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  1. They seemed able to process it well but Jericho taking his young daughters to see IT definitely raised my eyebrows. In other bizarre happenings in podcast-land, I sometimes wish there was a little more kayfabe but MLW acting like their upcoming IPPV is a SHOOT~! is a little offputting.
  2. Really dug the Jeff Jarrett episode. But then again I've always found Double J's WWF career (and the New Generation era) fascinating. Plus Bruce was energized as he clearly had strong feelings about the 97 re-hiring.
  3. KANE is going to be on JR's podcast this week. I don't believe he's ever done a long form interview like this. Should be good as there's a LOT of career turns there to dig into. (Full disclosure: I'm selective chooser of Ross episodes but I don't mind his goofy non-sequiturs.)
  4. I think he's in it til they run out of topics to riff on, which to be fair, will probably happen sooner than later. Its a surprisingly feel good podcast deep down, as Schiavone seems progressively happier as the weeks go by. Regarding the Heenan episode: my interpretation of their spat was that it was a personality clash between a guy treating the business like a job (show up, put in the time, go home to the family) vs. the mentality of an old school paranoid carny like Bobby. The story about Heenan staring at Schiavone all night across a bar was genuinely creepy. Over in Prichard-land, while I'm not out on the show, I definitely feel there's been diminishing returns. The Cornette and jovial, backslapping Vince impressions are always funny to me but some of the back-and-forth is starting to feel forced like they're going through the motions.
  5. I came here to put over the Schiavone podcast and am happy to see I got beat to it! Its really hit its stride. Tony is confident and candid while the subjects are covering ground that hasn't been treaded on ad nauseam. Great perspective from a guy that seems relatively normal (not a dyed in the wool carny) who recognizes that the wrestling business exists in the proverbial bubble. A far cry from when he sounded tired and depressed on JR's podcast a couple years ago. I feel bad for him that he was painted as A Bad Guy on the wrong side of history by the IWC for the last 20 years.

    "(fake laugh) Ha Ha Ha! Okay. We're going to talk about the time you did (career highlight) but before that let's talk about (sponsor)." Its to the point where its hard to concentrate on the interview because I'm practically anticipating that any sentence is a strangely edited cut to an ad. I appreciate the effort of trying to paste them into the interviews but you're right, they're very disconcerting.

    Batista was surprisingly candid about his movie career and the productions in which he's participated. If you're into the films he's been in, he drops a lot of fun tidbits about them. Its a shame wrestling fans ran him off for not being flippy or coming up through the "right" indies. I also always get a kick out of vaguely-but-not-really-up-on-movies Jericho.

    From the snippets, this reads like a script that Christopher Moltisanti would have written on the The Sopranos.

    Interesting. I had figured the place in LA would be the first to go if he was going to sell one but I guess he still takes meetings in Hollywood. I wonder what Ted Fowler's going to do in the meantime.

    Did anyone with the time and inclination listen to the solo Austin shows where he talks about selling the Broken Skull Ranch? If so, what was the reason?
  11. After all the Klondike Bill stories and the tale told on the Q&A episode in great detail about Tony being in the room with Flair and a "party girl" who was trying to coerce him into a threesome, the Schiavone podcast might be better off bringing the SLEAZE~! going forward instead of copying the Prichard format.

    There surprisingly wasn't much buzz for Roman's appearance but I thought he came off really well. You can see why the WWE would really so the time and effort (besides a heel turn) into making him the centerpiece as he's the proverbial Guy That Would Be Good on the Today Show with crossover appeal. Charismatic in that laid back cool guy way, not unlike, say, Kevin Nash, in wrestling personality comparisons, but without the everpresent offputting snark just underneath the surface.

    The Rip Rogers episode had some awesome old carny uses insider shoot~! terminology to describe random life things. On being hit by a car - "I wasn't expecting the bump so I did put it over a little."

    It feels like its surprisingly been a while since we've had a delusional old timer telling tall tales in wrestling podcast land but the Paul Roma two parter delivered in spades! Did you know: It only took 8 weeks for Roma to completely learn how to work? The reason he never got into any backstage altercations was because everyone was afraid of him? The students at his school could work at any company in the world today? (at least he's giving the rub to some others with this one)

    There's no real documentation or reviews of the plethora of wrestling podcasts but Saturn on Jericho is essential listening. Even for non-wrestling fans.