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ON THE ROAD – 2004 Super 8 & CZW (04/03/04)

SHAWN DAIVARI! don’t know what you can find, why don’t you go with him on a MAGIC CARPET RIDE~! AUSTIN ARIES! is Back on the CHAIN (WRESTLING) GANG~! NICHO! is back! The man behind the MASK~! JAPANESE POOL BOY! says GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD~! LOW-KI! Might as well JUMP~! MIKE JOHNSON’S BUS CREW! NO! We […]

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(by PHIL RIPPA) Between it being the shortest month, being behind on NXT and 205 Live and watching more crappy wrestling in a month than I really want, this is a smaller slate of matches. Of course – if I am honest, most months will look closer to this as (hopefully) more people pay for […]

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1001 MATCHES: Handheld

(by PHIL RIPPA) All these matches are handhelds. Some of them have better quality than others (and some might have eventually have shown up in a more professional shoot). Yet – this is the way a lot of us cut our wrestling viewing teeth. 701) BRAZO DE ORO vs. EL HIJO DEL SANTO – UWA […]

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TAUE! DREAMER! TSURUTA! and other things I saw and heard this week. Howdy! Welcome to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #5! It was a big week for killing time watching tapes of wrestling – what with the Hurricane and all! Of course, the two megathreads are still making sure nobody can go to bed at […]

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999 Read more

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! wrestles to the converted! CHRISTIAN YORK! really stinks! MATT AND JEFF HARDY! get a warm reception! ORO comes back from the dead! We finally find a steak house and other stuff from the DVD Playboyz trip to the Super 8… 2/27/99 – ECWA Newport, Delaware THE SCORECARD DR: DEAN RASMUSSEN – Steak and […]

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On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 2001

LOW-KI! and AMERICAN DRAGON! blow the roof off the mutha! RECKLESS YOUTH! has the best match of his career! JOSH HOLMES! marks out for MR. OO-LA-LA AGAIN! RATS! rip Schneider’s flesh! TRAVIS FURY! brings Cheerwine! BILL BARNWELL! is not very old looking! MIKE PARKHURST! orders the biggest eclair on the Eastern Seaboard! and other shit […]