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  1. Between the crowd noise and the acoustics in the building, it's entirely possible that from their vantage point, they couldn't notice any difference in the music.
  2. Rock's gimmick really only works when he's trying to build a match that he's actually participating in. The last few times he's come out to just do his schtick and pop the crowd, he's come off as a weak parody of himself. His appearance on the first Fox Smackdown was a complete waste of time.
  3. Anything with an actual source? This is just speculation.
  4. Like a lot of the guys from this era, he was a better worker than you would think, if you were judging him solely on his push. Honestly, guys like Batista, Cena, and Orton were lucky, because they could have just as easily turned out like Damaja and Dinsmore and Conway. People complain about how guys like Ricochet and Black are used once they make it to the main roster, but the WWE has been doing shit like this for 20 years.
  5. But then he'll see Shane Strickland walking around backstage, get confused, and try to fire him again.
  6. I think that's the only style of comedy taught at the Larry Storch School Of Acting.
  7. Street Profits made fun of the Jamaican gimmick as recently as Friday's Smackdown.
  8. Y'all acting like there isn't a 99% chance he tweets out something that gets his account deleted once he leaves office and loses his special treatment as a world leader.
  9. Oh good, you're a gatekeeper, too.
  10. Getting back to the Iron Man match conversation, last night I got to the point in my Ohio Valley Wrestling watch where they ran a 30-minute Iron Man match on TV for the Southern Tag Team titles between The Revolution (The Machine and The Damaja, aka the Basham Brothers) and the Lords Of The Ring (Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway, aka Eugene and Rob Conway). It's not a bad match, as all four guys are much better workers than their main roster runs would indicate, but it's worked at the same sprint-like pace that literally every OVW match from this period is worked. And they rip off the Bret/HBK ending by going to sudden death after the match ends in a tie.
  11. I just found out that there is a sequel to the original I Spit On Your Grave that is two and a half hours long. That seems a little excessive.
  12. Boogie's one of those guys like Warrior and New Jack that could talk me into wanting to see them wrestle anyone, despite being the worst fucking wrestlers ever.
  13. How am I supposed to answer that? Do you have access to everyone's resumes? Because I don't.
  14. They can't find things for a dozen or so people to do? Really?
  15. Yes, because they're making enough money that they can afford to at least try to find other roles for them.
  16. I've been watching a lot of 2001/2002 OVW lately. Towards the end of 2001, Brock Lesnar gets written out after the Disciples of Synn throw a fireball in his face. His tag partner, Shelton Benjamin, goes after the Disciples for revenge by dressing in all black, putting on a leather trench coat, and attacking them with a pool cue. You guys... he's doing Hardbody Harrison's "Stang" idea. ?
  17. I was hating Marty Scurll long before we knew what a creepy piece of shit he is in real life.
  18. I agree 100%, but I'm pretty sure that at the very least, Vince has thought about it.
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