(By Phil Rippa) At some moment in time board poster Smelly McUgly took advantage of the payola program and paid me to review a random Hodge Podge of matches. There isn’t really an order to them. Also a quick note – on Smelly’s list was also the Midnight Express vs Fantastics from Clash I which […]

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1001 MATCHES: Bobby Eaton

(by Phil Rippa) With spaces becoming limited, I wanted to stack the list with a couple of my all time faves before finishing. Here is Bobby Eaton who is like a Top 5 wrestler of all time but no one cares. I really don’t have the energy anymore to explain why Eaton is better than […]

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ON THE ROAD: WCW Nitro (06/17/96 – Richmond, VA)

DEAN ATTENDS HORSEMEN RALLY; CLIFF STAYS HOME AND VOMITS ON SHOES!! (also known as Dean goes to Nitro in Richmond) Howdy! I went to the Nitro deal tonight in Richmond (my hometown) and had a big old time; unfortunately without the incredibly sick Cliff, who was so sick that he couldn’t go to wrestling which […]

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WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #167! (The cover to the beloved DVDVR 167 is by the lovely and talented Bay Area artist Andrea Schneider.) EXCUSES FOR THIS BEING SO LATE: I could explain why it’s been like eight months between DVDVRs but I thought it would be fun to put all my excuses […]

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DVDVR 3 OFF: Halloween Havoc 1999

(by PHIL RIPPA) In today’s installment of payola reviews – Dolfan picked this one because he was pissed at me that Kevin Owens lost in the now thankfully dead March Madness tournament. God – that might be the only way I bring it back. People pay me. It is worth reviewing Wrestlemania XII if it […]