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  1. I can't recall...was Brandi ever much in the ring?  I appreciate @Matt Dbeing as charitable as he can be when discussing Brandi's obvious reality TV show angle match and we should be thankful they're at least keeping this bullshit to YouTube.

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  2. Here's the announced card so far!

    Young Bucks vs Chaotic Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero): good call waiting for JR to be off before putting Chucky back in wrestling gear!

    Jamie Hayter, leader of The Hayt Club, vs Riho, who is obviously too small to be believable: this is going to be an awesome big vs little match!  As I was writing their names, I was really struck by how she doesn't spell it "Jaymie."  Maybe that would be a little too much.

    Dynamite Dozen Diamond Dynamic Dudes Battle Royal: Every year, I forget that the rule is this goes to two people, who then work a regular match for the ring later (next week at Winter is Coming, in this case).  Do they seriously let MJF win again because the ring is his gimmick?  I'm thinking he loses to heat up the angle with Punk.  AND THEN I'd make a series of vignettes where he commissions his own, better ring, and they'd look and feel like the old DiBiase vignettes for the creation of the Million Dollar Belt.  Really, the world needs MJF walking into a jeweler's shop wearing a cape and shouting, "I'M HERE!"

    Bryan Danielson gets to kick in John Silver's head this week: should be a good match!

    Probably more to come!


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  3. 12 hours ago, D.Z said:

    Yeah, the weird smells back then.


    Anyway from Pwinsider

    "WWE is teaming with White Castle and Grubhub for special meals that can be ordered through the online delivery service:

    -The Natalya Meal features four Impossible Sliders, a 3 piece Cheese Stick and small Coke Zero Sugar for $8.36.

    -The Dolph Ziggler Meal features four Bacon Cheese Sliders, a 6 piece Chicken Ring and medium Fanta Craver Party Punch.

    There is also a WWE Crave Case featuring 10 Original Sliders, 10 American Cheese Sliders and 10 Jalapeno Cheese Sliders.

    Fans can use code WWEWHITECASTLE while ordering to receive free delivery of orders over $15 as well as a $5 promo code to WWEShop.com."

    WWE will also aim to do more product placements sometimes during some shows.

    Vince thinking White Castle is hot with The Kids can only mean his  pop culture knowledge has hit 1986 and he's been listening to Licensed to Ill nonstop.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    From what I've seen out of him lately, it does feel like the pendulum swung a bit more towards him being meaner and less ostentatious with half speed kicks. I think he botched one of his kicks a month or two ago on tv and either somebody had a word or he realized himself what needed to be done. I hope that's the case but I noticed it too on the ppv. Still think he could lean more into it though. 

    Once they hired Danielson, Luchasaurus' "slo motion Stan Lane, showing more light than a 100 watt bulb" offense wasn't going to fly anymore.  Glad he recognized the need to switch it up.  Play to your strengths.  When you're one of the biggest guys on the roster, work like that, not like a worse version of Speedball Mike Bailey.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, Shartnado said:

    There sure is a reason why I prefer to run on an empty stomach, you know! Hey, 7 lbs is 7lbs, you have to shed the water weight at some point, so way to go!

    Thing is, it WAS fasted cardio, like 6:30 in the morning!  Must have been from night-before snacks.  Things you never want to think while running: "wooo, that fart felt warm!"

  6. 16 hours ago, Jiji said:

    That DPW show in January with Yuu vs. Ryo is paywalled behind a $20 patreon membership. They are trying to get their ppv/big shows on a platform other than that but it hasn't gone well. I'm guessing highspots network and iwtv don't pay well at all. I'm already a $10 tier patron/hogdipper but I don't know man. Holding out hope they find something soon because that sucks. 

    I think I asked before on this forum how IWTV pays people and I believe the answer is, it's essentially consignment.  As in, they pay a certain amount when someone watches your show.  That might be wrong and I'd love for anyone here who might be more in the know to reiterate or explain in better detail.  If that's the case, it kind of sucks because I can't imagine some of the more obscure stuff getting many views.  That's probably why companies like Paradigm sell sponsorships as well.

    I hope they succeed so we get the eventual show entitled DPW: Take the Dog to Hell.

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  7. 10 hours ago, Gordberg said:

    Anytime I come on with you guys like all the aggregation sites will pick it up and pull the quotes out and look for anything juicy to say and often they’ll intentionally take the stuff out of context. They probably won’t use this quote because it talks about what they do. So I’m guessing this won’t make it onto the aggregation sites because it’s actually a very process oriented quote describing the process of running a wrestling aggregation site and taking people out of context, which is an art that they’ve mastered.

