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  1. 1 hour ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    I assume PAC's been a bit difficult to book with travel, but they need to get him back on the upward trajectory proper for a talent this grand.  Andrade too.  As expected, that was fucking great.  The Hobbs-OC finish was definitely illogical and weak, but they did just allude to a future OC-Mox match from that Mox-Wheeler squash, also this from @tbarrie...

    There was no reaction because Anna Jay looked like she was having a wrestling school demonstration in there.  I really like Anna, and I'm plainly aware how little experience she brings, but seems like ppl are buying Jericho's kayfabe 'she's never looked better' comment.  I can't remember the last time she's looked so green.  Her attempts at chain wrestling, her atrocious sells on those late match strikes against the ropes, her execution of the Queen Slayer - nothing looked good.  She looked completely lost.  Again, love her and see the huge upside, but that bout looked incredibly weak.  They need to have Anna working some longer single bouts before putting her on TV for any sort of big match again.  I hope they see that they needed to do that before this match.  Kudos to Baker for keeping that shit sorta together.    

    And very much agree with the prevoious posters on Tay Conti's late arrival, and again (fucking always) with the unnatural theme music before the save.  Give me the element of surprise on these things.  What is the logic of orchestrating the music just in time.  I know, I know it's wrestling and we shouldn't expect better.  It's also so ridiculous when a heel has two outside cronies and the face, who has a well established friend and partner, like in this case with Tay, isn't at ringside.  Happens far too often in this promotion.    

    When I was a kid I just thought that when the babyfaces were running out of the back to make the save, the music guy would see them and play their music. Made sense to me. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    She cuts fine promos sometimes but she's only going to be as good as the material she's given.  She doesn't have to cut great promos because she has a star presence and she's one of the best wrestlers on the roster.  The crowd is going to be into what she's doing regardless. 

    On what roster? The roster she’s on now? Lolololololololololololol.



    Thanks. I needed that.

  3. Sasha Banks is such an abysmal promo. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her come off as anything but forced. Ugh. It’s bad when Charlotte isn’t the worst interview in a given segment. The women’s division is so, so bad right now, and there are a dozen fresh faces they could use to rescue it, but they won’t, because Johnny Ace and Podcast Prichard are fucking clueless.

  4. 1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

    "Razor Ramon's surname is actually Westerberg, "Razor" Ramon Westerberg, so he wasn't technically portraying a Cuban"

    Wikipedia doesn't dive too deep into Scott Hall's early life aside from being an army brat. It might have been said in some shoot interview before but it wouldn't surprise me if Hall moving a bunch due to the Army and Shawn Michaels moving a bunch due to the Air Force gave them something to bond over when they became close friends in the WWF.

    Fun fact; my mom and Scott were close when both their families were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Jiji said:

    I hope you're right. Bucks could afford to drop a fall and the Dark Order have been feeling extra jabroni lately.

    Lolololol. The Bucks drop a fall? That would require a desire to help get anyone else in the tag division over. Like tonight. It wasn’t enough to go over on the Dark Order. They had to kill off Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy first. Then, when Jungle Boy came out for his shine, he was left only Cutler to get his shit in on. But y’all be sure to take me through the weekly leaps in logic y’all make to convince yourselves that all that no sell Outsider cosplay smarky bullshit is actually great. Really sullied what was otherwise a great show. 

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  6. 49 minutes ago, tbarrie said:

    Well, if Drew is going to be restrained, I'm going to step up and say the Bucks pissed me off last night. I saw at least two occasions when one of them hit Luchasaurus while the latter was on the apron and he went down. The Hell? Maybe my memory is faulty, but I can't imagine one of the Rockers hitting one of the Twin Towers with a simple forearm and expecting them to bump for it.

    To reiterate what others have said better, the problem with the Bucks isn't their size, it's that they don't wrestle in a way that makes sense for their size. Rey Mysterio does. Brian Danielson does. Darby Allin does. The Bucks, not so much.

    Careful. I’ve been told repeatedly that if you’re the young bucks, no choice you make is wrong and your lack of size doesn’t matter because it’s 2021. They can carry themselves like the Steiners because “it’s part of their act” and not a devastating, soaked to the bone lack of self awareness.

