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Found 5 results

  1. So, my new project is to watch all the 'B'-level pay-per-views, starting with the first In Your House. I'm not gonna do long match reviews or anything, but will share my thoughts as I go along, and I invite others to do the same. I had the first In Your House on video when I was a kid, and watched (and loved) the shit out of it. This is the first time I'd watched it in years though, so I was interested to see how it held up. Bret Hart Vs Hakushi: This had always been one of my favourite matches, and I always thought of it as a real classic. Unfortunately, upon rewatching it, it seems I was
  2. If you are a fan of Impact or WWE and everything in between check out the only podcast hosted by a current Impact and WWE wrestler, with two weekly wrestling podcasts with Impact Wrestling's Petey Williams and WWE James Ellsworth. We are making a push to get new subscribers to our two shows. Its free and we are on every platform you get your podcasts! WrestlingPerspectivePodcast.com we are also fan friendly and want to hear from you with questions or comments about wrestling or if your a new subscribers email us and we will give you a shoutout on o
  3. As I did for WrestleMania, Summerslam (both lost on the old board) and The Royal Rumble (http://deathvalleydriver.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2031-every-royal-rumble-match-ranked/#entry179156), I recently watched every Survivor Series match and attempted to rank them all. Having completed this project, I would say that Survivor Series has traditionally been the weakest of the big 4 pay-per-views, with a ton of matches falling into the 'solid' range, but not much breaking out into the 'great' range. I've always been a big advocate of them doing more traditional Survivor Series elimination matche
  4. Some may recall me doing this on the old board for WrestleMania and Summerslam. Basically, I watched every Royal Rumble pay-per-view, and then attempted to rank the matches. This was probably harder than those other two to do, because it can be difficult comparing a royal rumble match, designed to go about an hour, to a regular singles or tag match. I tried my best, but I dare say if I did this all over again, the rankings might come out fairly different. For this one I also did mini-reviews for each match, explaining what I did or didn't like about it. I wanted to post two separate lists (o
  5. ...because I just found out I've almost got a check coming to me from Google for the ads. THE NEW GENERATION ERA PROJECT IS BACK! This time..it's for the money. For those who are new to the board or didn't read the thread last time on the old board, I've been working on a project for apparently 20 years, in which I watch pretty much all of the WWF programming from 1993 to the beginning of the Attitude Era(an ending that I'm not actually sure about when it is). During this project I've discovered many things, like Matt Borne's Doink the Clown is one of the best wrestlers in the company, and
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