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1001 MATCHES: Angle Alert

(by PHIL RIPPA) Some of these aren’t “great” matches. Some aren’t even really matches. Basically everything here is just a vessel for the entertaining/memorable/stupid angle that goes with it. 726) BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO – WWF CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (01/22/80 (Taped), (02/02/80) Aired) A teacher vs. student “exhibition” match where Zbyszko turns on Bruno that […]

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1001 MATCHES: Big One (2000s)

(by PHIL RIPPA) Third part of THE BIG ONE~! All matches took place between 2000-2009 446) CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. MIKE MODEST – APW (01/22/00) Mike Modest and Christopher Daniels had two awesome matches that helped people discover the Cali indie wrestling scene. One was 1999 and one was 2000. I am going to be totally […]

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1001 MATCHES: Avert Your Eyes!

(by PHIL RIPPA) I have always promised that much like the original matches from DVDVR #100 not everything will be gems. What we have here are some of the more notable bad matches. Generally these all occur on big shows or are “known” for one reason or another. I mean if I was just picked […]

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(by PHIL RIPPA) This project’s jumping off point was the DVD #100 and that occurred well before TNA started as a promotion so I decided to go back and pick some highs and lows from the nearly… good Lord… 15 years they have been around (I would love to do this for some other promotions […]

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999 Read more

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! wrestles to the converted! CHRISTIAN YORK! really stinks! MATT AND JEFF HARDY! get a warm reception! ORO comes back from the dead! We finally find a steak house and other stuff from the DVD Playboyz trip to the Super 8… 2/27/99 – ECWA Newport, Delaware THE SCORECARD DR: DEAN RASMUSSEN – Steak and […]