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    Listening to the Vampiro episode because a get a kick out of Vamp shootin' brother, and am laughing at Austin's strange, increasingly aloof questions. "Whatever happened to Skeletor?" (referring to La Parka) "What's his body type under all those skeletons?"
  2. Schiavone's show in the final stretch (maybe?) as his daughter's wedding approaches. Sad to see it go but realistically one had to see it coming in its current format. There's only so many WCW ppvs out there and a lot of the storylines and performers of the Nitro era were pretty redundant for about a three year stretch. In regards to Sean Mooney, I listened to the Jim Johnston episode because who doesn't love 80's/90s WWF production music. Probably the worst guest with the most potential in wrestling podcast land. His Austin appearance a couple was a total dud too. No memory and a tendency to drift into boring anecdotes. You could tell even Mooney was getting frustrated.
  3. DukeCaesar


    Austin repeatedly putting Brutus Beefcake over as "a damn good worker". Peak modern day podcasts going against decades of smark opinon?
  4. On the Schiavone podcast, it bubbles up every so often, but I think there's big untapped potential in Tony Schiavone - Movie Geek. Road Warrior Animal joins the podcast glut. Can't speak too much for the content yet but its pretty well produced.
  5. Download data might say otherwise, but good god, the 3 to 4 hour length of these Conrad Thompson podcasts has finally did me in as a weekly listener. I would imagine people listen to more than one weekly podcast throughout the week even people that don't leave the Wrestling Bubble~! It was sort of revealed that Schiavone isn't that great when discussing stuff without a pay per view in front of him to jog his memory for good stories but surely they could chop them up into 2 parters. I would assume an average work commute is around an hour so if i was the pope of podcasting (and not just for wrestling ones), I'd set a limit of 2 hours. And to hop on the Bash Bruce bandwagon, he can be engaging at times but 4 hours of dancing around some of the sticker issues isn't the best use of 4 hours.
  6. They seemed able to process it well but Jericho taking his young daughters to see IT definitely raised my eyebrows. In other bizarre happenings in podcast-land, I sometimes wish there was a little more kayfabe but MLW acting like their upcoming IPPV is a SHOOT~! is a little offputting.
  7. Really dug the Jeff Jarrett episode. But then again I've always found Double J's WWF career (and the New Generation era) fascinating. Plus Bruce was energized as he clearly had strong feelings about the 97 re-hiring.
  8. KANE is going to be on JR's podcast this week. I don't believe he's ever done a long form interview like this. Should be good as there's a LOT of career turns there to dig into. (Full disclosure: I'm selective chooser of Ross episodes but I don't mind his goofy non-sequiturs.)
  9. I think he's in it til they run out of topics to riff on, which to be fair, will probably happen sooner than later. Its a surprisingly feel good podcast deep down, as Schiavone seems progressively happier as the weeks go by. Regarding the Heenan episode: my interpretation of their spat was that it was a personality clash between a guy treating the business like a job (show up, put in the time, go home to the family) vs. the mentality of an old school paranoid carny like Bobby. The story about Heenan staring at Schiavone all night across a bar was genuinely creepy. Over in Prichard-land, while I'm not out on the show, I definitely feel there's been diminishing returns. The Cornette and jovial, backslapping Vince impressions are always funny to me but some of the back-and-forth is starting to feel forced like they're going through the motions.
  10. I came here to put over the Schiavone podcast and am happy to see I got beat to it! Its really hit its stride. Tony is confident and candid while the subjects are covering ground that hasn't been treaded on ad nauseam. Great perspective from a guy that seems relatively normal (not a dyed in the wool carny) who recognizes that the wrestling business exists in the proverbial bubble. A far cry from when he sounded tired and depressed on JR's podcast a couple years ago. I feel bad for him that he was painted as A Bad Guy on the wrong side of history by the IWC for the last 20 years.
  11. DukeCaesar


    "(fake laugh) Ha Ha Ha! Okay. We're going to talk about the time you did (career highlight) but before that let's talk about (sponsor)." Its to the point where its hard to concentrate on the interview because I'm practically anticipating that any sentence is a strangely edited cut to an ad. I appreciate the effort of trying to paste them into the interviews but you're right, they're very disconcerting.
  12. DukeCaesar


    Batista was surprisingly candid about his movie career and the productions in which he's participated. If you're into the films he's been in, he drops a lot of fun tidbits about them. Its a shame wrestling fans ran him off for not being flippy or coming up through the "right" indies. I also always get a kick out of vaguely-but-not-really-up-on-movies Jericho.
  13. DukeCaesar


    From the snippets, this reads like a script that Christopher Moltisanti would have written on the The Sopranos.
  14. DukeCaesar


    Interesting. I had figured the place in LA would be the first to go if he was going to sell one but I guess he still takes meetings in Hollywood. I wonder what Ted Fowler's going to do in the meantime.
  15. DukeCaesar


    Did anyone with the time and inclination listen to the solo Austin shows where he talks about selling the Broken Skull Ranch? If so, what was the reason?