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  1. I am a xbl ppl...however I am on vacation in not so sunny florida until day before reset. Not doing too much gaming this week, haven't even logged in to choose a faction.
  2. I dont think I can get tickets to guardiancon now...website says sale ended now that I'm right outside Tampa...serves me right.
  3. I dont even think what they're drinking should be classified as coffee. Coffee isn't off- white. That's creamer with a splash of coffee. Update: lil fucker got stage fright, could not shit in a public restroom, so 30 minute stop for naught. 10 minutes down the road and we had to make another shit stop at a dollar store...everything came out alright this time I suppose. Fuck Asheville, nc and their traffic. Again, told them before we left pajama/sweat pants aren't the best idea for comfort in the heat of the south, yet here we are unpacking the
  4. Next time! I will eventually capture a stream where we play well and win. Not today though, as I'm sitting in the parking lot if a dq outside of pikeville, ky on an unscheduled emergency shit stop. Kids man, I tell ya. "Hey i turn 16 next week, I'm gonna try coffee" *10 minutes later* "Oh no, I might shit my pants"
  5. Couldn't sleep....haven't watched the finished product. I'm sure its potato quality
  6. So, its uploading slower than old people fuck. I hope it's done by the time I get up in the morning...
  7. Also, fuck people that dont help make the pe's heroic on mercury. Fuck them in their stupid asses
  8. After me and the GF got back from dinner, I just went to sleep. Got up early, knocked out the call to arms on my Hunter (mostly got the shit kicked out of me...but i look at anything under a 2 k/d now as getting my ass whipped). I got that stream downloaded, but I was going to clip it before I uploaded to youtube...I've had a long travel day today, and expect an even longer one tomorrow. I will try to get something going before I crash and see what happens. Guardiancon on Saturday though..maybe, if everything works out for me.
  9. Moments of triumph are live now, check yours out in the app. Streamed a nightfall with plippa and slimy....I was off the rails before we even started. I will get it together Hopefully
  10. I missed something...was trying to find out how Saki got ktfo @ufc226, looked up to see Barnett in the ring and Jay White fucking right off. Barnett "did you see that mother fucker run?"
  11. I'm happy he is moving his legs. I had an "oh fuck he's crippled" pop. Girlfriend giggled, so a "schadenfreude" pop? Fucker probably got carpet burn on top of his head too They went home right after that. I'd be dead or getting an mri.
  12. Later though, I'm about to check out the njpw thingies on axstv...
  13. ....I don't know why that posted 3x... plippah3lpplz
  14. They never retracted. Uldren lived, he was on the front lines of the blast. Queenie was in the rear, with the gear. And space magic. Who do you think was the Queen that Eris "talked" to at the very end of the taken king? Crota's mom? Also, spoiler, cayde's not dead
  15. https://gamerant.com/destiny-queen-reef-dead/ Again, she's not dead. Fuck Uldren </end salt>
  16. I saw melraz and ffunguli00 playing and got on for the first time in a while.
  17. Check out @FortniteGame’s Tweet: Cross platform doesn't include ps4 lol IOS/android
  18. Well, the last update allegedly fixes this...but I've been hearing that bullshit for years from bungie. What exotic power weapon does kinetic damage? Ive gotten pretty much every exotic in the game except the raid legend of acrius (still need to do the strike, I'm lazy and I don't use shotguns much), and from what ive seen, that comes with an energy mod. They all have an energy mod slot. If it takes a kinetic mod, then it = primary
  19. I added you. I have really enjoyed the sniper mode
  20. Just fortnite, it's free. I'm kinda at the point I'd rather set fire to money as pay for more video games to save myself the disappointment.
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