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  7. I have some thoughts:

    There were parts of the opener I liked. We all know how I view the Young Bucks, so all I'll say about that is that when they botched the IndyTaker and whichever of them looked in the camera and said "that's what we do," all I could do was nod and say "yep, that's what you do; fuck up spots because you only know how to work one speed." 

    The Punk promo was good.  I wonder if we're beginning to see diminishing returns. 

    Dan Lambert is either an idiot or a genius. Or both. TK needs to pay Paige Van Zant whatever it takes to make the move to full time wrestling. She's a natural.

    Nothing else stood out to me until that reveal at the end. Adam Page is the future of AEW. I wonder if Mox turns heel and feuds with him after Page beats Omega. Seems logical to me. 

  8. 54 minutes ago, supremebve said:

    Of all the wrestler's in the AEW roster,  she's the one who stands out as having the most potential to me. She has an incredibly high ceiling,  and I hope it all comes together. 

    Well yeah, she's 6 feet tall, her ceilings might need to be higher....


    Anyway, yeah, she's potentially a franchise changing talent. There are low-key some really talented women on AEW's roster. Even the ones who are limited in-ring (Big Swole, Penelope Ford) have charisma enough to close that gap. That division has gone from liability to asset very quickly. 

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  9. Really fun show. Liked the opener but I thought Jungle Boy needed the win a bit more. He’s a guy they clearly believe in, but he needs a big win. I don’t understand adam Coles appeal. I’ll leave it at that.

    Dark Order stuff was fun. -1 throwing the papers at Evil Uno ruled ass. Really fun, feel good moment. 

    The six man thing was fun because it’s always funny seeing Eddie Kingston mark out for Sting. Watching that dude bounce off Mox popped me.

    Darby got a lot of run on this show. Not my cup of tea but I get it.

    Women’s tag was pretty good. Anna Jay has improved a lot and Tay Conti seems like the most wonderful human alive.

    Main event was really good. Sammy had to throw everything at Miro and it still took rash, angry decisions from Miro for Sammy to win. Sammy will have great matches for a few months and Miro can rest up before coming after Adam Page after Page takes the title off Omega.

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  10. 14 hours ago, Leonidas said:

    Anybody know when the series 9 of AEW figures are being released? A quick googling didn't give me any joy. Want to pick me up a Thunder Rosa figure. Don't have the cash to buy all, just buy my favourites.

    6 is in stores right now. I’m assuming 7 will drop this or next weekend. That Lance Archer looks siiiiiiick. I’m getting out of the Mattel game, but staying w AEW figs. 9 probably won’t be out until next spring. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Bryan said:

    They may be able to do it but Matt Jackson reversing double team move into double suplexes on guys his size or bigger will never not look ridiculous to me.

    And that really doesn’t have anything to do with his height but his mass and how strong he actually looks—not strong enough to do that without lots of cooperation.

    And the Bucks getting up and going on offense about 30 seconds after getting dropped on their heads will never not annoy me but I understand that good selling is less important to modern wrestling fans.

    This is a better and more reasonable way of saying what I was trying (and admittedly failing) to say. The Bucks have such an exorbitantly high percentage of their moves that clearly require cooperation with their opponents that it absolutely obliterates suspension of disbelief. I know they've tried to play it off at times as "subverting wrestling tropes," but sometimes tropes exist for a reason.

  12. 1 hour ago, Hagan said:

    No kidding! I was gonna point that out, too. It’s why so many of these arguments just fall apart. Like when Corny talks about how the Young Bucks look like they can’t win a real fight as if Beautiful Bobby and Loverboy Dennis looked like the fucking Bruiser and Crusher rolling into a bar.

    Christian is taller than either Buck, and towers over adam cole, so I’m not sure this is the “gotcha” moment you want it to be…

  13. 51 minutes ago, Hagan said:

    Slagging on Cole and the Bucks for being ‘too small to be believable’ is such a toxic take. It’s WWE-derangement thinking that has led to decades of talented people having their careers fucked with and leads to Diesel vs Mabel main events.

    I don't have a problem with them being small. I have a problem with them working a style that runs completely counterintuitive to their size. Bryan Danielson might be my favorite wrestler of all time, and he's not any bigger than Cole. The difference is he has the self awareness not to project like he thinks he's Scott Norton. 


    Oh, and I like Orange Cassidy.

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