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Found 5 results

  1. Okay - lets see which lasts longer. This thread or Vince's interest in the title Anyway - here is the blurb from the new WON explaining things
  2. Per Hollywood Cibernetico's suggestion in the What Are You Watching thread, I decided to start this (especially since my plan is to start Nitro from the beginning as I did with Raw) and I'd like to jib-jab about it with other dudes. I just finished the second episode (had a few errands to run this afternoon) so just a couple thoughts: Holy shit-- Alex Wright vs. SABU. I was not-so-blissfully unaware of this match until today. What the hell was with that table at the end? At first glance I'm like "Oh, a classic WCW gimmick table (ala the balsa wood chairs)" but it actually looked harder to break than a standard press board table. What a weird match. That reverse rana spot was pretty rad. Sabu wasn't around much longer after the Halloween Havoc match with Mr. JL ,right? This was also my first taste of pre-NWO Scott Norton. This was pre-internet for me by about 2 years, so for anyone who was around at that time: any hype surrounding him? I know he was a champion in Japan during the NWO era (and seemed perfect for it) but for a guy of his size... I dunno, it's not like he was doing Vader-saults. I'm a little confused at the context... was he in there with Savage because he was poised to become a big star, or was he just fodder for Savage on the road to War Games? Hogan/Luger was pretty much as expected. Their matches from summer/fall 1997 are a little more romanticized in my mind, partly because the NWO was happening, partly because I was the right age to be eating wrestling up, and partly because this is the second week in a row with Nitro ending on a pretty below-par Hulk promo. I had to take time off from watching Raw, so I'm only into the KOTR hype where Luger is teaming with Davey Boy-- didn't see much more out of him here than I did in a lot of those tags (save for Owen/Yoko). EDIT: Said it in the other thread, but it bears repeating... Mongo's Fucking Chihuahua!!!
  3. Obviously this is where the discussion of all things Network is going to be housed now. A few notes DON'T NOT START A THREAD FOR EVERY FUCKING SPECIFIC SHOW/PPV ON THE NETWORK! The no "live" discussing wrestling show rules remains in place. If you really need to live blog (for lack of a better word) a 20 year old PPV... please do it somewhere else. The Network "Movie Club" idea is swell but one of you decide to run it and manage it. I don't have the time or patience (or the Network for that matter) to do it. So pick a leader before you go all Lord of the Flies and I nuke the whole island.
  4. I am still befuddled by the obsession over PPVs that you could have watched on Youtube 4 days ago but I am old and cranky. Please add more content then I AM WATCHING A RANDOM NITRO FROM 1998!!!!
  5. Okay - we need to split threads because this is ridiculous now. This thread is for those folks who are still having issues logging on, etc and for folks who have general questions or comments and such For Example of things that probably should be discussed here 1) For as far as folks can tell the ROKU app and the 360 app are still boned 2) Are all the old NXT episodes up on the Network to watch? I know that yesterday was the last first run episode of NXT on Hulu so I am trying to figure out when they will be gone on Hulu. So if they are already on the Network - that will make my choice easier 3) Someone (I think it was in one of the WON updates but it could have been PWInsider or Wade Keller) basically said that if you are planning on getting the Network to watch Mania - it's better to get in soon as opposed to waiting like day of... since there probably will be a 2nd crush of people trying to register.
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