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  1. Okay... here we go. Hopefully I didn't fuck this up too bad... We had 29 Ballots submitted (23 were submitted the last time) Breakdown: 100 Votes = 21 Ballots* 75 Votes = 1 Ballot 50 Votes = 7 Ballots * - Control submitted a 100 vote ballot but one movie was ineligible. He just didn't have a #100. I am still lumping it in with that group. 705 Movies Received Votes (675 the last time) I kept the 100 point thresh hold because I wasn't thrilled with leaving a movie someone voted #1 off the list. The last list had 275 movies so we added 55 movies. Other things to remember Tiebreakers 1) Fewer # of votes 2) Highest individual vote 3) Magic - Please don't post your ballots in this thread (there will be a separate thread for that near the end). It's okay to say that you voted for something after a movie shows up but we want to keep the mystery alive. - I will post the full list of votes when I am all done. My Goal is to do 10 movies a day and 10 over the span of a weekend. That may or may not happen every day but that is my goal. I will start the countdown today around lunch time... mainly so I can do one last check of the list.
  2. Since there seemed to be some interest when I mentioned it in the Omnibus thread, I figured I'd start a repository for all the best/most memorable/entertaining matches and segments from WCW Saturday Night and it's step-sisters, Worldwide and Pro. Saturday Night is in an interesting position, as for a while it was essentially the flagship show for the promotion, but by the late 90s was essentially a C show where you'd get to see such stalwarts as Roadblock, Rick Fuller, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2. A quick video search turned this up as an interesting start
  3. God Bless Paco for being a bigger pack rat than me. For your point of reference - here are the original 90s results
  4. I am not creating all the pimping threads again so just use this for any last minute discussion, etc.. I also remind folks of things like documentaries and TV movies and such If you have any questions about eligibility, let me know.
  5. Here are details I have BALLOTS ARE DUE: SUNDAY AUGUST 11, 2013 MINIMUM BALLOT LENGTH: 50 MAXIMUM BALLOT LENGTH: 100 Email ballot to DVDVR1960s AT GMAIL DOT COM IMDB is your guide for official movie date The Ballots I Have So Far Televiper (Corrected) Natural Death From Above Kawada~! Yo Yo's Roomie Randy Execproducer Kyle Casey Sagefrancis Newb82 Caley New Blood Hobo Joe Tim Evans (corrected) UberRudo jae Control Jingus (Updated corrected ballot) ohtani's jacket JR Goldberg JR Goldberg's Lady (corrected) CSC (Corrected) JT Jason Smith (corrected) Eric R Brian Fowler KJC McMahon Rippa Let me know if you sent a ballot and I didn't list your name. IF YOU SEND ME A CORRECTED/UPDATED BALLOT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME THAT
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