for that big check. And why did they use a pic of Yves Edwards to represent Anderson on that poster?
  13. Despite the result, I thought Machida/Shogun 1 was a great fight. It was amazing watching Shogun dissect Machida's style. Same thing with Randy Couture dismantling Liddell in their first fight. And I always loved Rampage vs. Dan Henderson.
  14. It is insane how Renan is like the champ that doesn't exist online. In P4P discussions, he is never even brought up despite being on a 493 fight win streak.
  15. I had it 2-2 going into the fifth and Jones obviously won that last round. Either way, that was one hell of a fight and I'm glad to finally see someone give Jones a real challenge. PS: F'n Mitrione! Now we have more Schaub in the UFC. PPS: I never want to see Francis Carmount fight again. EVER!
  16. Our new leader Elsalva has failed us! This would have never happened under sprewell!
  17. Bellator had two welterweight title shots up for grabs tonight (season 8 finals, season 9 opening round). In 2 hours and 15 minutes, they never mentioned Ben Askren -- you know, their current champ -- once. Pretty telling.
  18. BTW in a historic moment in MMA, everyone made weight for tonight's Bellator card. It is actually a damn good card and you can catch Bubba Jenkins and "Mighty Mo" Siliga on the undercard. MAIN CARD (Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET) Douglas Lima (169.9) vs. Ben Saunders (169.4) - Season 8 welterweight tournament final Vaughn Anderson (170.1) vs. War Machine (170.4) - welterweight tournament opening round Rick Hawn (170.6) vs. Herman Terrado (171) - welterweight tournament opening round Justin Baesman (170.1) vs. Brent Weedman (170.4) - welterweight tournament opening round Ron Keslar (170.5) vs. Luis Melo (170.8) - welterweight tournament opening round PRELIMINARY CARD (Spike.com, 7:30 p.m. ET) Brandon Bender (135.2) vs. Travis Marx (135.8) - bantamweight tourney semifinal Larue Burley (153.8) vs. Bubba Jenkins (155.6) Liam McGeary (204.5) vs. Beau Tribolet (204.1) Dan Charles (235) vs. Siala-Mou Siliga (264.2) Johnny Buck (170.4) vs. Adam McDonough (170.5) Clifford Starks (202.7) vs. Joe Yager (205.5) Efrain Escudero (155.2) vs. Zack Surdyka (155)
  19. Tate is coming across really well and level headed. Ronda is coming across horribly, which I'm sure is driving Dana crazy. Brian Caraway said that the editors are actually holding back on how Ronda was, which is just crazy to think about.
  20. UFC 168 gets Dustin Poirier vs. Diego Brandao and Chris Leben vs. Uriah Hall. And Anthony Perosh vs. Ryan Bader on the Australian card.
  21. That is literally the oddest fight I can think of them giving Condit or Brown. I'm glad to see Matt Brown get a higher up fight, but he's been subbed a whole bunch. And Condit gains absolutely nothing by beating a guy not in the top 10.
  22. Joe Lauzon vs. Mac Danzig on the Pettis/Thomson card.
  23. Yeah, I'm always surprised at how some enthusiastic fans are so disconnected with the sport. I can't remember if I told this story or not, but last year during the Cain/JDS rematch I was at a BWW with a friend to watch the PPV. He ran into some of his friends there and we sat with them. There was one guy who was seemingly holding court as the resident MMA expert. My ears pricked up when Joe Lauzon came out and I heard him say, "This guy is mostly known for being a brawler." Ohhhhhhhh-kay. I just ignored the stuff he was saying until I heard, "Honestly, none of these guys impress me when you compare their records to Frank Dux." I'm like, "WHAT!?!" and he says, "You know who Frank Dux is, right?" I go, "Yeah, the inspiration for BLOODSPORT but it has been proven most of his stories were fake and embellished." He wouldn't believe me and kept saying I didn't know what I was talking about. LOL.
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