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  1. It isn't laziness in a grab a chin lock and lie down sense, it's in taking shortcuts to tell a story. It's occasionally a to c with no b or a to c and forgetting about what was done in b. It's big bumps that were unearned or overselling a moment that didn't need oversold. Omega can be great, but he falls back on bad habits in lieu of storytelling. That's why I say pivot slightly. It's not spot spot spot spot I take umbrage. It's the story that's being told in the match not connecting together. I'd site specific examples, but I don't tend to re-watch a lot of NJPW, that's just the impression I get from him a lot. And to answer Oyaji, I'd put every match you listed for Omega below most of the Ziggler feud minus Naito G1 and Okada, but I tend to grade on a curve. I'm often very critical of NJPW and less so of the Miz and especially Ziggler because I've been consistently expecting below average output from those two dudes and high level from the other. Unfair? Probably. I will try to go back and rewatch some of the matches you listed, Oyaji, but I may be too closed minded on the dude, which I will say is a flaw of mine.
  2. I stared way too long waiting for Meiko to move... Oh, DIY.
  3. Dawson > Riddle > Dash So I pick the side with Dawson.
  4. I'll pivot slightly and say my issue with Omega's work isn't a spot heavy style, it's laziness. If I were to pick the ten best matches featuring either Miz or Omega, Omega would have 1 and 2 but Miz would probably have 3-8. That's work you can set your watch to. Miz all day.
  5. SAY YEAH! (I voted Hero. He had a better year overall in different styles and against more varied opponents.)
  6. I COULDVE VOTED CAVEMAN OVER OKADA!? I hate this stupid tournament.
  7. Yeah this should pretty much cover it. Good thread, everyone!
  8. I leave for the weekend and Io and LA Park lose? I feel like this is my fault. I should've campaigned harder.
  9. I wish I had an answer. I'd say it's likely but I haven't watched them like I should. I should go back and see. I saw a good house show match with them and Alpha, anyway. I'm always just really into how he works, even if it's only for a few minutes. He has a unique but believable way he moves and gets into position to take offense. His moveset is kinda basic, but he hits hard, looks good in what he does do, His facials are a little cartoony sometimes but it fits the gimmick and he seems like a genuine fighter.
  10. Apropos of nothing, were this just based on ability and not usage per company stature and gimmick, I'd have a hard time voting against Simon Gotch versus a lot of people.
  11. Oh I've been here for a while, I just don't post much. My first exposure to Cavernario was his Cinderella run a few years back and it turned me on to CMLL pretty much since. There is seriously no arguememt for Jericho to even be in this match, and with Naito and Okada (granted ymmv) there's no way this is close and really Omega should be losing to caveman by 95 votes right now and just dammit why don't they make Cavernario Chuck Taylors instead of The Elite!? I'm gonna go lie down now.
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