    I love this quote.  And it's not just wrestling sites now.  I uninstalled my phone's news app and rarely read news online anymore because it's either all gotcha headlines that only technically connect to the content of the actual story, or controversial~! stories disingenuously created out of whole cloth from misapplied quotes.  One one hand, we're criticizing people for living in bubbles where they pick and choose news from questionable sources like reddit or social media, but on the other hand, "real" journalism has become garbage infotainment.  It all sucks and this has been my ted talk.

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  8. Unless they really want to go all the way with Jade squashing everyone, then it’s probably a Rosa/Ruby final.  Nyla has already been women’s champ so I figure she’s just there as an obstacle.  So with Ruby in the finals, I think she’s an above average worker but not at the level to carry Jade to the type of match a title tournament final needs.  So that leaves Rosa/Ruby, which would be pretty damn good.  

    As I mentioned in another thread, Rosa (or Ruby if you really really want Jade to get to the final) beating Jade, and Jade realizing that it’s time to train more to get to the next level, is a good angle.

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  9. 3 hours ago, AxB said:

    Today is Billie Starkz' birthday. Her 17th. So, we can more or less start a 365 day countdown to her signing to a major promotion with TV, if she wants to. She's scarily good at the wrestling.

    I always notice Moriarty, Dante, and maybe some others (?) wearing BSB gear on AEW and I keep forgetting to mention it.

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  10. Damn, Jade.  When you botch one move in a match that only has two or three, you need more training.

    I’m fine with her losing in the semis or finals and doing a “I got this far on raw ability but now I need to go away and train hard to get to the next level” angle.

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  11. 20 hours ago, Johnny Sorrow said:

    Garvin didn't give a shit about anything then making money. It's why he went to WWF after the heel turn. He felt Dusty was cutting him off constantly. Garvin wasn't a belt mark.

    Damn, I forgot all about that heel run.

    10 hours ago, twiztor said:


    as for him being the "worst NWA champ",  i disagree. I doubt Rob Conway was outstanding as champ. And "Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada, who traded the belt with Sabu? clearly inferior. And really most of the champs between JCP and TNA are pretty forgettable (Severn, Corino, and a handful of others are excluded obviously). and post-TNA, pre-Corgan doesn't have the best history either

    Personally, I don’t consider anything post-Crockett split truly “NWA.”  

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  12. 6:19pm on the east coast and no thread?  Did Cody run everybody off?


    Jade Cargill “in action” (vs Janai Kai).  It does my head in to see Kai on national TV the same way it did to see Lord Crewe on Dark.  Last time I saw either was on the Covid PPW tapings in an empty bar.  Good for her, she’s awesome!

    Sammy Guevara vs Tony Nese.  Should be good but I don’t love Sammy Sammy Sammy as a babyface.

    Penta y PAC vs FTR.  PAC looks like an angry pirate now!  Should be GREAT!



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  13. 4 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

    After Cody lost to Malakai Black the second time, I saw no reason for the feud to continue. Secondly, what happened with all that stuff of Arn Anderson being angry with Cody and thinking Cody had gotten too "Hollywood?" They pretty much dropped all of that.

    It was a blink and you miss it, two week angle.  Arn exorcised Cody’s Hollywood demons by burning his pink tie one week and then having him take bumps with trainees the next.  This makes it two times now we thought we’d get a Rocky 3 angle out of Cody, only to wrap it up quickly with nothing resembling an interesting story or payoff.

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  14. Cody in the main two straight weeks of down ratings?  My boy isn’t as smart to the biz as I thought.  Hulk would have taken Thanksgiving eve off, at least.  

    Meanwhile, Jericho has glommed on to another hot act (Eddie) and a trio of fresh faces.  Shows you who’s really an old school brother brother and who’s just larping in his suit and tie Flair Starter Kit.

    But seriously, maybe fans don’t understand Cody’s meta Cena Wins LOL act and are mistaking it for a legit Cena Wins LOL run and don’t care for it.  And that’s not the fans’ fault.  If your “gimmick” is over everyone’s heads, that’s your fault.  “I’m just playing jingo white meat babyface as parody” fails if nobody gets the joke.

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  15. On 12/1/2021 at 2:00 PM, Stefanie the Human said:

    I never understood where that talking point came from. He was defending the title on house shows (Cagematch lists 13 specific defenses) and was working regularly on TV (which World Champions at the time just didn't do). I guess because he was working non-title squashes on TV, but really, what World Champion back then was defending their title on TV each week?

    Garvin wasn't the right choice as champion, and his reign was weak, but I've seen that "he won the title then vanished until Starrcade" talking point come up multiple times and I just never got where it started.

    Thanks for the correction!  That's really wild because I definitely remember Crockett TV making an angle out of the fact that Garvin would be taking time off to train for Starrcade.

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