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  1. Thanks for the link. Excellent article that really shows her in a positive light. I don't know there was anything kayfabe in there at all -- even to using "Bryan Danielson" name. Good photos, too.
  2. But I'll bet Douglas isn't 6 figures in debt, either.
  3. Jerry Lawler "cribs" on right now. I love his Coca-Cola collection. I, too, have always been a fan of the art, especially their Santas. And he loves GWTW, too? Great fun watching him out of character, just being a bit of a geek. My next month's sub is now justified.
  4. I don't know if there's a rhyme or reason as to which shows have markers and which don't. I think most of the WWF/E ppv's do. I haven't seen too many WCW ppvs that have markers but some do. The WCCW shows have markers if I'm not mistaken. I'm watching on PS3 btw. I'll check it out, thanks. I have only watched WCW ppv's, the stream, or some of the "in ring" programs so far since I signed up last week. I did watch Rumble 2012 match when I first got it, but I don't recall chapter markers in that one. I had to FF to the match. On another note, looks like the stream is playing a mini World Class marathon this morning. I am confused about the times, as it lists EST. But what's on never seems to match my time conversions to MST. It's frustrating because I am not 100% certain what time the MainEvent/NXT/Superstars block actually starts tonight if I want to watch them in real time.
  5. That was 2007, right? IIRC, it was the year Cena some folks began to re-examine him as a talented worker and not just a guy shoved down our throats week after week. He was soon to have two great matches with Shawn (RAW and Mania). I am sure there were others. I hope the Network begins to include the official comp videos with matches, and not just the docus. Or maybe they are, and I haven't noticed? I know the matches are almost never on the netflix versions, unless that too has changed recently.
  6. Turned it on this morning to see Shawn vs Marty on RAW for the IC belt. Good Lord, Marty lacks charisma. He tries, but it just isn't there.
  7. Just watched "This is NXT" -- a terrific overview of the program's last year, including the Claudio-Generico 2/3 Falls match. It gives an intro to a few of the guys who went on to be rising stars in WWE and a few of the newcomers now, highlights of some title changes, and clips of the WWE stars visiting the program. All hosted by that pretty Ms. Young. As someone who enjoyed FCW but has seen no NXT (or any WWE 2013 at all), I found it really helpful. And it looks like basically a slightly higher-budget FCW. I look forward to watching it regularly.
  8. I meant to ask: I have seen talk of chapter markers within shows. I have yet to find one as an option. Are there any shows yet where we can quick FF to specific segments or matches? On desktop, roku, or iphone?
  9. And the final two-ish hours, starting with Steiners/Rotunda-Sullivan, is as good as wrestling gets. Sting-Muta, Luger-Steamboat, War Games, and Flair-Funk are all awesome matches with great builds. The first hour did drag a bit, but it's still an unbelievably good show on the whole. Rotunda-Scotty having a more-or-less standard rasslin match in the ring while Rick-Sullivan beat the shit out of each other on the floor is absolute gold.
  10. I watched GAB 89 thru the Sting match yesterday. I just turned it back on, and since my browser version apparently doesn't offer a RESUME option the way my Roku does, I decided to fast forward to this point and rewatch Sting/Muta. Sting's dive from ring-to-ring to start the match is freaking great (even if Muta is kind of standing around like an imbecile when the bell rings).
  11. This? And if so - what the fuck did I just watch? Wait, so they just awarded a TITLE BELT by draw out of a hat? Yup, sounds about right.
  12. Craziness. Looks like I may have been purged at some point - I am guessing in the board changeover. So I reregistered with the same username. Anyway, the validation email to my gmail account was missing the links, though the codes were in it. I changed my email to an outlook, and the validation page appeared. So even though my new email to outlook.com also missed the links, I was able to use the codes from it on the validation page. Weirdness all around. But seems to have been appropriately resolved for me.
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