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  1. Time to stomp some Asstros. Hide the trash cans, deny til you die, none of that is gonna help you now. #BattleATL
  2. Damn. Lot of wrong decisions on this show. Superklique gets to make Jungle Boy look like a chump again, because them showing any ass at all would be too tall an order. Cody going over on Malakai seems stupid, too, but at least Malakai ate like 3 shotgun blasts first. I liked the women’s match, and both men’s tourney matches were bangers. It’s just sad that the evp’s are allowed to cast such an insane shadow over everything else that happens on a weekly basis.
  3. It’s possible that I let my dissatisfaction with the product carry over into how I perceive the individual performers. Not Sasha, though. She’s awful. Full stop.
  4. Fwiw, I agree with the sentiment that Charlotte and Becky are ruining the division. I just vehemently disagree with how to fix it.
  5. In Muay Thai you’re taught to fake that kick before spinning to throw a fist or elbow. The idea is you displace the hands so you can have a clearer path. It’s like play action passing only being effective if you have some semblance of a running game. You have to set stuff up.
  6. When I was a kid I just thought that when the babyfaces were running out of the back to make the save, the music guy would see them and play their music. Made sense to me.
  7. Rampage closing the show with 3 squandered nXt champions in the ring wasn't lost on me. HHH was throwing things somewhere during that segment.
  8. On what roster? The roster she’s on now? Lolololololololololololol. Thanks. I needed that.
  9. Every second of that ruled ass. Because the Bucks were onscreen for zero seconds. I figure Cassidy went over so Moxley can obliterate him in the semis.
  10. So you’re telling me you didn’t hear her dogshit promo? I should try that….
  11. I know there were rumblingz that the women’s roster were concerned because Johnny was back and he has some influence over the direction of that division. Who really knows, though…
  12. Sasha Banks is such an abysmal promo. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her come off as anything but forced. Ugh. It’s bad when Charlotte isn’t the worst interview in a given segment. The women’s division is so, so bad right now, and there are a dozen fresh faces they could use to rescue it, but they won’t, because Johnny Ace and Podcast Prichard are fucking clueless.
  13. 22 pitchers (so far) in 25 innings.
  14. Fun fact; my mom and Scott were close when both their families were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.
  15. Two nights, two walk-off wins. And your boy was there for both. Hallelujah, holy shit.
  16. Lolololol. The Bucks drop a fall? That would require a desire to help get anyone else in the tag division over. Like tonight. It wasn’t enough to go over on the Dark Order. They had to kill off Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy first. Then, when Jungle Boy came out for his shine, he was left only Cutler to get his shit in on. But y’all be sure to take me through the weekly leaps in logic y’all make to convince yourselves that all that no sell Outsider cosplay smarky bullshit is actually great. Really sullied what was otherwise a great show.
  17. I don't understand why TK wouldn't have pushed harder to bring them in.
  18. I don't think a more severe Napoleon complex has ever infected a man than with Mike Graham. That and his dad telling Dusty that Dusty was his "wrestling son."
  19. @zendragoncareful. You're gonna upset a lot of people pointing out that the Bucks aren't perfect.
  20. Careful. I’ve been told repeatedly that if you’re the young bucks, no choice you make is wrong and your lack of size doesn’t matter because it’s 2021. They can carry themselves like the Steiners because “it’s part of their act” and not a devastating, soaked to the bone lack of self awareness.
  21. He’s signed, just with a deal that allows him to do other shit.
  22. I have some thoughts: There were parts of the opener I liked. We all know how I view the Young Bucks, so all I'll say about that is that when they botched the IndyTaker and whichever of them looked in the camera and said "that's what we do," all I could do was nod and say "yep, that's what you do; fuck up spots because you only know how to work one speed." The Punk promo was good. I wonder if we're beginning to see diminishing returns. Dan Lambert is either an idiot or a genius. Or both. TK needs to pay Paige Van Zant whatever it takes to make the move to full time wrestling. She's a natural. Nothing else stood out to me until that reveal at the end. Adam Page is the future of AEW. I wonder if Mox turns heel and feuds with him after Page beats Omega. Seems logical to me.
  23. @supremebveiirc PAC has had multiple visa issues. He was stuck in Newcastle for months when lockdowns started…
  24. Well yeah, she's 6 feet tall, her ceilings might need to be higher.... Anyway, yeah, she's potentially a franchise changing talent. There are low-key some really talented women on AEW's roster. Even the ones who are limited in-ring (Big Swole, Penelope Ford) have charisma enough to close that gap. That division has gone from liability to asset very quickly.
  25. I could see Lio Rush fleecing Matt Hardy out of Private Party's contracts or something. That'd be a fun grouping.
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