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Found 16 results

  1. Sorry - I thought a new thread was already opened. Not that anything has happened in the first 11 hours of the year.... I think....
  2. I am made the smart decision to go to bed way before the ball dropped so I am just getting around to some stuff now. Couple of notes - You don't always have to have the last word - If something has dropped off the last page of replies or there has been a lengthy gap of time since the last reply - fairly decent chance that everyone has already moved on so bringing it back up (especially if you are tagging people) is counterproductive. (Side note - the "only x more days in the month" posts are also not helpful) - Even if you aren't using ignore - get into the habit of having a list of folks you just won't engage with. - Every day is No Strike Day
  3. Posting something from Jan 1st 2022 in the Dec 2021 thread
  4. From now on - the photo thread and GIF thread will be one thread. A few guidelines that I ask to be followed. This way when you wonder why come like March I don't allow the threads anymore you will know why. Please no more than 3 "images" per post. (And honestly 3 is really too many). If you absolutely feel like you have to do more than one thing in a post because the board absolutely needs to see it - please use spoiler tags. This also doesn't mean you can get around it by just having like 5 posts in a row. I will turn on flood control if I have to. For the love of God please edit your quote boxes We do not need to see every tweet made by every wrestler Just because everyone has been working from home - use spoiler tags for things that can be considered NSFW. If the length of a GIF reaches double digit seconds... it isnt really a GIF. For reference what I am talking about - GIPHY doesn't allow more than 15 seconds and recommends no more than 6 seconds in length. I am sure there are other things that I will be reminded of by like Jan 2 as they are done instantly
  5. God - it's 2019 already We are all fucking old
  6. I know one of you probably have this issue so you can let us know the questions though I feel like the woman question will lead me to banning a bunch of people to celebrate the new year.
  7. Key January Dates NXT TV Taping - Jan 3 NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool - Jan 12 NXT Takeover: Phoenix - Jan 26 NXT TV Taping - Jan 30 I have no idea when the next NXT UK TV taping is
  8. Advertised for tonight Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream - Takeover title shot on the line No Way Jose vs. Cezar Bononi
  9. My sister has been obsessed with Hunter ever since it was first aired so she was super happy that she found reruns on some random channel. I get there for Christmas and walked her over to the shelf where all the Hunter DVDs were that I bought her years ago where. I honestly shouldn't bother buying my family gifts.
  10. Well I will pretty much be focused on the Greatest Movie of All Time poll for the next month or so. Join Me. Oh and we are taking my son to see Rogue One tomorrow for his birthday. There is a 50/50 chance that will be the only movie I see in the theater until Episode VIII comes out
  11. Just because I am home from all our Christmases - doesn't mean the watching of the kids movies has ended I see Inside Out and Minions in my future before the weekend is up.
  12. If anyone watched it - SyFY ordered a 2nd season of The Expanse (to air early next year - which is funny to say considering it's only Jan 1)
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