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  1. 5 hours ago, Flair’s Shadow said:

    Inner Circle won’t be a heel faction after tomorrow night.

    The new Apocalypse will be the top heel faction in AEW. Matt Hardy will defeat and “cleans” Sammy’s soul and Sammy becomes a mega face who will be having a great feud with MJF here shortly. Ortiz and Santana will be the next huge opponents for FTR and the Apocalypse. Cody has some new members in his faction to take losses from Apocalypse. 

    There is no way Arn Anderson is not turning on Cody Rhodes and his family. With Tully banned from ringside this is where Double A comes in and costs Young Bucks the Tag Team Titles to end the PPV. Cody comes to ringside to confront Anderson and he gets crushed by FTR and Spears. Brandi comes out and takes the microphone and yells at Anderson, “I always told my husband he couldn’t trust you. You can never trust an Anderson!”. Then Brandi slaps Anderson across the face. FTR walks toward Brandi...but suddenly Tully stops FTR from doing anything to Brandi and Tully says the following, “Hold on boys. I got somebody to take care of this problem.” 

    Out comes Tessa Blanchard to clean Brandi’s clock.

    End of PPV. 



    I’m glad you think all this shit up and post it here so Tony Khan will read it and never actually do any of it. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, SorceressKnight said:

    You mean the same thread that, even while people cried crocodile tears about people using the Internet to insult Hana Kimura and cause her death, @Smelly McUgly flat-out said it was okay to bully me because people disagree with my opinions and that everyone should pick on me and not only did he not get punished, but people outright took his side?

    Yeah, it's not so much about dialing back the insults and it never has been. There's been a lot of people who pull this shit, even when they know the problems.

    Probably because you frequently post mini novels that are almost as out of touch as Vince McMahon himself. 

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  3. 10 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    The surge of Discord is hilarious to me as for most purposes it's just "a message board, but worse". It's good if you ever need to use a mic though.

    At least the message boards sort things out and not 20+ people talking over each other. Someone asked me to get on Discord not long ago and I was like damn are we going back to Roger Wilco next?! 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Andy in Kansas said:

    I'm giving Cody the benefit of the doubt and reading that whole deal as a heel response. 

    Considering how worked up he got one person in this thread I am inclined to agree. 😂

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  5. The male side of the roster is already overloaded with guys.

    As someone who defended AEW’s women’s division early on I think anyone new signed from this point forward should be some more female talent. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, elizium said:

    I realize it's not legal everywhere in the states, but is it really that hard to get weed down there?

    That Mark Felt *eyeroll* tweet got me momentarily excited: "He's their drug dealer" Ooooh tea, let's hear it. "He's been selling weed to wrestlers" Oh, that's a let down, that doesn't even count as drug dealing.

    Seriously professional wrestlers, there's plenty of people that will give you free weed just for the access of chilling with you for half an hour, you don't need to hit up pedophiles.

    Fun fact: Florida is a medical Marijuana state. 

    $300 and you can walk in and tell them your back hurts sometimes or that you have stress. A week later you have the card and your choice of dispensary’s, most of which will deliver(mail). 

    Not saying the “burner” is full of shit but it is Twitter. Also those tweets make me glad pots and pans bixenspan is not here anymore. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Six String Orchestra said:

    Am I the only one not super interested in the demos and the ratings for the weekly shows? I get Raw did an all time low being newsworthy but the production the gets made out of NXT vs AEW... not on here nearly as much as other places but ugh.

    Just be thankful we don’t have to endure discussions about PPV buyrates anymore outside of AEW from time to time. 
    Man those were exciting times. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, The Great ML said:

    Lol, I’ll pretend you said 18...with Perverted Justice camcorder footage of RF on the run...and Bob Barnett supplying footage of it with each purchase from his site.

    Latina floppies and bacon strip.

    Mark Henry, super-worker

    When PRIDE event results were posted in the MMA forum.

    The death of tape trading.

    Pics of Scott Keith that surfaced online.

    Being like the third or fourth to post in the Sleaze Thread.

    ....good times.



    Preferred the RF footage set to Flock of Seagulls “I ran” that was posted here. 

    Never could track down the video posted in the MMA section that took the Bj Penn/Matt Hughes rivalry and turned it in to a love story set to Britney Spears’ “Hit me Baby One More Time”. 

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