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  1. Wow, that’s a spot on description for how I’m feeling. Just unreal.
  2. That match (possibly clipped) is on the WWE Peacock Mid South channel, it's a fun one.
  3. In theory, I won't be watching until tomorrow as we have tickets for a free screening of the Tetris movie at 7:30.
  4. Agent: "Hey <woman wrestler working the region of the upcoming AEW event>, we've really enjoyed the work we've seen from you and wanted to offer you a tryout/enhancement match against one of our top talents" Wrestler: Sounds great, I'd love the opportunity and the exposure. So who am I working? Britt? Ruby? Agent: ummmm, Athena. Wrestler: Actually, let me think about it for a little bit.
  5. I thought one of the perks of retirement was not having to.
  6. I've grown fond of the Paul Wight/Daddy Magic team on Monday. I also think they do a better job of putting over the matches and the talent. YouTube is also worth it to see the women like Athena and Emi Sakura in action.
  7. I stand corrected! Definitely a Hall of Fame worthy appearance
  8. That would be the first thing he ever did that could be directly associated with the WWF/E, right?
  9. I decided to start watching the ECW shows on Peacock from the beginning and the early episodes are...not good. I'm going to keep watching to see the transition to the Extreme style, so far the early attempts have been comical (the surfboard that broke before making contact with Sandman in his early surfer character being a prime example). Also hard to watch a washed, roided, drugged out Snuka (and the new addition of washed, roided Muraco). Reading up on Eddie Gilbert, it looks as though I have another few months before Heyman takes over.
  10. That almost went horribly, horribly wrong.
  11. If AEW gets involved with Rogan I’ll immediately stop watching, taping, and throw my merch in the trash
  12. A monthly title defense would be something different for MJF, for sure.
  13. The reason I stopped watching basketball, especially college basketball, is the last 5 minutes of a game take FOREVER. The last 8 minutes of that game before Rampage took over 30 minutes of real time, and so even though my DVR is set to record an extra 30 minutes I still had the end of the main event cut off. I’ve been clamoring for Rey Fenix and Brody King singles matches and I got them! And Omega singles next week! Thanks Coach Tony K! Enjoyed the opener, good story, Hobbs was a great base for most of Fenix’s stuff but some of the more convoluted lucha stuff didn’t go smoothly and this you get Fenix doing an Everest German suplex that, while fun, was maybe a feat of strength that didn’t fit the story as opposed to the planned top-rope flip momentum suplex. Both Hobbs and Wight did a great job covering for the wobble on the top rope. I forgot that Spine on the Pine isn’t Hobbs finisher and was a little annoyed at Fenix kicking out twice. Overall. very enjoyable match but maybe a little more competitive than should’ve been for Hobbs’ first defense. Does Taya know that the word is “guera” not “wera”? I don’t really know why they felt the need to add another woman to the division other than to have a new victim for Jade. Took me a minute to realize Sterling was getting involved for an angle over ownership of the finisher. While she wasn’t WWE, I’m with others who think it would be the best move to have The Outcasts help Taya beat Jade to move Jade up to the top card angle for a War Games. 2.0 are good at the stooging and heeling which is good because I’m not sure they’re the greatest wrestlers. Nothing wrong with solid mid-card heels (which is where the Gunns should have stayed). Garcia’s sports entertainment antics are great, he is able to channel some sort of “trying to be charming but only being douchey” vibe. He also might be the greatest taker and seller of chops in AEW. King is a star with the way he moves for his size and the way he can sell for a smaller guy. My recording cut off right after the PiP, I’ll have to watch the rest on YouTube I guess. Holy shit Dynamite looks great next week.
  14. I have some thoughts that are better for the Navel Gazing thread but I did want to say that I really liked the opening segment as a reset for the World Title that makes sense, given that the Pillars of AEW has been discussed on TV over the past 18 months. What I didn’t like was the whining and especially the “that’s a shoot, brother” aspect. And, as others have pointed out, do Sammy or Perry really deserve to be in the World Title picture given their last year? Hopefully, the do a round robin tournament or something instead of having each of them have to run a gauntlet.
  15. Nah, something that prevents Cassidy from being able to put his hands in his pockets.
  16. They did that with Athena and the match was a let-down and then AEW let Athena be an ass-beating heel on Dark and it was better and got her over as a heel and rewarded with the ROH women's title.
  17. This is a more reasonable version of my feelings on the show than my "fucking awful" original comment (because shooting, QTV, Jade squash, and BCC getting chumped had me really in a foul mood)
  18. Britt and Jayme did as well.
  19. The greatness of OC-JJ couldn’t overcome the multiple shitty angles, promos, overbooking, another Jade squash, and Stu fucking Grayson no-selling multiple things from the BCC.
  20. Well that was fucking awful. Felt very WWE in a lot of ways. And they need to fire whoever came up with QTV and just pretend it never happened.
  21. I can't be bothered to care about who Jade is going to squash. So fucking boring, do something new soon please.
  22. She's the Inspire A.D. champ, mostly doing inter-gender title matches. I need to get a ticket for their next show.
  23. I had to double-check and I did in fact see Hyan vs. Raychelle Rose LIVE at the free Inspire A.D. show back in December. They had the best match of the afternoon.
  24. And (can't believe I'm saying this) Outrunners-Triple J(ay). There will be much stalling and stooging.
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