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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know what it is but life during The Plague really seems to be doing a number on my attention span. I've been having a great time watching the matches that people are posting up on the Clubbering and Secret Santo and Wrestling Machine threads... but a lot of those matches are getting into 20-minute-plus territory and, sadly, I generally can't maintain focus for that long any more. (Maybe once or twice a day, at best). However, I still wanna watch a lot of wrestling,. The last couple of days, what has really been scratching that itch for me is those delightful bite-sized one-sided matches that used to make up the majority of America's televised pro wrestling content. Watching squash matches online is a pretty damned good pandemic time-killer! There are a lot of squash matches up online, and they can be entertaining in so many different ways. So in the (kind of selfish) hope that other people will join in and post some of their favourite squash matches, and in the (less selfish) belief that there are probably other people on these boards who are experiencing attention deficit issues and who might enjoy getting their fix four or five minutes at a time... allow me to present ten or so of my favourites, and invite you to add some of your own: 1) You have to love this (not really, it's OK if you don't): The WWF version of Koko B Ware was an all-time great Jobber to the Stars, and here he faces an all-time star among jobbers. It's also got that classic WWF squash match structure where the jobber gets in a bunch of offense, slips on a banana peel, then gets destroyed. Also; Check out who the ref is! 2) Sometimes a squash can be extra-fun because of what or who we know the jobber eventually becomes. Also: The very beginning of the Pringle-Taker relationship? 3) Certain squash matches can become pretty well known as part of a pro wrestling hall-of-famer's backstory.
  2. Borrowing an idea from the UKFF here. Everyone loves a good squash match, right? We rarely get them these days, and if we do with any regularity, they're pretty much reserved for one guy at a time - ie if Ryback is getting matches with local talent then pretty nobody else on the roster will be. I propose a tribute here, post the best squashes you can find, or indeed reminisce about your favourites that might not be online. I'll keep track of the best in this post, using as the title says, a directory. Hopefully a few forgotten gems of a lost art form will be uncovered. So, go! I'll start with a couple in the next post... Squash Match Directory A Abdullah the Butcher vs Jeff Michaels, Brandon Gatson and John Orshow (ECW, 31st Jun 07) vs Colin Delaney (ECW, 1st Jan 08) W Koko Ware vs The Masked Patriot (CWA, 1st Sep 86) Warlord vs Scott Colantonio (WWF Superstars of Wrestling, 16th Jun 90) Steve "Dr Death" Williams w/ Terry Gordy vs The O'Days (WCW COTC XIX) w/ Terry Gordy vs Stan Hansen and Joel Deaton (AJPW, 3rd June 93) vs The Hardy Boys (WWF Heat, 21st Mar 99) Y Yokozuna vs Scott Taylor and Mike Davis (Raw, 2nd May 94)
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